I'm Rae. Recent, stay at home mom of a toddler and proud wife of a Marine Corps Sgt. I like to cook easy, yummy foods for my family and share my passion for cooking.

  • Location: Ft. Benning, GA
  • Favorite foods: Seafood & Pasta!

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Anthony Bourdain's Paula Deen Diss

I like Anthony Bourdain but I think his comment was rude. Paula Deen is Southern and MANY southern people cook like her. I don't think her cooking is the problem, I think American's have more of a problem with exercise! Yes, she may make unhealthy recipes but there are TONS of ways to adjust a recipe for dietary needs. People are able to choose the way they prepare recipes.

Eggs Benedict??

Thanks everyone, I'll let you know how it turns out. I just realized I have one of the microwave egg poacher tools...maybe I'll cheat and use that.

Best Way to Store Brownies

I would store them in an airtight container with a piece of bread. The moisture from the bread will keep the brownies moist. Should keep them fresh until Monday morning.

Hot Dogs.....Skin or Skinless?

The snap scares me, I'm always afraid hot juice is going to squirt out and burn me. I'm a skinless type :)

Starting a food blog

Do you know why people ask the question here? It's the first few things that come up if you Google it. @timotheos, I do thank you for your suggestion! You're right Brandywine in DE has many great restaurants and culture...I didn't grow up in the area though. I understand the question is asked a lot (at least now I do). But most people don't know that when they come here, and it does kind of break the ice? :) I'm glad I came across the site and will continue to look through and contribute. I did come up with a blog name (on my own) so thank you for the suggestions. In no way am I trying to be recognized by my food or my blog, just enjoy my amateur cooking and hope to learn some new things here. Thank you :)

Starting a food blog

Alex, I just asked for a few suggestions yesterday on a food blog topic and although I did receive a few appropriate answers, most of what you will see are rude, sarcastic answers. I wouldn't waste your time. Good luck with your blog!

blog name ideas?

Thank you, I actually considered my posting name but it didn't really portray what the blog would really be about, cooking. I'm still considering it. I like to cook an array of different foods. My husband is a basic meat and potatoes guy which I cook a lot of but I also enjoy trying to cook gourmet type dishes as well as some southern fare. Four years ago I didn't know how to cook anything, finally learned when my husband was overseas and now I truly enjoy it was a hobby. Thanks again and ty janaatwg!


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