A high school student that's also a foodie, athlete, aspiring chef, math lover, actor, and all sorts of other contradictory things.

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Too many egg yolks!!!

Depends what you're making. General purpose, I'd go a Mayo - plain, basil parmesan, or garlic and paprika! Dessert? Only one option: That. Like, seriously. I prefer using a mix of 50% and 70% chocolate for it, but it is absolutely amazing. Also, Pate a Choux.

Gadgets: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

@dbcurrie: Oh my. I have nothing to say regarding that video but that I will be ordering a Rollie Eggmaster soon as a gag gift for a culinary student friend of mine.

Current Toronto Recommendations? Aug 2013

I can completely second that Udupi Palace recommendation. We had a party catered by that restaurant, and the dosa were absolutely amazing. I would go there without reservation if you get a chance. They're great.


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