Take a Cue From Beijing Street Food and Make Spicy Lamb Skewers at Home

Oh man I lived in Beijing for 3 years and I really miss the street food there. dan bing, ma la tang, jiaozi, and of course yang rou chuar. This recipe looks great, thanks for sharing it. To be even more authentic, these should be grilled over a welded half-pipe full of coals, using meat of questionable provenance, and eaten after too many shots of baijiu (Hint, one is too many)

Mustard and Dreams: What It Takes to Run a Hot Dog Stand in Chicago

As a life long Chinaman I can say definitively: Ketchup definitely belongs in fried rice, and so do chopped-up hot dogs.

Mustard and Dreams: What It Takes to Run a Hot Dog Stand in Chicago

^ and BTW, I think the Chicago anti-ketchup thing is more myth than reality. It seems to be a thing mostly concocted by the food media. A handful of the famous stands are anti-ketchup but most stands I've been to will put it on if you want, or offer it on the side. No one really cares that much.

Mustard and Dreams: What It Takes to Run a Hot Dog Stand in Chicago

Again, I'm glad to see Serious Eats make its return to Chicago, you guys have been missed. Very interesting article, especially the cost breakdowns. I can’t help but think that the startup costs would be a lot more manageable if this city had reasonable street vending laws. The most iconic and natural way to eat a hot dog is to buy it from a cart and eat it on a street corner, but we can’t do that here (barring some rare locations). It's a shame that the city government has its head up its ass when it comes to creating a lively street food culture.

How Does a Restaurant Last 35 Years? The Family History of Chicago's Heaven on Seven

Serious Eats has come back to Chicago! Thanks for this great article on a place that's not trying too hard to be trendy, but has stood the test of time.

Parched Corn and Rye Coffee: Eating as a Civil War Soldier

Really interesting article Jennifer. I love reading about historic times and especially learning about the kinds of foods they ate back then. Are you planning to make this a series? I would love it if you tackled Royal Navy rations of the age of sail, or medieval field cooking.

Love Cast Iron Pans? Then You Should Know About Carbon Steel

Hi Daniel, thanks for the reply. I did make sure to remove the packaging coating before seasoning my Debuyer. I seasoned the bare metal in the oven by wiping a thin coat of vegetable oil onto the pan and then roasting it upside down in a 550F oven until it stopped smoking and turned glossy black. I had to repeat this 3-4 times with the steel pan before it got there. With my flea market cast iron pan I only had to do this once to get that glossy black sheen.

I hear you about the ease of re-seasoning and use in a restaurant kitchen but I've never been able to season anything well on a stovetop at home. I always end up with burnt spots and sticky spots, which may be due to an uneven burner. Quite possibly the method works well on a powerful restaurant burner.

In the end my DeBuyer is not a bad pan, just kind of mediocre and redundant in my kitchen when there's cast iron around.

Don't Call Chicken and Dumplings Depression-Era Cheap Eats

Sometimes I think Serious Eats writers are mind readers. How did you guys know I've had chicken and biscuits on the brain this week? Thanks for another entry in the excellent southern food origin series.

Love Cast Iron Pans? Then You Should Know About Carbon Steel

Daniel, normally I find myself agreeing with your articles, but not this time. I have a DeBuyer carbon steel skillet and I feel it's quite inferior to my cast iron. For starters, to season the steel pan I had to smoke off multiple coats of oil in a hot oven, and even then the finish is fragile. The iron only took one coat and one heating cycle to form a bulletproof seasoning. Second, even after seasoning the steel is noticeably stickier. My iron skillet handles fried eggs and pot stickers no problem, but I wouldn’t dare try them in the steel pan. I would say the only advantage to the steel is that it heats faster.

Finally, maybe it's just me but tossing food in a straight-sided pan is MUCH easier than doing it in a sloped pan. Sloped sides launch the food straight out, while straight sides bounce it up and back toward you.

Why My Fridge Is Never Without Shirataki Noodles (and Yours Shouldn't be Either)

Never tried these, are they similar to Chinese mung bean starch noodles?

How to Make Savory Chinese Turnip Cakes (Law Bok Gow)

I've been eating Luo Bo Gao my whole life, but until this moment I didn't know it could be eaten unfried. Thinking back it was always pan fried in our house, even when freshly made.

Screw Valentine's Day: A Greasy, Meaty Menu for Your Dark, Gloomy Soul

The sentiment of the post is admirable, but no depressed single person is actually gonna go to this much trouble on vday. A true anti-valentines meal is a HUNGRY MAN frozen dinner (a.k.a LONELY MAN), a bottle of Jim Beam and a revolver with one bullet in it.

How to Make Shanghai Lion's Head Meatballs

I haven’t had shi zi tou for years, not since I was a little kid. Thanks for this inspiration to try and make them again. As I recall my mom used to simmer them in a ceramic pot of some kind, and the meatballs were not browned. I'll try it this way first though.

Everything You Need to Know to Make Chinese Hot Pot at Home

Great article Shao Z. Hot pot is a Christmas dinner tradition for our family. We go with a simple chicken stock for the base. Dipping sauces are usually sa cha and sesame paste-based.

Sinosoul lettuce absolutely belongs in hot pot. Use a more robust variety like romaine. Taro is disgusting and it makes the soup all mealy, leave it out.

How Brooklyn's Acme Makes 5,000 Pounds of Whitefish Salad a Day

I really enjoyed this article but I take issue with this point: "smoke particles adhere better to dry skin than wet". I realize this is conventional smoking knowledge but I don't think it's actually true. A wet surface should grab particles out of the air more readily than a dry one.

Our Best Bites of 2014

I find that French hot dog very interesting. When I was in Paris, there was a ubiquitous style of hot dog that was basically like a mild knockwurst served on a cheap baguette with mild cheese. These identical looking dogs were served at every little storefront and were OK at best. That's what I think of as a "Paris-style dog". Ed's picture looks a lot better than any hot dog I tried over there.

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Good read, but I'll suggest that for these comparison-type articles, you guys bring back the old practice of reporting on every single place, instead of just the good ones. I understand not wanting to jeopardize relationships with businesses, but reading the negative reviews was more than half the fun of the old comparisons.

Chefs and Food Bloggers on the Ultimate Thanksgiving Sandwich

The concept of the Thanksgiving sandwich is gross. Those ingredients do not go together on a sandwich. Better to just freeze and reheat separately weeks or months later when you're craving those flavors again.

This White Wine and Mustard Gravy is Custom-Built for Your Smoked Turkey

Ah, I guess you could also use a second pan in the smoker's water pan to catch the drippings, then use them for the gravy. That's the base for great KC-style BBQ sauce!

This White Wine and Mustard Gravy is Custom-Built for Your Smoked Turkey

This recipe sounds delicious, but is it really technically a gravy without pan drippings?

Taste Test: Who Makes the Best Natural-Casing Hot Dog in the Bay Area?

So, what is the most common form of hot dog in SF? Chicago stands typically don't deviate from the canonical pickle, tomato, relish, sport peppers, onion and celery salt, for example. Does SF have an equivalent list?

Cook-and-Serve Flour Tortillas From TortillaLand Are as Close as You'll Get to Homemade

Fresh corn tortillas are better than fresh flour ones. BUT, let even an hour go by and the flour tortillas become better. You can rescue an old flour tortilla by steaming or griddling but once a corn tortilla is stale, it's gone.

Looking at this product has me wondering if I can use it to make lazy man Chinese scallion egg pancakes. Brush some egg, scallion, salt between two or more of these guys, fry and eat?

Dim Sum Classics: How to Make Pork-Stuffed Bean Curd Rolls

Whenever I go for dim sum, I end up wishing the whole cart was filled with these rolls instead of all that other stuff. Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely put it to use. Although, don't you think that the uncut enoki mushrooms are too stringy when you try to bite a roll in half?

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Beers for Chinese Food

I like the article, but as a victim of too many Beijing business dinners I have to say this: if you want to be really "authentic" you don't drink beer with Chinese food. Instead you drink baijiu, until you want to die.

Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life With Pasta

I really like this column. When I lived abroad in Asia I used to host Western food nights where us expats could enjoy comfort foods like spaghetti and meatballs, homemade bread, roast chicken and mashed potatoes. I stopped when I moved back to the States but there's no reason I can't start again. This article is like a kick in the ass to get me back in the kitchen, cooking for friends. Thanks for the inspiration.

Does Kenji's NY Pizza crust require oil?

I've got a big batch of NY-style dough cold fermenting in the fridge for a party this weekend, but I just realized I forget to put in the olive oil. It isn't much, about 6 tbsp oil to 9 cups flour.

FYI I am using this Kenji recipe, doubled: and it has turned out well in the past. Will it work without olive oil or should I toss the dough and mix up a new batch?


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