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The Food Lab: The Best Way to Bake Bacon for a Crowd

I usually go with the foil lined baking sheet at 400 after a friend of mine that works at a small grocery store told me that's how they made their bacon for BLT day when they would pump out a few hundred sandwiches each time.

I agree with @jheiss though, the timing depends on the brand of bacon. Nuskes takes about 12 minuntes in my oven or it'll burn, but there's a brand at the supermarket by me that takes at least 15 and sometimes longer. It must have something to do with either the fat/water content.

How to Make Chicken Cacciatore, Any Way You Like It

I think I emailed Kenji about this a couple of years ago since my (very non-Italian) family makes it very different: fried chicken placed in a dish covered with a mushrom gravy and cheese sauce that's topped with diced tomatoes then baked for 30 minutes and served with rice. Kinda heavy, but so good.

Best Eaten Alone Without Pants On: Kimchi and Spam Fried Rice

@Kenji I'm guessing the Spam is from the Spam nacho's from April Fools Day last year?

Mildly Sweet Sweet-Potato Biscuits

Well these didn't work out at all! I got no rise in the biscuits but the flavor was great (like a tasty sweet potato pancake). It's not the baking powder since I was able to make a batch of regular biscuits right after with no issues.

The Pressure Cooker Makes Rich Chicken Chile Verde in Under 30 Minutes

Made this last night and it turned out pretty good. My sauce came out much brighter than the pictures, did you do anything to the photos?

Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken Enchiladas

Wow. This turned out pretty good, I just ended up making tacos and it turned out pretty good. Kinda similar to Josh's Chicken Tinga recipe. This is going into the arsenal.

How to Make Easy Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts With Lemon and Rosemary Pan Sauce

I think the recipe calls for way too much lemon juice, it overpowered the rest of the ingredients. Next time I'll add less and adjust

Great technique though. Makes sense that my sauces came out better when I had a really good homemade stock to work with versus a store bought one or using a base like BTB.

And this is better colorwise than using a starch slurry.

Easy Pan-Roasted Chicken Breasts With Lemon and Rosemary Pan Sauce

I think the recipe calls for way too much lemon juice, it overpowered the rest of the ingredients. Next time I'll add it slowly. Great techni

Use the Microwave to Dry Your Herbs for Long-Lasting Intense Flavor

Makes perfect sense. Not sure why I didn't make the connection when I had a roommate in college who dried "herbs" in the dorm microwave in college.

Two-Minute Mayonnaise

Made this for the first time a few months ago and it didn't emulsify.

Tried it just now since I was making a sandwich and I ran out of mayo.

It worked perfectly this time, I used vinegar instead of the lemon juice so I wonder if that made a difference.

Perfect Refried Beans

Came out great! I used the fat from Kenji's carnitas recipe instead of lard, which gave it a really good flavor.

No-Waste Tacos de Carnitas With Salsa Verde

Pretty good recipe, I checked it after 3 hours and it was pull apart tender so pulled it out of the oven. I didn't actually get that much liquid from this, just more rendered fat.

I used some of the fat to make Daniel's refried bean recipe.

This actually came together a lot quicker than I thought. I'd make this again for sure.

How to Make Microwave Popcorn in a Brown Paper Bag


Hey another Whirly Pop user! I love that thing even if it is a one trick pony.

The Food Lab: The Pressure Cooker Makes Short Work of This Authentic Texas Chile con Carne

@Kenji, I'll have you know I won a chile contest with your original version of this recipe!

30-Minute Pressure Cooker Chicken With Chickpeas, Tomatoes, and Chorizo

@Yury M.

I haven't tried it with this recipe, but I did use dried chickpeas for the Tika Masala dish from last year and it worked out ok, I just added some extra liquid for the beans.

Perfect Steamed Boiled Eggs

This worked perfect. I really don't have more to add.

From the Archives: The Key to Perfect Ceviche

Love the bit about the illegal resturant walking through the back door. That happened to me once at an illegal Jamacian restruant in Milwaukee.

Thankfully the owner moved into a legit location, but it's just not the same.

Milwaukee: Steakhouse Burgers in Casual Setting at Jake's Burger

Ate here yesterday during lunch. Service was good. Really wished I read the review again before I went here instead of remembering that Lacy went here and thought it was ok.

My burger was so dry and flavorless. I got the port carmelized onions and cheese and the onions were so sweet that it threw off the flavor of the burger. Not sure I'll be back.

Where to Eat and Drink Outdoors in Milwaukee, 2014 Edition


I think that's everyone's first impression when taken to Barnacle Bud's for the first time.


I've never had a good experience at any of the Lowlands Group restaurants kinda annoys me that they have such nice locations. The Horny Goat Hideaway is similar too (great view, terrible service and food).

Have you had a chance to check out Purple Door Ice Cream?

The Food Lab: How to Make Jerk Chicken at Home

I did a side by side of Kenji's and Josh's jerk recipies this weekend. Using the Bay Leaf grilling method.

The concensus among the crowd (I made it for a volleyball tournament) was that both were great. I'm kinda more partial to Josh's since it has a more spice forward flavor versus Kenji's which is more herb forward.

I'll probably use a hybrid of the two going forward, but I have extra marinade of each to use up first.

The Burger Lab: Cheese Sauce for Burgers, Fries, and Chips

I've made this several times now and if I use only cheddar, it turns out grainy for me. So I usually cut it with either American or Pepper Jack.

I once made a version with American and Pepper Jack only and added a chopped jalapeno and a can of Rotel, it was magical in taste and texture.

Smoky Chicken Tinga Tacos

Made these yesterday, delicious. I'll def. make again since the prep was pretty easy.

Pizza Poll: How Do You Like Your Sausage?

I perfer the bigger chunks. While I think their crust is terrible, I love the sasuage at Rocky Rococo's.

Manner Matters: Playing the Dating Game


I used to think the garlicky thing wasn't a big deal until I had a date last night. My date had the garlic burps all night after, kinda made talking after the movie uncomfortable.


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