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Help me name my food blog!

To borrow a phrase from Charlie Brown: Oh Good Grief!
I don't even know where to start. First of all, many thanks to all of you that actually tried to help me come up with a name. I liked reading all of your suggestions, and it helped me brainstorm some more ideas. I just wanted a cute blog name, no spamming, no trolls or whatever. Just a name. THAT'S ALL! So thanks.
As for the rest of you however......
@Kitchenista--you make me laugh. I could come up with something equally snarky to say in response but I'll refrain from doing so. And I believe that you had better dust off your Bible, and fork over that $20 bill to your friend, Adam. I am, in fact, perfectly aware that I spelled my name "wrong." It was intentional and also resides as the name of my email address. This is mostly because the original spelling of my name wasn't available and I wanted to be a little more creative than just sticking a number at the end of my name.

Anyways...thanks to everyone for the congratulations on my recovery. @SheCooks-- I didn't mean to discount your advice. It was very thoughtful and heartfelt. @ell.victor--I will definitely let you know what I decide.

~Raina (not reina!)

Help me name my food blog!

Wow, I didn't realize there would be so much anger towards inventing a food name. I guess I'm not surprised though. Thanks for the few suggestions, but I'll just try and rack my brain and come up with something on my own.


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