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First Look: American Brasserie Fare at Sea & Smoke, San Diego

I loved it, one visit so far and plan to make many more.

San Diego: Prepkitchen Delivers the Goods

I've only seen their fries with the mussels...but they're good.

First Look at Next: The Hunt

"For those concerned about birch bark: 1. It is reusable, we use it once a night and wash with plates in machine. Dry overnight pressed..."
"2. it comes from a company out west that uses it for furniture and canoes. they also use the rest of the tree for much of their woodwork."
-Chef David Beran

First Look at Next: The Hunt

Thanks for sharing. Now that you've had 3 next menus, could you pick a favorite?

@Katrina - I like to think that they're responsible enough to have done so, but you could always ask David Beran on twitter.

@ilone good thing no one is making you buy a ticket.

Taste Test: Diet Frozen Lasagna

Michael Angelo's Lasagna with Meat Sauce worth the extra 100 or so calories

San Diego: Great Burgers Don't Come Cheap at Bankers Hill

I can excuse a bit under, if anything I think it shows precaution and appreciation, whereas over is careless and neglectful.

In Our Community Corner: Meet Tony Chen (aka: 'SinoSoul')

lol @final answer. I continue to love this column.

The Food Lab: How to Pan Sear Foie Gras

I'm assuming you prepared the piece for the slide show yourself. Beautiful job.

First Look: Bryan Voltaggio's Range in Washington, DC

its like a cafeteria?

Gift Guide: For the Cereal Lover

@imwalkin, it's more innapropriate for you to try to make it out as such.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

We Chat With: Chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin

Awesome. Especially the mindfulness component.

We Smuggle in (and Taste) Burger King's Whopper Chips

I would definitely try these. Were you part of the Lays Cheeseburger chip tasting?

and what has burger king been doing to burgers for years? making them taste like whoppers?

The Food Lab: How To Make a Foie Gras Torchon (Secret Technique Inside!)

@scalfin ducks and geese naturally store excess fat in their livers.

other liver pates need to have some additional fat added to them, which changes the process and flavor.

The only other liver that is used to make torchon in a similar fashion comes from monkfish - ask for ankimo next time you're at sushi bar.

DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Advocaat, Dutch Eggnog

Marcia: 1
Robmarais: -

Meet & Eat: Eric Singerman, Serious Eats Chicago Intern

are you on the chowhound forums?

In Our Community Corner: Meet Diana Horst (aka 'dhorst')

Great feature, should have been here long ago.

San Diego: Nine-Ten's Burger is an Eleven

So a burger is probably the last thing I would think to order at Nine-ten, until I saw this.

@Ewan. - La Jolla to Downtown during Comic-Con isn't exactly a quick trip. Definitely worth it, but probably after your done with the event for the day.

Ask A Bartender: What Cocktail Should Be More Popular Than It Is?

Liking the SD contributions must be @erinjax

10 Great Veggies On Pizza

Didn't want to start the tomato and potato debate, eh?

Chain Reaction: The Broken Yolk

I had no idea they had 9 locations, I thought it was only 3. A buddy of mine has beaten the 12-egg omelet more times than he can count. Myself? I've never visited, and after seeing the burger I probably won't.

The Deal With Hershey's Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar

are the nutrition facts different? That would give us more information about what the differences in ingredients might be.

I'm suspecting more sugar and more milk.

Panera's New Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Panini Is a Tasty Ripoff

They don't do single unit franchises, so I'm blaming corporate Panera for this bullshit. I'm not visiting until they apologize for trying to starve you.

Site Update: Serving Up More of What You Like

Why no San Diego tab? There are more posts on SD than there are for a number of the other tabs you've provided. It would be way easier for me to reference.

A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Dessert Pizza

I like the options you're giving us...Does anyone remember DQ dessert pizzas? Those were the best

Content Filter - the perfect fix

Not sure what type of programmer/developer will need to be contracted for this, or just how involved of a process it may be. But if each member of SE could customize their own filter for content, well, shit would be amazing.

Imagine if I could opt out of any roundup posts with over 10 slides of previously covered content.

or even scale preferences to more savory, less Chicago, etc.

complete customization. Save the money you would have paid me for such a great idea and put it towards the filter. :D

Foie Gras is not Unethical Revisited

The impending foie gras ban in CA has gotten a lot of press recently. Pro foie proponents such as myself have routinely referenced Kenji's article as one of the best pieces on the subject.

There is a group called CHEFS who is working to repeal the ban and set an example by creating even better standards for all animal farming. They have a petition to repel the ban which you can find here:

I'm not spamming and am very open to further discussion on the topic. I've found that many just won't see eye to eye on the ethics of meat consumption, but we could at least both support better farming practices.

Kenji's original article here:

Favorite gourmet/specialty/artisinal items

Yes, I searched, but feel free to link to more threads :D

As some of you know, I'm opening a gourmet/specialty market and delicatessen with some friends. I know a lot of the things I want to stock, but I'm always looking for more suggestions.

I'm looking for those specific items that make that make the whole trip worth it.. something that you wish more places would stock, or you have to make that special trip to find.

Example: I love finding roasted chestnuts, eclipse chocolates from here in San Diego, and I would probably drive up to 100 miles to get Foietella from xocolatl de david

So what are your favorites? Imports or local doesn't matter oils, spices, truffles, jams, chocolates, confections, beverages, whatever you can think of etc.

Types and brands welcome. Thanks!

Sending food back - acceptable, wasteful, or paltry?

I've posted this elsewhere but would also like to get SE'rs thoughts. Particularly those of you who go out for reviewing, or have visited quite a few places.

I was particularly curious as to whether or not it's acceptable to send back a piece of meat that is overly-gristly. Granted some cuts of meat are just fattier by nature, but I've been in situations where my cut has significantly more sinew/gristle than my dining companions.

Is it acceptable to request another piece?
Does it depend on the size, type of dining (a la carte vs tasting)?

For discussion purposes, I'm talking about a (2-3oz portion during a tasting)

Aside from obvious mistakes with doneness, or temperature, under what circumstances do you send food back/make comments to the staff?

When is it acceptable, wasteful, or just paltry?

Angry responses from the Chef/staff?

I'm mostly curious about those of you who have written public reviews of establishments (particularly writers for SE) have you guys ever gotten a really nasty response from a Chef from a review?

Restaurants/Chefs on twitter

I follow quite a few local restaurants and/or their chef/owners on twitter. Recently I noticed that a good number of them have a strikingly high proportion of tweets that are just complaints. No real value to the message, just an outlet for bitching about a cancelled reservation, or poor review.

Personally, it turns me off to the establishment. What about you guys? Are you noticing similar things.

btw, I'm @RodzillaReviews - I mostly follow establishments in the Pittsburgh area.

Favorite restaurant review sites?

I've got accounts on a few. I spend most of my time between urban spoon and yelp when looking for new places to eat. Lately, I've been partial to yelp, more reviewers - a rating scale. Just wondering what everyone else prefers?

The Food Lab: How To Make a Foie Gras Torchon (Secret Technique Inside!)

A perfect foie torchon melts on the tongue like the creamiest butter, but with a distinct cured sweetness that forms the perfect balance for a perfumed wine. It's simple to serve—just slice it, put it on a piece of toast, add a bit of dried fruit or preserves, and go—and let's face it, it'll impress your guests. It's the ultimate in hors d'oeuvres, using not just one of the finest ingredients money can buy, but also showcasing your kitchen skills. More

Dhorst's Not So Secret Dipping Sauce

If you've been 'round these parts a while, you may have heard tales of a dipping sauce so private, so hush-hush, so off-the-map, so mysterious, so Kabbalistic, so covert that it can only be referred to as secret. Thankfully, Diana was kind enough to let the cat out of the bag. Head on over to her Talk thread for the full recipe. More

My Thai: Pumpkin Glutinous Rice Balls in Sweetened Coconut Cream (Bua Loi Fak Thong)

Am I right in thinking that you have some leftover pumpkin pureee lying around that you want to use? Am I right in thinking that after this past weekend, you want to cook as little as possible? If yes and yes, here's another pumpkin dessert that's very Thai and very easy to make. How easy? Anyone who can make little balls out of playdough can make this. More

Sam Sifton's Roasted Cauliflower with Anchovy Bread Crumbs

While mashed potatoes and green beans are no-brainers come Thanksgiving, that additional side dish or two can be a bit of a toss-up. That's where Sam Sifton's Roasted Cauliflower with Anchovy Bread Crumbs from Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well comes in—pop it into the oven while your turkey rests. Roasted cauliflower is awesome on its own, at once creamy and caramelized, but the addition of crunchy anchovy bread crumbs takes the dish into Thanksgiving territory. More

Snapshots From The Gohan Society's Annual Aki Matsuri Autumn Festival

Last night The Gohan Society—a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the understanding and appreciation of Japanese cuisine and its culinary history—held their annual Aki Matsuri, a celebration of autumn ingredients hosted by Brooklyn Brewery. Take a peek at some of the great bites—and watch a noodle master turn buckwheat flour into soba noodles in the middle of it all. More

A Modernist Meal at ALDEA with Aki Kamozowa & H. Alexander Talbot of Ideas in Food

Last night ALDEA hosted the latest dinner in their guest chef series featuring the recipes and techniques of Aki Kamozawa & H. Alexander Talbot, the pair behind the modernist cooking blog (and book) Ideas in Food. The innovative menu was a fantastic display of restrained modern techniques and unexpected flavor pairings that came together in uniquely delicious ways. More

Blue Moon Ice Cream

Blue Moon ice cream and its Smurf counterpart are sweet, sweet, sweet and bright blue. If either of these things are a turnoff, you might leave this flavor to the kiddos and the young at heart. Anyone left standing grab a spoon and dig in! More

Serious Reads: The Mindful Carnivore, by Tovar Cerulli

As a long-time vegetarian, I am all too familiar with the many-sided debate over meat eating. By and large, I find the debate rather exhausting. I don't impose my dietary choices on others, and unless specifically asked (or challenged, as is more often the case) won't go off on my stock anti-meat tirade. But the debate continues to be fueled by extremists on both sides of the issue. So when I picked up The Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian's Hunt for Sustenance, I was more than a little wary of what tired, overwrought arguments author Tovar Cerulli was going to call upon for his memoir of a vegan-turned-meat-eater. Fortunately, this book retires exhausted tropes and instead presents a truly original and touching account of connecting with nature. More

Chichi's Chinese: Glutinous Rice for Breakfast

This is ba bao fan, or "Eight Treasure Rice," one of my favorite uses for glutinous rice. For breakfast, I mix sticky rice with a small amount of lard, add in chopped walnuts and currants, and bury a few generous spoonfuls of red bean paste in the center. When it's done, the rice gets drizzled with honey. More