OMG. Chris guy on 'Chopped'

I think they should have "chopped" him first! Instead they let him continue to participate......FN keeps disappointing me....

'Will Work for Food'?

@RegrettableFoodie@Remander, My granddaughter was on my lap and hit the "post a comment" many times, I'm not THAT interested, just asking, jeez.......

Shortening Substitute?

Thanks so much for the information! I think I'll give each recommendation a try!

New Year's Eve Good Luck Foods?

Roast loin of pork and sauerkraut! My grandmom said it was bad luck to eat chicken on New Years's Day or you'd be "scratching for money all year"

Do you have a REALLY good lasagna recipe?

@carolrsfMISSESTEXAS , what is the perfect ragu recipe?

What should I put in my crockpot?

Thanks everyone, I did the chili yesterday and it smelled great and tasted even better, and I'm doing the pork today! I'd appreciate any more great suggestions!

What should I put in my crockpot?

Thanks everyone, I did the chili yesterday and I'm doing the pork today!

What should I put in my crockpot?

Thanks everyone, I did the chili yesterday and I'm doing the pork today!

What should I put in my crockpot?

Thanks everyone, I did the chili yesterday and I'm doing the pork today!

What is your table butter/baking butter of choice?

I was raised on Keller's and always thought it was good, but after reading the posts I'm wondering if I should buy Land-O-Lakes. Is it that much better than most?

Yummy side dishes?

Thanks everyone, they all sound like delicious and different dishes! @Pavlov, already have my Grey Goose!

Holiday Baking

Thanks everyone for the great tips, what is the best way to wrap for freezing?

Ingredient issues

Not a food, but coffee..... LOVE coffee, must have coffee, but cannot stand anything coffee flavored. Coffee ice cream - yuck. Oh and spinach is just nasty.

Addicted to Food?

@snowmoonelk, I agree! How rude, what happened to the thread?

Addicted to Food?

As a matter of fact...last summer it was those frozen ice cream cones with the nuts on top like nutty buddies(or any variation) my daughter was starting to get worried about me since I always had at least two boxes in the freezer!

What to have with PB&J?

potato chips smashed inside!

Sounds gross in theory, is actually good in practice...

@2qrs I love gravy on coleslaw, also an accident!

I Hate Chocolate -- Anyone Else?

I never had a taste for it until I was pregnant, then it went away and then I turned forty and it's back with a vengeance!!!

Can't sleep... what do you consume?

Oreos and milk!!!

Anyone else peek at the spoilers for TNFNS?

@stephie, I should have listened to you, I watched and it was horrid.

Creative and tasty ideas kids party.

These are great suggestions, thanks to everyone, I don't know what to do first!!!

TNFNS: Lisa can SING??? Like oil in the pan...and I eat my words

I don't like any of them and wouldn't watch if they had a show, there is nothing stand-out about them. And, I absolutely CAN"T STAND Guy Fieri, that annoying show of his seems to be the only thing on FN anymore, its so depressing.....where aren't any good shows on anymore?

TNFNS: Lisa can SING??? Like oil in the pan...and I eat my words

I didn't see the show, who was eliminated? What happened?

Bobby Flay's Burger Chain Opens on Long Island: Bobby's Burger Palace

@ohiogal - pbj and chips (I like Herr's) is my absolute favorite!

pasta sauce

Is it okay to add dried basil when making this? Or dried oregano?

Cookie Dough

I made a batch of cookie dough, froze it, defrosted it to bake cookies, didn't get around to it and forgot all about it! That was 6 days ago, is it still good? I mean its just cookie dough, right?

'Will Work for Food'?

Has anyone seen that new show with Adam Gergler (I think that's his name) the guy who was on The Next Food Network Star? What did you think? I was surprised to see him since he lost!

Shortening Substitute?

I was never much of a baker but I love it and have recently started collecting and trying out recipes. My question is: Can you substitute butter for shortening or vice versa, what exactly is shortening, or can you substitute anything else (like oil)?


I am kind of a newbie when it comes to appetizers. I can make all the usual taco dip, spinach dip, crab dip, etc. Since I absolutely ADORE appetizers I wanted to make this New Year's Eve a buffet of only appetizers, and lots of them! Can all of you wonderful cooks please share your delicious and different appetizer recipes with me? Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

Leftover ham

I usually toss my leftovers after 2-3 days, but I was wondering does ham keep longer or is it the same as other leftovers? Also can I refreeze a cooked ham if I can't eat it all and how about a cooked turkey breast? As you can see I have a lot of leftovers! Thanks all!

What should I put in my crockpot?

Its a cold blustery day in PA and I'd like to put something in the crockpot and just let it cook all day. I've never actually made anything in a crockpot and I'm not sure where to start. I've got chicken, beef and pork in my freezer and various other things in my pantry. Any suggestions?

Starter Recipes

I am working long hours and have been missing my hot meals (my kids have too). Does anyone have any recipes for what I would call a "Starter" that you can make several dishes from? Such as a great meat sauce that I could make in bulk on the weekend and then add to. And a basic chicken or pork or whatever that can be made into a couple of dishes easily? Is this clear? Thanks.

Yummy side dishes?

This may have already been asked, if so I apologize (working quite a bit) but I need to make about three different side dishes to bring to Thanksgiving dinner (my sister insists on having it, but I won't get into that). Any suggestions on some new and different side dishes for this Thanksgiving? Thanks!

Holiday Baking

I am planning on doing a lot of baking this holiday season. It's the first time I'm doing ALL cookies, pies, cakes etc. What I wanted to know was how early can you start just to keep ahead of the game and get everything done? What can you freeze and what can't you? I would greatly appreciate receiving any advice SE readers can give. Thanks.

Spices in a tube?

I was just at the market and saw spices in a squeezable tube, like garlic, parsley and I'm not sure what else, has anyone ever tried these and are they any good? And what is it exactly?

Southern Food - Recipes and tips please!

Having just read the mouthwatering posts about everyone's favorite southern food, I was wondering if anyone has any recipes or tips on how to prepare fried chicken, mac & cheese or any of the other delicious foods mentioned. I've always been intimidated about trying to cook them, I think I'll mess up. Fried chicken always sounds so complicated.

I don't want to waste food!

I hate being wasteful, but I am also nuerotic about freshness or when food isn't good anymore. So if I made a roast beef or chicken and its been in the fridge for 3 days (since no one ate it) do I toss it or still use it? What is everyone's time limit on keeping food before throwing it out? Also, other perishables such as lunch meat, cheese, pasta?

Cookbook conundrum

I would like to start a cookbook collection and went to Border's to purchase some. Boy was I amazed at the vast number and assortment of cookbooks there are out there! What would be everyone's top five so I can at least start? (I'm new, sorry if this has been asked before). Thanks.
p.s I love this website!!!

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