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IPad with safari. Yes, every single page.

Featured..Kraft... comments closed.

This is not a fine foods blog. That should be evidenced by reviews of ramen, potato chips, store-bought mayonaise, etc. it's a food blog, with no particular bias towards the good or bad.

While I agree that the ads on this site have gotten way out of control,and their lack of reverse compatibility for older hardware/operating systems is embarrassing, it IS - at the end of the day - their web site. Nobody is forcing us to peruse their pages. I, myself, am on the verge of deleting my account due to their declining support of their audience. That is really our only recourse.

As to your questions: Yes, I call you a cheese snob due to your disparaging remarks towards anyone who would have the audacity to actually like processed, cheese-like products. That, my friend, is snobbery. I also enjoy hot dogs, and Mac and cheese, baked beans and wieners, chipped beef on toast, and many other 'low-brow, un-sophisticated' foods. On the other hand, I can also crank out some quite impressive, fancy-pants gormet dishes. You'll have to take my word for it.......

Though I'm not sure what the relation is to this discussion, yes, I do buy approximately twenty books a month, from Amazon for that matter. Does this make any difference - at all?

Sort Searches?

I've been complaining about this exact same lack as well. a rather simple fix, but there dosen't seem to be any motivation by the developers to see to the desires of their visitors.

Long articles crashing on first-gen iPad

Still constantly crashing..... May just have to give up on SE.........

Featured..Kraft... comments closed.

I only eat grilled cheese sandwiches using Velveeta. Everything else pales in comparison.

Got something to say about that, Mr cheese snob?

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Movie Theater Snack?

The militar base theaters (at least some of them) served Frito-Pies

Basically chili cheese nachos - with frito's instead of regular nacho chips.


Long articles crashing on first-gen iPad

So..... Is that the solution? Go out and replace a device that is only three years old?


You favorite easy dinner

Bacon and eggs.


Browned sausage (any kind - Italian, chorrizo, kielbasa, etc) mixed into mac&cheese or wild rice.


Some kind of (hard) cured meat (salami, sopressata, etc), brie, and crackers.


Sausage gravy on toast.

What are your Essential Kitchen Items?

The last to pack for me is a large, six cup Pyrex measuring cup (assuming you have a microwave). You can cook pretty much anything in it. Soups, pasta, rice, etc.

It's always the first thing I unpack or buy when I move to a new place. "Never leave home without it!"

Baseball weekend in DC

There are a lot of great places off the Eastern Market metro station.

There's an oyster bar, several pubs, a Balkan restaraunt, pizza, a few Italian, a sushi, a 'gormet' hotdog joint', Turkish, Indian, Mexican/central American, a diner style place, etc. Just a couple Metro stops away from the ballpark.....


Check Out LTHForum's New Website

It's interesting that you bring up their old 'pathetic' search engine. Have you used SE's? Can't sort by date, can't sort by.....well, anything......

Ring, ring! Hello? Is this Pot? Hiya! This is Kettle. Listen, I've been meaning to tell you something...........

Video: Kenji Tests Consumer Reports' Top-Rated Knives

Back to the subject at hand - how would you rate ATC's favorite Victorinox knives to thes two sets?

The Food Lab: How To Make the Best Creamy Coleslaw

I'm soooo glad you didn't mention celery seed. Gawds, that stuff is horrendous. Completely destroys slaw, and leaves that nasty taste in your mouth for hours.......

Ask The Food Lab: What Are The Various Methods of Dry Heat Stovetop Cooking?

See, you are doing the same thing. Wet, dry, and moist are states that are not exclusive to water. What you are describing is aquous vs nonaquous cooking, not dry vs wet.

Remember school lunches?

Now that I think about it, the only school caf food I really loved was during high school. They made fresh, from scratch, cinnamon rolls every morning. Yummy!

Gadgets: The WhipStir, a Double-Sided Whisk

I would have gone with "double-ended" rather than "double-sided."


Ask The Food Lab: What Are The Various Methods of Dry Heat Stovetop Cooking?

I'm going to have to take issue with the culinary definition of "dry heat cooking" to include preparing foods in heated organic oils. "Dry" implies not using any added liquid medium in the preparation of foods. To use the state of "dryness" to only apply to water is scientifically inaccurate. It applies to any substance that has a liquid state within a specific range of temperatures.

Oil (or fat when heated) is technically in a liquid state during the cooking process. Thus, it is not "dry."

Ergo, cooking in fat/oil is not technically "dry heat" cooking.

Dry cooking (in my inexperienced, non-culinary trained mind, would be more like grilling, baking, toasting, etc., where no external substance is added to the food product that would contribute to the conduction of heat.

As such, I would recommend modifying such categorizations into three distinct sub-sets:

Water-based cooking
Oil-based cooking
Dry cooking

However, if this is all based on whether water, or no water is used for the cooking process, then a better categorization would be "aqueous" or "non-aqueous" cooking.......

Sorry for the rant. I may have consumed too much C2H5OH in its liquid state.........


A Sandwich a Day: Mekanek at Toum Lebanese Truck

And, to illustrate my point, I'd direct y'all to a web site that goes into great detail regarding the question as to whether a wrap is considered a sandwich:

A Sandwich a Day: Mekanek at Toum Lebanese Truck

I'm going to have to call foul here. A wrap is most definately NOT a sandwich. Acording to the dictionary, a sandwich is:

a. Two or more slices of bread with a filling such as meat or cheese placed between them.
b. A partly split long or round roll containing a filling.
c. One slice of bread covered with a filling.

While definition "c" might be stretched (quite a lot) to cover wraps, wraps in of themselves are considered a totally separate category.

If one was to consider any filling that is 'surrounded' by a bread product, then burritos, enchiladas, tacos, chicken pot pies, empanadas, even wontons, could also be categorized as sandwiches.

Sandwich fail! ;)

(all that aside, that does look like a yummy 'wrap'!)

Too many heads of garlic: What to make?

I've pickled garlic cloves using leftover olive brine.

To die for!

How to teach a kid to eat more foods

Roasted eggplant spread. Don't tell her what it is- a lot of folks (adults included) are grossed out just by the name. Great on toast, but you can also "hide" it in casseroles like lasagna.

Try bold veggies like radishes or arugula.

A great meal for kids that gets them involved in preparing their own food (from my youth) is what my dad always called "hobo stew."

Have pre-prepared bowls of chopped carrots, celery, onion, potatoes, cucumber, cauliflower, brocolli, one inch chunks of corn on the cobb, cucumber, and whatever else you like. Make tiny silver dollar sized hamburger patties (or have small cubes of chicken, steak, sausage, etc).

Using sheets of tinfoil, everyone gets to assemble their own meal, using whatever they want, and sealing the whole kit-n-kaboodle in a foil envelope. Throw the packets in either a BBQ grill or oven (making sure everyone enscribes the tinfoil with their initials).

Great fun, and easy to prepare. It also lends a sense of "ownership" to what she eats.

And don't discourage her dislike for fast food. It most definately IS gross! ;)

Remember school lunches?

Oh the horrors!

A couple of you mentioned tater tots. Thanks to school cafeteria lunches I absolutely DESPISE those damn abominations! They literally make me gag now.

The really sad thing is they have become a staple as pub-grub here in DC (probably because they don't need a fryer like the do for French fries).

Along with the crappy square pizza, I also remember the sad imitations of Salisbury Steak, which would make a TV dinner (from the 70's) look like a gourmet meal. Meatloaf was about the same - just a different shape.

Hard and dry grilled cheese sandwiches with watery, bland tomato soup.

Spagetti noodles that were so mushy that they only briefly witnessed the experience of the concept of "al dente."

Fish sticks with cold, dry fries.


"Dessert" cakes that were so dry, I was convinced they had been quarried from sandstone formed during the Precambrian geological era.

Holiday meals of sliced, processed turkey loafs with canned gravy, a brick of stuffing, some cranberry jello, and the hated waxy peas.

As you can guess, I don't look back at school cafeteria food with fond memories.

One thing I really miss - and have almost convinced myself to buy a bunch just for parties - were the divided compartment cafeteria trays. Loved them! Always hated the green bean 'juice' contaminating my mashed potatoes.


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