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8 Easy Upgrades for Better Banana Bread

I have to say I absolutely love how you started this article because you are right - I already make the best banana bread thanks to an old family recipe. It consistently turns heads. But your approach has tempted me to try some new techniques -- especially the toasted sugar.

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Light and Fluffy Pancakes

The other day my kids wanted pancakes but we did not have Buttermilk on hand. It didn't occur to me to use yogurt instead. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle!

Kenji's Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely Incomplete List)

I am horribly biased as a Wichita boy but the smashed burgers at Freddy's Frozen Custard are by far my favorite. Double burger and pickle and onions and mustard by default. Great seasoning. I love their small crispy fries. And if you really want to go to town - get a turtle sunday. Their custard is some of the best and to take it the extra step they fry the pecans. That is that extra step that I know you would appreciate Kenji.

The next time you go across country, stop in Wichita. Freddy's is on me.

The Le Creuset Bi-Material Spoon Is the First Plastic Spoon Worth Owning

I have this weird thing, and I know it is a weird thing, where I can't stand the touch of wood. Wood and paper. It gives me the heebeejeebees. So I don't have any wooden spoons or spatulas in my kitchen. I have a few very similar dual material spatulas and some hard silicone spoons that I go to. But since I realize that this is a weird thing I picked up a wooden spatula that I've started to use from time to time. So I find it strange that the universe is correcting itself with Kenji starting using silicone.

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 4

This will be year 3 for me going vegetarian during Lent thanks to your Vegan month. Maybe one of these years I can kick my dairy and egg habit but I've found not eating meat to be pretty easy. I also continue to enjoy finding and trying new things -- many things that become regular staples in my year-round diet.

The Glorious Return of French Toast Crunch

So I'm way behind on my news articles because of the holidays but I need more serious cereal eats.

Inside New York's Cult of the Bialy

I'm stunned that there has been all of this talk about Bialys and not a single reference to The Producers?

The Science of the Best Fresh Pasta

This article is fantastic and is going straight into OneNote for use this week. I would love it if you continue to build off this. Please talk about modding the pasta with things like spinach. I also feel like there needs to be some serious sauce discussion.

Don't Leave Washington, DC Without Trying its Signature Half-Smokes

I honestly wasn't expecting Ben's to be very good. A lot of places like this aren't. People have fond memories and build them up. But not only did the food deliver, so did the people and the atmosphere. I left full and had a lot of fun that night.

The Food Lab: How to Make an Herb Butter-Rubbed Spatchcocked Roast Turkey in Under 2 Hours

@Booklovr78 - Why not sous vide so you can have it done in advance and you just need to warm it?

The Food Lab: For the Best Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Use Science, Not Sugar

I first fell in love with sweet potatoes after someone had a bit of a kitchen accident. The sweet potatoes were roasting in the oven and got pushed back and then forgotten about. When someone finally remembered them the outside skin was blackened. Once all the burnt bits were removed what we had left was amazing. We ended up just mashing them and serving them and that is basically how I've done sweet potatoes ever since. I'm always sad when I go to my inlaws for thanksgiving and they have the mallow mush thing going on.

Use the Waffle Iron to Make the Best Hash Browns of Your Life

I have found that my waffle iron is perfect for waffles -- and nothing else. I've tried this before and it failed miserably. Same with pizza and some of the other waffle hacks that have been posted here.

I have the discontinued villaware round classic and if I was on death row I'd want one of my waffles made in that waffle iron as my last meal. (I would be on death row for killing the person who decided to discontinue making this waffle iron).

How to Make Traditional Cassoulet (And Why You Should Put Chicken in It!)

Is it weird that this Kansas boy has never heard of this dish before Kenji started talking about it?

The Best Things I Ate in Mexico City and Puebla

It has been 9 years since I was in Puebla last and Tacos Arabes haunt my dreams. I would love to find some recipes. Everyone I know from Purbla doesn't bother making them when they can just go get one for 10 pesos.

What Cookbook Would You Buy For a First-Time Cook?

I'm just here for the food was fantastic for teaching me not recipes bout cooking theory.

The 6 Beers You Should Always Have in Your Fridge for Killer Pairings

Tank 7 also pairs nicely with a long hard day at the office.

Also, I appreciate the disclaimer. I'm sure everything is on the up and up but I like the upfront honesty.

The Lazy Cook's Way to Great Black Beans

The really lazy cook will just open up a can of Bush's Black Beans and call it a day. Lord knows this is what I do for the kids' bean and cheese burritos.

The Ultimate Mister Softee Secret Menu

I hope serious eats continues to do whatever the f it wants. Great article even if I'll probably never get to have a Mr. Softee

Where to Eat Barbecue (and More!) in Kansas City, MO

I'm glad you could find it in your heart to mention one place in Kansas

Where to Eat Frozen Custard in Milwaukee

That Puppy Chow one looks amazing. I'm going to make this happen.