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  • Favorite foods: Farmer's market bread, cheese, and vegetables. Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Mexican. Old-school Italian-American via Brooklyn. Cheap, fresh, fried fish, coastal Massachusetts style. Crispy, thin french fries. Pickled things.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Sri Racha is a secret ingredient in many of my soups but it really fulfills its destiny slathered all over pizza crust!

Tante Marie's French Kitchen Cookbook - what should I make?

@CJ McD Sorry, just saw this now. I think I am going to go with a rabbit dish though.

@thearrogantchef Yup! Will do!

June Bon Appetit Cover: Daring or Dreadful?

I thought all the photography in this month's issue looked extra amped up -- more saturated, more artful. Really nice.

But, I was embarrassed to be seen on the train with Gwyneth's perfect face staring at me from the cover.

I'm not surprised they did it (how often does a food mag have a celebrity they can tap into to boost sales?) but I still do not buy her being a cook.

Corner Slice: Spring and Mulberry

I work over here and totally agree. Though I would go further to say Rubirosa's is now one of the best slices in the city. The sauce is unbelievable.

Anyone familiar w/ the Alice B Toklas recipes?

Just thought I would share that I didn't end up throwing the party...yet. My boyfriend chickened out and felt it was too much hubbub for his birthday.

However, in my research for Alice tips, I came across this recipe for something entirely different -- Peruvian Chicken. But the recipe starts with an Alice quote. This, I did make. And it was wonderful! So, I thought I would share.

Thanks again!

Anyone familiar w/ the Alice B Toklas recipes?

Thank you! Someone else recommended I check in with Julia and I think that's a great suggestion. Plus it's a good excuse for me to buy a Julia book since I don't have one.

@jedd63, can I ask which recipe you made?

Thanks again everyone!

Grilling: Artichokes with Mint and Chilies

I'm thinking about roasting these in the oven but I'm concerned that boiling them will produce too much water for the oven to steam off.

Recreating the Adult Brownies from Andronico's

I made these last night and I'm wondering if anyone can answer some questions -- first, I had to bake them for almost an hour and they were still really underdone or mushy/wet when they came out. They were delicious, but we ate them in bowls. I generally don't bake so I'm sure it was an error on my part. Any thoughts?

Also, I actually sprinkled the top with sea salt halfway through. If you like salty/sweet I think they could be saltier. And, if I made these again, I'd double the instant coffee. No one suspected after they ate them that there was any coffee in there.

Video: How to Make Olive Bread

"I like your crust." Hee hee!

Dear Slice: The Best Staten Island Pizza Is at Salvatore's of SoHo

I went to Salvatores today on the Slice recommendation. I'm not disappointed I went, but I wanted to report that the pizza crust was terribly salty. I've been thirsty all afternoon. The sauce and cheese were very nice, and the browning where you can taste the coal were great. But the dough was way oversalted. We also ordered the fried calamari appetizer and that was perfection -- soft tender calamari, battered and fried only lightly.

I'm from Staten Island. I don't go very often now, but I can say with confidence Joe & Pat's, Lee's and Deninos are still the reigning champs. If you're going to make a trek to SI, go to those first.

Bon Jovi Tea Set

'1 Bite, 7 Days' Documentary Project

Just thought I'd share the recipes just went up on my site if anyone is interested!


'1 Bite, 7 Days' Documentary Project

Glad you enjoyed the eats and had fun!


NYC Food Events for the Weekend (and Beyond)

Hey, thanks for the mention! We really hope to see you and all the Serious Eaters there this weekend for some very un-serious eating.

1 Bite 7 Days

Any thoughts: Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone?

Hey, great feedback! This has been such a helpful discussion for me. Thank you. I'm going to check out the Eggplant & Chard Lasagna and her recipe for Pita Bread. But I'm going to stop feeling like a bad veggie-lover for not using this book more often.

I'm also going to investigate Bittman's HTCEV and Veganomicon–those girls are awesome. As for Moosewood, I liked the books at first, but there's something about the recipes where they all start to taste really similar after a while.

Thanks everyone!

Any thoughts: Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone?

That's good to hear. (Of course, not for Deborah Madison.) Your experience is exactly on par with mine, but, I thought there was something wrong with me....I kept flogging myself "how can you not use this book?"

If you have the opportunity, check out M.J.'s book. It's old, but not at all dated. There has yet to be a recipe I've been disappointed by and I've jumped around that book quite a bit. There's also a lot of unusual (or new to me) flavor combinations that she shares that are just wonderful.

If you have any recommendations for veggie books, I'd love to hear them.

Dinner Tonight: Spinach with Mint and Crème Fraîche

That sounds wonderful. And makes me so envious. I'm more familiar with searching and searching for a recipe to use up/combine disparate ingredients, not finding one, giving up, and letting things go bad. This gives me great hope!

what are you serving Mon/Tues?

Thanks ChristineB & Jerzee...sounds great.

By the way, take-out Chinese (if you've got a decent place in mind) sounds like a really fun, ultra easy alternative.

Hope everyone's festivities are super duper!

2007 Most Serious Eater Awards Update


what are you serving Mon/Tues?

So far we've decided on:
Roasted garlic, goat cheese, caviar platter with little toasts
Homemade California Rolls
Mario Battali's Lemoncello Shrimp
Sausage Spinach Gratin
Crab Cakes (see below, I'm looking for a kick-butt recipe, anyone got one?) with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Olives and other snacks pillaged from a last-minute trip to Trader Joes

And for NYD I'm making a black-eyed pea corn bread to serve with brunch.

So, can anyone recommend a really great crab cake recipe. I have a few but I was hoping to find one that was tried and very crabby with little mayo and bread crumb....anyone?


Seriously Delicious Giveaway: Zingerman's Gift Certificate

What's makes a fabulously fun & tasty New Year's Eve menu?

JT - thanks for the tempting recipe!

Does anyone have a good recipe for butternut squash soup?

I had printed out this one a few weeks ago. I've yet to make it, but it sounds wonderful to me and got good reviews. I like that it has some texture to it, unlike most squash soups:

butternut squash soup with green chili coriander chutney

What's makes a fabulously fun & tasty New Year's Eve menu?

Oops. That damn typo is gonna make me nuts! Where's the edit feature? Sigh.

Signature NYE Drink?

I was just reading about Black Velvet – 6 oz stout + 6 oz champagne. I'm not a beer drinker, but I don't like sweet cocktails either. I'm thinking of giving this a try.

Two notes:
Pour the champagne over a spoon to keep the layers separate.

For some reason this is also called the Velvet Hammer, so beware of velvet hangovers.

Check out my project in exchange for one of my fav recipes

Hey there --

I'm working on a project that aims to make impromptu homecooked meals with friends and family an easy, regular tradition. You can check out the link here if that sounds interesting to you:

Since self-promotion is annoying, I'm also offering up my recipe for an addictive dill-tomato sauce with huge butter beans. I just licked the bowl. Swear.

Thanks for looking!


Tante Marie's French Kitchen Cookbook - what should I make?

Hey, I just got a great old used copy of this book as a present and I want to tackle a recipe tomorrow. I really haven't done much French cooking at all so even a recommendation for a first fun French dinner recipe would be great. I'm not about to jump into aspic but I do like a challenge.



Anyone familiar w/ the Alice B Toklas recipes?


I'm throwing a dinner party in 2 weeks and somehow decided I would do all dishes from the Alice B. Toklas cookbook. I'm pretty comfortable with my skills in the kitchen but I'm more of an ethnic cuisine cook and not super familiar with French classics.

If anyone has any favorites from this book, any experiences with it at all or even any recommended reading/doing before I get started, I'm all ears.

I haven't settled on the dishes yet but so far I'm thinking the Hen with Golden Eggs will be the main course: recipe here

Thank you!


Any thoughts: Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone?

I'm a veggie-lover, with a vegetarian streak. I was so excited to get this book and yet I find none of the recipes really speak to me. And, it's a huge book! The few that I have made have been a bit disappointing. I hate dissing someone as cool as Ms. Madison, but I just wanted to share my experience with this book. I'm shocked and I feel like I must be missing something. Anyone have a similar reaction?

Thanks for your thoughts...

I'd like to add that one of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks is Madhur Jaffrey's World of the East Vegetarian Cooking.

What's makes a fabulously fun & tasty New Year's Eve menu?

This year I'm spending New Year's Eve with my favorite couple who loves to eat, drink, and cook just as much as I do. We've been busy dealing with Christmas stuff and it's just hitting us now: What unusual, fun, delicious treats should we make ourselves?

The one thing we know we want to try is Spiedini di Gamberoni, Mario Batali's shrimp, rosemary, and limoncello recipe (here:

What festive foods and drinks do you like for the holiday?

I'm also interested in any traditional, good-luck meals, like pork and black-eyed peas, for the day after. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

Thanks! And happy new year to you all!

Got a better recipe for these chocolate pretzels?

Martha Stewart has a recipe for chocolate pretzels. Not chocolate as in the confection, but like a deep, rich chocolate cookie shaped into a pretzel. I was thinking that dusted with sea salt, they'd make an excellent holiday present.

Unfortunately the reviews of the recipe are terrible....tastes like flour....not much flavor...coloring not good. I'm only a holiday baker. I don't have the skills to improve upon it. Anyone have any thoughts? Can I simply take any chocolate cookie recipe and shape it like this?

Thanks for your help...the link is below.

Butcher Block Care

Can anyone recommend the best way to care for my new (used/new-to-me) butcher block? I had it lightly sanded down and now I'd like to apply the right oil. I heard mineral oil & beeswax is the way to go. But anyone have any experience with John Boos Mystery Butcher Block Oil? I kind of like that it's this reliable all-in-one product. I just want to make sure it's as reliable as they suggest. Thanks!

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