Raised in a Kapampangan kitchen. Now I eat mostly paleo six days a week. But on Sundays? Oooh. SUNDAYS. All bets are off.

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  • Favorite foods: Nigiri, Porchetta, Habichuelas Guisadas, Oxtail, Marrow, Ribeye, Prime Rib, Pork Belly, Northern Thai, California, Banh Mi, Haemulpajeon, Ramen, Soul Food, Tinola, Sinigang, Dim Sum, Lobster, Peking Duck, Neapolitan Slices, Roasted Lamb, Curried Goat
  • Last bite on earth: a.) The perfect piece of uni, scallop, King Salmon, or Fatty Toro nigiri.
    b.) An enormous, shameful, TMJ-shattering chomp of the porchetta sandwich at the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers market.
    c.) Anything my Dad makes.

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Debunking Thai Food Myths With Pok Pok's Andy Ricker

@BrooklynChef. I feel you on some of that, but I strongly oppose the notion that Andy Ricker is, "the one responsible for bringing authentic, regional Thai food out of ethnically, [sic] Thai neighborhoods." No he's not. Thai folk been working hard and doing their thing in regional Thai cuisine and tryna get put on for years. If anything it has been the passivity and pretentiousness of the "masses of foodies" to explore outside of their own comfort zones to really be about it when they say they're "really into food". Get out of here (uhh... not you, BKChef, I'm hollerin at these so-called self-appointed 'foodies') with that. What, because this dude started doing his VERSION (and let's not get it twisted, delicious as it is, it is his VERSION--for all the talk of his authenticity, you'd be hard pressed to find Thai cuisine in Thailand done the way he does it. and i'm not sayin better or worse i'm sayin these food writers and Mr. Ricker need to fall back a bit on all that 'this is Thai food the way it's done in Thailand' noise cause, nah son... it's not) of Thai cuisine, he is somehow the vanguard? Please. I find that sentiment hella ignorant, and it's the rhetoric that's inevitably being put on blast by so-called heads who claim to know what time it is.

Eminem is a face in hiphop, but he is not THE face in hiphop, and it infuriated me when the media was so quick to make him the hiphop darling. Hiphop is a culture birthed, loved, supported by, and cultivated by communities of color long before the media gave two dumps about it--before it became a profitable enterprise. The same joint happens across the spectrum of culture in this country.

I respect Ricker's homage to Thai cuisine and his food is hella bomb. But people are trippin when they put him on this pedestal. I find it mad disrespectful and dishonest.

Debunking Thai Food Myths With Pok Pok's Andy Ricker

I finally got around to hitting up Pok Pok in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. I wanted to dislike the food--not unlike Eddie Huang--but the food was hella on point. Without equivocation. Inarguable great food.

This being said, I feel some kinda way about all the hype and shine Andy Ricker gets. Sure, give him his daps and respect for making great Thai food. But what the fuck: Thai restaurants that were started and continue to be run by Thai people have been makin the same quality food with the same if not greater authenticity to regional Thai cuisine long before this dude came on the scene. And now look: Andy Ricker is the one being interviewed about debunking myths of cooking Thai food in your American home? Is he now the go-to posterboy for making "real" Thai food accessible to the American consumer, non-professional chef, and household? Why. If anything his shit is far LESS accessible because his pricepoints are hella high. He operates out of Red Hook in a barren residential neighborhood--the entire other side of the street is a construction dump. Tell me why my bill came to $75? Why aren't the many other Thai restaurants being asked to interview for articles like these? Why aren't the Thai grocers being interviewed about what wares and goods they provide to the community?

Personally I love Pok Pok's food but this making of Andy Ricker into some sort of legendary, pioneering benefactor who is somehow doing what no one else has done before is a load of horseshit and I find it to be a glaring and distasteful example of misappropriation and co-optation.

Do You Eat Out in New York on Halloween?

Correct: Invite friends to house. Drink 40 ounces and sing along to 112, SWV, and other 90s delights while cooking Filipino food in bulk.

The Nine Best Sandwiches in the Mission, San Francisco

i still dream about their pollo milanesa-carnitas torta combo
eaten at least twice a week working at SF General Hospital
which is also why i was 50 pounds heavier back then

Trawling NYC for UK-Style Fish and Chips

@Nick Solares
fair enough.
i definitely dumped salt & malt vinegar all over my basket, thrice.
it would've been nice to taste the sea though. maybe i'll avoid pollock next time.

Trawling NYC for UK-Style Fish and Chips

@lapsouchong Nah, dude. Nah. I was so stoked to go, despite the wait of "90 minutes to 2 hours" for a table. I sat at the bar instead, which does full menu service. The Umami Burger for me, a Truffle Burger for the homie; we split the truffle fries.

Both burgers had the exact same consistency: straight up mushy. The bun, the patty, the whole thing. Like the whole thing was wet--but it wasn't wet. No texture, no resistance, no chew, no pleasant bite, no crisp on the patty, no effect from toasting the bun. It was kind of gross. Then their house sauce of ketchup and truffle oil or whatever completely overwhelmed the palate; neither of us could taste any meat, just ketchup, caramelized onions, and/or truffle.

The fries were similarly woeful. All truffle. Plus the truffle "sauce" they slathered on the fries had congealed by the time they served it to our table so it was EXACTLY like eating fries covered in truffle-flavored play doh.


@ronnieshapley That sucks.

Trawling NYC for UK-Style Fish and Chips

I went to Salt & Battery several weeks ago because of the rave reviews yall have given it; I ordered a gigantic pollock with chips. The batter had a great texture, but neither the batter nor the fish had any flavor. Whatsoever. I had to dump salt all over it like three times.

Unfortunately the same thing happened with the fries. They looked great, but it was like eating papier mâché. Nothing. And while the outside had a nice golden crisp, the inside texture was like..... grainy. It was frankly unpleasant.

I went in around 7 pm on a Friday. Maybe they were just having an off night, but if it's like that all the time, I'll pass. I haven't been to the UK but the average milk bar (aka bodega aka cornerstore) in Australia & New Zealand made way better fish & chips.

Oh yeah. I was so hungry after Salt & Battery I went to Umami Burger. The fish & chips were better than the subsequent burger.

Steakcraft: Harold Moore's Sous Vide Porterhouse at Commerce

This steak is now an immediate priority. I will take out a bank loan to eat this asap.

Pantry Essentials: All About Vinegar

Asians use hella different types of vinegars. How about a more inclusive vinegar 101 for folks?

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Late-Night Snacks

A quick single-serving batch of cappellini amatriciana with extra eggs, extra cheese, and a side of crispy bacon and steamed broccolli.

Also: Fried Spam Slices + Overeasy Eggs With Asian-Crispy edges + Rice = soporific

Need suggestions for southern Maine...


Win Two Tickets to the LongHouse Food Revival, September 7th and 8th

I'd like to ask what efforts the speakers are aware have been made to understand and "revive" the pre-colonial cuisines of the various indigenous peoples of what is now the USA.

HD Photo of the Day: Hambone the Puppy Puddle

this has now replaced my office desktop wallpaper image.

The Food Lab: The Best Guacamole (and the Science of Avocados)

What did Harold McGee put in one of his test bowls: a light-bulb sized avocado seed, or an avocado seed-sized light bulb?

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Jamie Feldmar looks like Yuba in the final slide.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Set

my experience has been yes--even if it's primarily a mental perception

Singapore Stories: Hainanese Chicken Rice

One of my favorite comfort foods of all time.

A Sandwich a Day: Lobster Roll from Da Lobsta

@Damaenon & @Dennis Lee
"My god that smells good."


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