I love food. Plain and simple. I eat it; I write about it; I read about it; I think it; I breathe it. I also laugh, smile, and eat a lot.

  • Location: London, Ontario, Canada
  • Favorite foods: Steak, hamburgers, beer (counts as food to me!), sushi (preferably salmon nigiri), kabab koobideh, dolma, shawarma, potatoes, rice, pasta, garlic, salt, desserts, cheese, and everything else.
  • Last bite on earth: Shawarma sandwich with hummus, tahin, toum, pickled radishes, fire-roasted tomatoes and onions, and cabbage paired with Rochefort Trappistes 10 and all topped off with a cheese platter then a nauseating cornucopia of desserts. This is all in one bite.

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How to Make Rich and Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo That Won't Weigh You Down

@klhickey: traditional cacio e pepe doesn't have butter or olive oil in it, but that doesn't really matter anyways. It's all preference. :)

The trick is to make your noodles in really shallow water. Watch Dale on Serious Eats do it. His technique is actually perfect for at home since you will have the advantage of incredibly starchy water like a restaurant (normally they use the same water over and over again for their pasta):

Poll: How Do You Like Your Burger Cooked?

Myoglobin is NOT blood.

Anyway, it depends on how the burger is handled but normally medium-rare. The texture is off in weirdly handled burgers. I prefer a coarser texture, which is also how I like my tartare.

Poll: À la Carte Burgers at Restaurants: Way or No Way?

I expect a side with my burger. If there are options, fantastic, but a side should exist. It's not an issue of too much food (there's no such thing) but rather expectations. I'd understand if the burger was, let's say, $6-8, but $12 burger and no fries? Steep.

Disputing Adam's Definition of Sliders

@finsbigfan: I was being facetious in regards to the ice cream sandwich. You see, Adam's contention isn't based on size but the contrary. A slider IS NOT a mini hamburger to him (or Motz). Instead, it's a very specific dish, very much like cacio e pepe.

@canihavesome: Very much like the history of the burger, sliders don't have too much on them and most of it is just hearsay.

@meatntaters: I suppose it's akin to how bruschetta is referred to the tomato topping on slices of baguette now. This aside, I agree that it's too late now. I wonder if anyone else thinks to themselves how size has anything to do with the word "slider."

@Zinnia1: That's interesting and doesn't make me really like the term so much anymore. Kind of repulsive.

Poll: Would You Choose a Healthy Side Over Fries at McDonald's?

The only thing I enjoy eating at McDs is their fries. I wouldn't swap it out. I guess if you eat there often, eating something else "healthy" will save you a ton of calories.

Open Thread: What Words Should Never Be Used to Describe Food?

ITT: people with sticks up their asses. (Orwell's proud of me using cliches.)

Hate the word slurp? Insanity.

I'm not really picky about what words one should use but people need to take it easy with the word "balls." Clearly you're trying to work the double meaning and, despite me possessing the sense of humour for a 5 year old, I ain't laughing.

Sous Vide 101: Double Cut Pork Chops

The nice thing about sous vide is that you can pasteurize your meat without reduction in quality, though the time is much longer.

@rrrahu1: Have you ever seen Ducasse's method for steak? Pretty interesting and actually works well. Awesome post on it on eGullet from '08.

Poll: Would You Have a Burger for Your Last Bite on Earth?

Give me a dry-aged, 8oz, medium-rare burger and I'd happily pass on to the afterlife.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Hamburger Side?

Difficult choice but I'd probably pick steak cut 99% of the time. It plays a balancing act between baked potato and crispy french fry. Love it. Best part is the size. I like my food to have some size to it.

Open Thread: What Do You Think of Dessert Tasting Menus?

Why not? I love dessert and if I have the chance to experience the deft hand of a skilled pastry chef, I'd be incredibly excited. I'd order a dessert tasting menu for the same reason I'd order a savory tasting menu: to experience a plethora of dishes from a chef.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Onion Preparation?

I agree with OHenn. There needs to be an "all of the above" option because, dammit, I'll take onions any way on a burger. I prefer sweet onions if it's raw, though, since they aren't as pungent.

How I Learned to Like Breakfast Tacos at Veracruz All Natural in Austin, TX

@AnnieNT: Omelettes aren't always overcooked. Have you ever seen Pepin's omelette video? His Parisian Omelette is light as air and has zero colour like the typical "country-style" omelette.

Poll: Which Burger Execution Issue is the Most Unforgivable?

I felt like the obvious answer was underseasoning the burger. Something that's not to temp can still be pretty damn good if the cookery is solid as well as the seasoning but no food can be saved if its bland. It always feels like something is missing.

Meet Vendy Awards Rookie Finalist Toum

As an Iraqi, I couldn't imagine shawarma without toum. One of the best condiments of all time. That aside, I'm kind of sad that the food truck, Toum, is serving fries instead of rice. Probably adapting to the clientele but rice is what Middle Easterners eat most.

Poll: Is Okonomiyaki "Japanese Pizza"?

For those who voted the first option: don't you feel like they'll be incredibly disappointed when they find out what they're about to eat is the antithesis of pizza? I find that is an AWFUL way to describe what okonomiyaki is to people. Pizza is a specific idea within the brains of Westerners. Telling them that it's "Japanese pizza" is incredibly misleading. Okonomiyaki being called "Japanese pancakes" is 100x more accurate.

Poll: Are You a White Pie Person?

I remember the first white pizza I had: pancetta, fingerling potatoes, four kinds of cheeses, and a boat load of herbs. It was a revelation and it made me conclude two things: (1) potatoes on pizza is genius, and (2) you don't need tomato sauce to have one of the best pizzas around.

Poll: What's the Most You'll Pay for a Burger and Fries?

@Mr. Nick: I hope when you said, "they add on much more than it actually costs to make the dish" that you were going to mention overhead, not more ingredients. People forget that there is staff, electricity, rent, etc. that needs to be paid. To assume that you should be able to buy things at market value is laughable at best. Just because you can go to Pat LaFrieda's website and see how much a steak costs DOES NOT mean you should be able to buy it at a restaurant for the same price. That would be terrible business sense.

We Try Every Flavor of Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Granola Bars

I've abandoned Nature Valley quite sometime ago and instead opted for Fibre 1 and, if on sale and in a flavour I like, Kashi.

Poll: What's the Most You'll Pay for a Burger and Fries?

I agree with rondertaker. People don't realize that sometimes great meat is expensive and thus the burger is appropriately priced. If you want a solid burger blend from a good source, especially if it's dry aged, then bring out the wallet.

Video: Kenji Tests Consumer Reports' Top-Rated Knives

Henckels, just like Shun and Global, are just "okay" knives. MAC and Masamoto are SO much better and those knives are a decent introduction to the world of decently sharp knives. Most people will never know what a sharp knife is because they don't sharpen their own knives.

Boston, MA: Ice Cream Sandwiches at the Frozen Hoagies Truck

From my research, the first time "slider" was ever used in reference to food was in 1912, which refers to an "ice-cream served in a sandwich form between two wafers." Ice-cream sandwiches are the original sliders, not the burgers popularized by White Castle. ;)

Cook the Book: 'Franny's'

Ragu alla Napoletana, Bolognese's forgotten brother.


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