Royce S.

I just moved to LA from the east coast looking for fortune and glory...

  • Location: Los Angeles (originally NJ)
  • Favorite foods: Anything BBQ, mac & cheese, steak, Chinese food... honestly, I'll try anything once as long as it doesn't have raw onions in it.
  • Last bite on earth: Smoked porkbelly that melts in your mouth.

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Oklahoma City and North Texas: Where to eat?

@ feriorrenna - Thanks for the tips. I just might check out Republic tonight. Not too far from my hotel.

@goochybird - May have to check them out as well!

Oklahoma City and North Texas: Where to eat?

Thanks for the tips!

@jotthedot- what type of restaurants in bricktown?

@phong-yeah that would be wayyy out of the way for me to make that trip.

@Beth I was definitely going to hit 66 for a bit. Also heading to the grand canyon on the way to Vegas.

Chick-fil-A: Beyond the Chicken Sandwiches?

Isn't this an article and blog about food? Let's keep on topic...

Second the comments about the soup! Very good for it being fast food. And how can you not have the waffle fries on the list? Or the chicken salad sandwich? Haven't tried the biscuits and gravy yet, though

Least favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Green bean casserole, corn casserole and pretty much anything I'd feel weird about putting gravy on...

Philadelphia: Roast Pork, Cutlets, Meatballs and More Sandwiches You Should Eat

@gutreactions I know exactly what you're talking about. I can't remember the name of that place to save my life. Those sandwiches are awesome.

What Food Do You Cook Better Than Anyone Else?

I'd have to say my mac & cheese. 5 different cheeses, topped with buttered breadcrumbs. Haven't tasted anything close to mine.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Pumpkin Beer

The Blue Moon one sucks. I've had plenty of pumpkin beer made by microbrewers that were much, much better. (granted it's not hard to beat the Blue Moon)

The Best Chili Ever

How would you modify this for going in a slow cooker? I've always preferred the "low and slow" method for my chili.

How Do You Split the Restaurant Tab with a Big Group?

If it's more than 6 people, tell the server at the beginning that checks are being split. It makes it easier for everyone. BUT, if it's a large party and not everyone is leaving at the same time, the people leaving early really should just either leave cash, or make sure their bill is separated. I used to be a sever and can't tell you how much of a pain it is to try and split, and then recombine checks for people.

In my own experience, I just bring cash if going out with a group. This way I can figure out what I owe myself (including tip) and be done with it.

Who likes SPAM?

Thanks for the clarification Bkuna!

Who likes SPAM?

Ok, here's a question for the Spam lovers: What's the difference between Spam and Treet? I see them next to each other in the store and have no clue what Treet is. Never got around to trying it because I'd rather have Spam than try a possible knockoff.

Drinking The Bottom Shelf: Castillo Silver vs. Bacardi Silver Rum

Glad to hear that Castillo isn't bad. We use this as our rail rum at the bar I work at. At least now I won't feel bad when someone wants a well rum & coke. However I'm still giving the stink eye to those people that order well tequila or bourbon. And I still have no clue why you'd order a gin or vodka martini with rail liquor... blecch!!!

What do you mean, you hate _________?!

Raw onions, beets, bleu cheese, ranch dressing, eggplant and avocado

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Buying, Storing, and Cooking Prime Rib

Great article as always Kenji!

@nossi - To solve that marinade issue, I usually just poke a few small holes in the meat, or use a flavor injector. It does the trick every time for me.

Taste Test: Dunkin' Donuts' Pancake Sausage Bites

I haven't had them yet, but am interested on trying them as a quick breakfast snack. And yes, I'm also a member of the club that dips sausage (as well as bacon) into syrup...

Best brands for veggie products?

@ Madelyn - Thanks a lot for that info, I'll be sure to drop by there. And thanks for the recipes as well.

Also, thanks to lemonfair and esun for their info.

@hotnpopin - I'm a full fledged carnivore, so during this diet break from meat, my taste buds can't deal with just eating a plate full of salad, potatoes, etc. It's so that I have a fix for the urge.

@CJ - yeah I know the fake meat has a lot of stuff in it, but like I said it's a temporary diet from meat.

Best brands for veggie products?

@ Madelyn - Fake McD nuggets?!?!?! I can't wait to get to NYC in a couple of weeks. Where in Chinatown do I buy these?

@HeartofGlass - yeah I'm staying away from vegan cheese. I can stick with the normal stuff.

I also made tacos last night with the "meat" crumbles from Morningstar. The texture wasn't too bad at all and you don't notice (much) that it's not meat. Seasoning goes a looong way.

Best brands for veggie products?

@ ginger - I'll have to try that out.

@ Sudenveri - Unfortunately, I can't stand eggplant and am not really a fan of portabello. I'm also not eating seafood either. It's only for a month or so, but I figure that I can expand my veggie only entree' knowledge in the meantime.

Reality Check: The Jumbo Jack with Cheese

What ticks me off is that the commercials are on all the time in NJ, but the closest one to me is well over 300 miles away. Why pay money for those ads?

Cook the Book: 'Rose's Heavenly Cakes'

A slice of Red Velvet from Sweet Eats in Jersey

You might be a foodie if....

Thought of some more...'ve been banned from the kitchen at certain friend's homes because you constantly hover while they're cooking and keep asking why they don't use fresh seasonings or get food from farmer's markets. make it a point to bring your own knives, seasoning mixes, and apron to holiday gatherings just in case you need to take over the kitchen.'re on a first-name basis with the owners/managers of the local food gadget shops and they put new product aside for you to check out first. reminisce about about Saturday afternoons as a child watching Justin Wilson's Louisiana Cookin

You might be a foodie if....'s impossible to walk through the Marketplace at IKEA without buying a food gadget or tool and then blame it on low prices.'d rather go on a BBQ tour of the south than go to Disneyworld.