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Recap: Top Chef All-Stars, Episode 5, Dim-Sum Lose Sum

Sad to see Casey go, but she deserved it. I kept thinking what a friend said when we were discussing the merits of pigs feet. "In the end, it's a f*&^%!*% foot, okay!"

But Casey did look oh so hot in her blue and white outfit she wore grocery shopping. Could have used more shots of that.

Travelers: What's Your Favorite Airport Food?

Looked at a couple, but was not into it enough to work through the slideshow. I hate those things.

It's like reading a book and having to turn the page after ever couple of sentences.

Pizza in Louisiana

Pastime in Baton Rouge has good pizza, and it is an old school LSU hangout.

I used to go there a lot about 20 yrs ago. Have stopped by a couple times since. Bet it's still good.

Road Trip: Fresh Cracklins at Don's Specialty Meats in Louisiana

I love Don's boudin. Have a freezer full.

South Louisiana is about the only place in the world you can find cajun boudin (other than some so-so commercial products that you may spot in north La. and Tx).

When friends pass through Lafayette area, they know I'm good for a box of Don's frozen.

Momofuku-Style Chicken Wings

I grilled wings yesterday and used this sauce. It was pretty good.

My favorite wing sauce is the sriracha/lime-juice/butter/cilantro combo by Michael Symon that was in Food and Wine a year or so ago.

food podcasts

The Splendid Table with Lynn Rossetto Kasper is a good food podcast. It airs on public radio and is on itunes.

My favorite non-food podcasts are This American Life, Risk, and The Moth. All involve storytelling and are great for long car rides.

What would you do with a can of hominy?

When I've bought it in the past, it usually sat in the cabinet for a couple of years, and then I gave it to a food drive. Maybe I'll try eating it next time.

Subway Fiery Footlongs: Hot Stuff?

I tried that turkey/jalapeno melt. It was ok.

My gripe with Subway is that our local stores do not tessellate the cheese, even though it was announced this summer that the company was correcting its procedure in that regard.

Classic Muffaletta Sandwich

We make them at home, with focaccia, and grill on the Foreman cooker to get the bread some crunch and the cheese some melt.

Recap: Top Chef DC Finale, And The Winner Is...

This season was a bit weak to me.

What's up with TV networks' web people blowing these reality show finales? It just happened with TNFNS on Food. They probably threaten the hell out of the contestants, crew, etc. not to divulge the outcome, then they F it up their own dumb selves.

Recipe Goofs - Where are the Proofreaders?

I saw a recipe on CI's site that never told you what to do with an ingredient that was in the title. There was a second goof too, but I can't recall the detail.

I emailed them and asked for the correct directions. Never got a response.

I see that on the Food Network site too. Multiple commenters will point out apparent mistakes in the online recipes, but years go by with no response or correction.

In Season: Okra

kathleen, you can get good okra in the fall, all the way to frost. The key is that the grower has to pick it consistently when the pods are young and good. Folks tend to get lazy in the hot summer of August, and pods get huge and tough. Just cut those off and throw them away. The plant will make more tender pods.

In Season: Okra

Okra in jambalaya? Never seen that before. But I'm sure it tastes fine.

I usually steam it or fry it or use in gumbo.

Kevin of last season's Top Chef has a recipe in Food and Wine that is really good: Skillet-roasted spiced okra. I've made it twice and plan to repeat when my parents bring me a big sack of okra from their garden this week.

Serious Cheese: Grilled Kimcheeze Sandwiches

Looks like a good brunch idea for this weekend. Thanks for posting!

36 Hours in New Orleans: Where to Eat

Cochon and August are each very good in their different styles. Two of the best meals I've had in the city.

Another excellent choice is Brigtsen's, which is about a 10 minute ride from the Quarter.

A good place for New Orleans restaurant reviews is Tom Fitzmorris' blog at

What's the worst/weirdest thing you found in restaurant food?

Eating a Salisbury steak at Luby's, I bit down on a hard object. Spit it out, and it looked like a small peppercorn. Testing with a knife showed it to be metal.

I kept eating, to my companion's surprise (I've bitten down on shotgun pellets a million times eating duck and squirrel, so it was no big deal to me), and soon found another of what appeared to be a shotgun pellet.

The manager was sitting at a table doing paperwork as we left. I stopped and said, "I had the Salisbury steak, and I believe the cow was killed with No. 6 or 7 1/2 squirrel shot." I dropped the pellets on his table and walked out. He had a stunned look on his face and never said a word. LOL!

Weird Foods to Eat Together

Kimchee and Cajun boudin, all served with some saltine crackers.

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 7

I loved Padma's shorts. Well, really it was her legs more than the shorts. Great leg shot as she stood up from the table. Freeze it!

I thought this was Kelly's week to go. Why did she completely over-salt her food? Because she was bound and determined to show that she was not being a bitch by not loaning salt because she "only brought enough for myself."

Every time she saw salt left in her cellar, it was evidence of her bitchery, so she had to keep pouring it on until it was gone. It should have got her axed.

Top Chef D.C.... Alex is a RAT

You know they have footage of him either (1) taking pp out of the cooler or pouring it premade from the tupperware or (2) mixing up pp from scratch.

They just did not show it so they could milk the situation and make you "tune in next week" to hear someone say, "He stole my pea puree!"

Meet & Eat: Scott Conant

I went to a Chinese buffet for lunch the other day. They had some of that fake crab with cheese melted on it. It looked like crap, but I ate a bite just to piss off Scott. It really wasn't too bad.


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