• Location: Providence, RI
  • Favorite foods: Mexican, especially Oaxacan, limey, spicy, chiles, chipotle, tomato, cilantro, goat cheese, beets, pizza, shellfish. Grilled things. Cheese. Things on crusty bread. Pickled things. And so much wine.
  • Last bite on earth: Di Fara's

Latest Comments

Ample Hills' Sweet as Honey Ice Cream

This ice cream would be #1 on my list of best ice creams I have ever tasted. I really hope the recipe works!

The Best Sweets We Ate in December

Any chance we will be seeing a recipe for those canel├ęs?

Science! This is Why Hot Water Can Freeze Faster Than Cold Water

I am taking a course on EdX online called Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science that is awesome if anyone is interested in this kind of stuff. It's only on week 4 so you can still sign up!

Serious Entertaining: A Real Deal Barbecue Feast

Just reading that you were writing this while in a car is giving me horrible motion sickness.

Providence: Luxe Burger Bar Serves Decent Drinking Companions

Totally underwhelmed, there are definitely better places in Providence. Keep the Providence articles coming!