First time in Chicago

I'll write that down!

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Hello! I am from Mexico and I'll be in Chicago from May 15-19 (first time).
I love this site and I was expecting if you can help me with my eating itinerary for each day (from Thursday to Sunday), breakfast? lunch? dinner? brunch maybe?
From eat street to fancy restaurants! Hit me with your best proposals!
Thanks to everyone

First time in Chicago

Hello! I'm from Mexico (25YO) and this is my first time in Chicago (May 15-19).

I really like this website and I'd love if you can help me with my eating itinerary during my trip. Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Maybe brunch?

From local eat street to fancy restaurants, I'm wide open with suggestions! Not really into trying Mexican food, but enthusiastic of local exquisites (greasy or not, I don't care) and also into full culinary experiences.

Come on! Hit me with your best shot! Thanks to everyone.

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