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Gimme Your Burger Lab Requests!

a good soft squishy bun recipe would be great! Is commercial grade softness possible in a home kitchen without all the complicated additives?

The Burger Lab: In Search of the Best American Cheese

I spent some time today with the guys from Schrieber that produce American cheese for McDonalds and In n Out and this is what they had to say:

1-The typical cheese of choice for foodservice is American Process Cheese NOT Process Cheese Product
2-American Process Cheese is typically 80% real cheese
3- Factors such pliability is important, probably for presentation purposes
4- Flavor is a controllable element based on cheese sharpness etc.
5-Metability although lesser than cheese product is manipulated with slice thickness as well as application + holding time

By examining many photos of In n Out Burgers on Yelp I found that a total melt is more proufound in 2x2 and above as the heat between the two patties tips the cheese into the melting territory quicker. I beleive that testing American cheese in a non commercial kitchen doesnt produce satisfactory test results. factors such as grill temperature, cheese temp erature (pre cooking), cooking time and distance from the grill (thin patty vs thick patty) and type of grill ( Accutemp vs Keating) all play a role in getting the perfect melt.

A Pizza Snob's Approach To Toppings

There are two ways to look at it. In it's traditional sense, the toppings merely compliment the crust and elevate it into something that is greater than the parts. On the other hand, those that favor more toppings see the crust as a vehicle that delivers whatever they wish to have, leftover dinner included. There are crust centric pizza eaters and there are toppings centric pizza eaters. You just happen to be a crust centric pizza eater.

The Burger Lab: How To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (Almost)

I usually compromise by using american cheese as the binder. Simply grate your favorite aged cheese, add a bit
of grated american cheese and boiling hot milk. Stir quickly. You end up with a beatiful goey texture that holds well on the patty with any cheese you want ( compromising the flavor a bit)

In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack: The First Bi-Coastal Side-By-Side Taste Test

Sorry guys but you have a serious flaw in your scoring. You decided on a straight average method then you come to the meat department and decided to double up? You gotta be consistent in your methodology. I suggest you apply a weighted average method and run it again. I must remind you that being American is also about accessability. In this case affordability. Price might not be extremely important for New Yorker, but it is elsewhere.

The Pizza Lab: Bringing Neapolitan Pizza Home (aka 'The Skillet-Broiler Method')

@dmcavanagh Thanks for the link. I do recall at one point the additition of a sourdough culture alter the outcome of leopard spots. Had I found any noticeable difference in flavor whether I do or not is questionable. However baking my pies in super heated ovens in under 90 seconds produces a nice leopard spotting around the cornicione but less than desirable hole structure. Killing off the yeast too soon ?

The Pizza Lab: Bringing Neapolitan Pizza Home (aka 'The Skillet-Broiler Method')

The one challenge I have with any home method is to have the so called leopard spots on the pizza. I have only been able to do so with an 800 degree Valoriani wood oven. Anything less than 800 degrees and it's plain browning. It seems that no matter what you do to the dough recipe, the temperature remains a critical component of the final outcome.

'Slice' Poll: Fresh Mushrooms or Canned?

Mushrooms have many varieties that are perfect for pizzas so it's unfair to compare canned button mushrooms with porcininis, the same way you wouldn't compare buffalo mozzarella with cheese whiz.

Brioche For Burgers?

It really depends on the rest of the ingredients. The flaky sweetness could be used to cut the sharpness of aged cheeses as well as blue cheeses. The bun is a part of whole and has to play well in well written taste bud symphony.

Best Burger in the World at The Little Owl?

There is no such thing as the best burger. There are so many types of burgers you cant simply bundle them together. You cant compare a shack burger to a double double the same way you cant compare apples to oranges.

Video: The-Feedbag Goes to Naples, Compares Da Michele and Trianon

I wonder if Da Michele's seed oil is inline with VPN's standards.

New Shake Shack Slated for Nolita

Apparently the first International outpost for the Shack is slated to open in Kuwait. I wonder how they will manage such a huge leap.

[ DO NOT PUBLISH ] How to Make Pizza Bianca at Home

This is the basic crust used for Pizza Ripiene, which is a panini made with pizza bianca and stuffed with various Italian fillings. The best I had was at a small shack off Campo Di Fiori in Rome.

Paradise Lost: White Diamond of Linden, New Jersey Is Closed

Why is everyone so depressed ? How about doing something about it and start finding buyers for the place and ask the same employees to work back there. They're not dead are they ? If I'm living nearby and have the ability to pool investors in I would do it. It would be a shame to see part of history go down.

Kenji Alt's 'Hand-Chopped, Dry-Aged, Grass-Fed, Beef-Fat-Basted, Bad-Ass Burger'

Nice idea and it really works well. I actually made a nice basting sauce from that. Beef fat, bacon fat and a bit brown sugar will have a triple impact on the outer crust with a nice shiny caramelized surface.

Dear AHT: 'You Guys Suck'

I think you need to beef up your international coverage.

Blogger: Frank Pepe's 'Overrated, Overhyped, Awful'

Maybe her benchmark pizza is pizza hut deep dish. You can't compare apples to oranges, and you can't compare red apples and green apples as well !

Et Tu, White Castle?

You can't define and defend a singular version of what you think people should call a slider the same way the Neapolitans are for pizza. People have always defined things in a dynamic way. This is how language works. If it didn't we wouldn't have etymology that tells us the origins of words. I think its "cool" to use words loosely to "beef" up certain meanings, phrases and sentences. Be strict and thou shall not progress.

Trio Who Tracked Down Domino's Miscreants Gets Free Pizza for a Year

Let's try to put this down in the context of calories given away.

New Identity for Jack in the Box

The whole point of re-branding is to reflect the positive changes that took place in the product / system. So, new logo, same old food, same old systems, same old architecture / interior ? Why bother ? To make bold and stupid moves at a time where the economy is in shambles calls for a "re-branding" of the management.

Grand Opening of Flip, a New Burger Joint in the Manhattan Bloomingdale's

It does'nt even look good !! I can't imagine a good tasting ugly burger.

New York-Style Pizza at Denver's Fuhgidabowdit

Anthony's near DU had awsome pies! I woner how they are doing now.

Top 10 Improbable McDonald's Items from Around the World

In London they have a fried cheese triangle with a caramelized onion dip. A crispy fried chicken sandwich with a choice of wheat or white hoagie roll and topped with sweet chili sauce. Interestingly bland.


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