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Thoughts about buying seafood online

The problem with frozen seaweed is the water in the plant would melt quickly, leaving you with a box full of warm seafood and water (no good). Gel packs and dry ice work for us because they are designed to be much colder and last longer than ice. The key is to maintain a constant temperature thought the shipping process. We are now redesigning our package so it both environmentally and economically efficient. Interesting concept though; seaweed would give a nice ocean feel to the package but it probably wouldn’t keep anything cold for very long.

Thoughts about buying seafood online

Thanks for the responses! I noticed comments regarding the cost and quality of the shipping process; we have been a brick and mortar fish company for over 100 years but have recently expanded to the web. We are trying to get an idea of general, fears, concerns, and problems about ordering online so we can deliver the people the best possible product.
What would be a reasonable price for a shipment to your home? Keeping in mind that seafood must be delivered within 48 hours.


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