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Shake Shack Coming to Paramus, NJ, This Fall

That's some motivation for shopping on the headache-inducing Rt. 17.

What Gross Food Stuff Did You Do as a Kid?

High five to my fellow eaters of bread rolled into a tight ball. I liked to moisten the bread ball with some saliva before rolling it.

Whose Espresso Is Better: Third-Wave Caf├ęs or Traditional Italian Espresso Bars?

Great article! I like both styles, but if I had to choose one I'd go with "classic Italian." Maybe it's just because I grew up with it, but when I think to myself, "I could go for an espresso" (or simply un caffe'), the Italian scenario is the one I want.

And thank you for confirming my impression that it takes forever to get an espresso in the U.S. :)

Cereal Eats: Retro Cereal Boxes from General Mills

This is really nerdy, but I remember learning to read with a box of Kix cereal: "Low in sugar." I sounded it out!

Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone Talk Italian American Fine Dining at Carbone

There was/is significant post-World War II immigration from Italy.

Ask a Barista: What Drink Do You Hate Making?

Late to the party here, but I just want to chime in and say that espresso to go annoys the hell out of me. Glad to see it on the list! However, why does it seem that baristas in the US, even in NYC, can't make an espresso as quickly as baristas (err baristi) in Italy? Maybe I'm imagining things. Anyone else notice this? Is it because in Italy, almost everyone is getting espresso, whereas the variety of orders in the US slows down the whole flow?

Market Tours: Maricel Presilla's Hudson County, NJ Latin Supermarkets

Cucharamama is great! I'm happy to hear both restaurants have reopened.

As a side note, be sure to buy *several* votive candles-- we had 3 during the power outage and could barely play cards. :)

An Afternoon Tour of Jersey City with Executive Chef of The Dutch, Jason Hua

One more suggestion for a future visit: Andrea's Salumeria in the Heights.

An Afternoon Tour of Jersey City with Executive Chef of The Dutch, Jason Hua

Great to see an article about Jersey City. You should return to visit other worthy destinations, such as 30 Acres, Sapthagiri, Dosa House, the (New) Park Tavern, Pecoraro's, and (when it opens) Cocoa Bakery.

16 Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Am I the only person with little to no interest in doing anything creative with the leftovers? I don't mind a repeat of a good meal, and of course it's a well-deserved break when you've been busy. Sometimes my family gets together again for a reheated leftovers dinner, so everything gets eaten by Friday night anyway!

International Face Off: Nutella

Wow, Letley, thanks for all the info!

My local Italian deli, Andrea's in Jersey City, carries the imported Italian Nutella, so I make sure to buy it there. I bet lots of NYC-area delis sell it.

In addition to the superior recipe, I also prefer the glass jar to the plastic one. Maybe I've just come to associate the glass jar with the better Nutella, but I don't know, it seems to add to the experience.

The Serious Eats Doughnut Style Guide

Great post!

With St. Joseph's Day not too far off (March 19), I'd like to point out zeppole (and sfingi) di San Giuseppe. I believe these are the cream-filled zeppole referred to above. They're very different from the street fair type.

Here's a WNYC piece about them:

New York Penn Station

There's a SE post on this very topic! That is, the *near* Penn Station part.

Cereal Eats: Kix

I love Kix, though I haven't had any in years. I learned to read the word "low" from Kix boxes-- "Low in sugar"

An Italian PB&J: Pistachio Butter and Dried Cherries

Sounds great. I bet that jar was like, 15 bucks though? All the more reason to try making it at home!

Rosa Parks' Uncovered 'Featherlite' Peanut Butter Pancakes

The archivist side of me feels the need to caution everyone that we have no evidence that this is *her* recipe. All we know is she wrote it down! :) For all we know, she never actually made it. OK, sorry, had to say that. It's still a really cool item.

A Pizza Snob's Approach To Toppings

Great post! I agree on all counts. I also hate chicken in pasta dishes, but that'd be a whole other article.

The Serious Eats Guide to Taco Styles

Wow, thanks for the photo of that salsa dispenser! And for clarifying the use of pineapple/tomato/onion in tacos al pastor. (Someone once told me al pastor used pineapple by definition, but I was pretty sure I'd had them without. On the other side of the fence is a friend who claimed the pineapple must be a yuppie addition.) Are the different methods based on region?

Weekend Cook and Tell: Freezer Cuisine

Whenever I buy a loaf of bread, I put about half of it in the freezer, in slices or sandwich-size lengths. I freeze fresh herbs; the frozen herbs are not as good as fresh but far better than dried. Also: pesto, tomato paste; portioned-out pancetta; sofrito in an ice cube tray; sometimes bananas and blueberries; leftover cake. Yay for the freezer.

Do New York Dollar Slices Represent a Unique Pizza Style?

@J.W. Hammer

Yeah, you must have seen the metal screens. I think they're common in various cheap pizza places. I don't know about the oiled surface, though.

Have You Switched to Iced Coffee?

Hot coffee all year round for me. I'll get an iced coffee maybe once or twice per summer, but never in the morning.

We Try the Whole Menu at Pret a Manger

I like their coffee, croissants, and some of the soups and wraps.

However, I once tried a bagel, and it was literally the worst bagel I've ever had in my life. I didn't think it would be terrific; I figured it would be mediocre. But I was surprised (and frankly, pissed off) at just how horribly spongy it was.

Great Airline Food on Air France (Yes, Really)

Yes! I was pleasantly surprised to have a rather nice meal on Air France in 2009, in coach.

Good Bread: Marie's Bakery and Dom's Bakery in Hoboken

Thanks for this post! Hmm, I wonder what happened to that oven.


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