A high school student that's also a foodie, athlete, aspiring chef, math lover, actor, and all sorts of other contradictory things.

Seasonal Sweets: Chocolate Cardamon Plums 'Clafoutis'

So much cardamon.

Too many egg yolks!!!

Depends what you're making. General purpose, I'd go a Mayo - plain, basil parmesan, or garlic and paprika! Dessert? Only one option: That. Like, seriously. I prefer using a mix of 50% and 70% chocolate for it, but it is absolutely amazing. Also, Pate a Choux.

Gadgets: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

@dbcurrie: Oh my. I have nothing to say regarding that video but that I will be ordering a Rollie Eggmaster soon as a gag gift for a culinary student friend of mine.

Knife Skills: How to Prepare Portabella Mushrooms

Ahahahaha Kenjiii

Current Toronto Recommendations? Aug 2013

I can completely second that Udupi Palace recommendation. We had a party catered by that restaurant, and the dosa were absolutely amazing. I would go there without reservation if you get a chance. They're great.

Basil and Parmesan Mayonnaise

Calgary, AB - SE People!

So are there any SE people in Calgary, or anybody interested in food science / molecular gastronomy / gastrophysics / modernist cuisine / whatever the preferred term is nowadays? I'm wondering, cause as someone who's interested in that kind of thing, I've been having trouble finding local resources regarding modernist cuisine, food science, or just cooking in general. I would love to connect with anyone in the area if anybody's interested!


Help with hosting a high school party!

Hey everyone,

I'm hosting a party after exams this summer, and I've got some problems. I'm young and pretty inexperienced in the kitchen, and cooking for 40-70 people is going to be very, very new for me! The largest group I've cooked for in the past has been 5-6 friends. So my challenge here is: how on earth do I do all my cooking for all the snacks and the main and still have time to enjoy the party? I'm also wondering about cooking for many, many people at a larger scale. A further concern of mine is that I have no clue what, exactly, I should be cooking - I'm an eccentric guy, and party food is foreign territory to me. Appealing to all dietary restrictions seems impossible, especially when I could get some unexpected attendees!

The current plan is to have the party run from 6-midnight or later at a friend's place, the day of the last exam 6 hours after it ends. For food, we were thinking of having snacks ready through the night and opening the barbecue for 30m-an hour a couple times for burgers (beef, lamb), fish strips, and souvlaki.

So, I would really appreciate any help! Please poke holes in my plan and arrangements! I'd really appreciate any advice, help, or general tips.

Thanks a lot everyone,

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