I work In the film industry in various odd production jobs so far but strive to work behind the camera as an operator. My escape from that is cooking. Its like a mini production you can complete/show/be judged once a night

  • Location: N Hollywood, CA
  • Favorite foods: Classic Italian Pizzas, Most mexican foods, noodles of any nationality, thick gumbo, beer, beer, fish tacos, beer, cheeseburgers, anything spicy... and beer. So basically carbs. I like carbs
  • Last bite on earth: Fried crispy tacos, with LOTS of chips, guac, and hot salsa

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Lighter food suggestions in Victoria BC

That sounds delicious I know what our dinner plans are now. Thanks!

Los Angeles: Mediocre Tacos are Still a Party at The Mission Cantina

I used to go to this place all the time at our production for the nachos on friday night. The chips are fantastic. Freshly made, crispy, and greasy.

Los Angeles: Tacos La Fonda Truck in North Hollywood

Great! I usually go to Daniels Tacos that parks at El Superior grocery store in noho which is fine and consistent but nothing extraordinary. Just a better option then taco bell late at night. Ive tried a few others but they have been less then the little I expect from a taco truck and thats not much.

I will definitely be stopping buy this one. Maybe tonight. Home made tortillas are hard to pass up.

Bread Baking: Pepper and Jack Beer Bread

3 of my favorite things. I must eat this.

Fallbrook, CA: Nevermind the Hype, Nessy Burgers Are No Good

agreed. I used to live in Fallbrook and there was some sort of hype around this burger shack. Finally went there about a year ago and had about the same feeling. Burger was large yes, but overcooked and bland. Yelp has rave reviews too. I don't get it. And now that i think about it she's right. We used to go to in-n-out in Oceanside or Temecula for our quick burger fix.

Chain Reaction: Chuck E. Cheese's New Pizza Recipe

I actually laughed out loud with the thought of your entrance past that roped off door

Los Angeles: A Sausage-Topped Burger at The Shack Doesn't Impress

Maybe I just had a fluke tasty burger there. Talked to some people about this and I guess they mostly agree with this review too. That it has gone down hill for a while now and some of the locals refuse to eat there anymore. Im writing from work and got sidetracked during reading a bunch of times so sorry I thought I read that he just took off the sausage. my bad.

Los Angeles: A Sausage-Topped Burger at The Shack Doesn't Impress

I understand what you mean when you say the other ingredients don't stand on their own but the shack burger is special because of the hotlink on the top. If you take off half the burger, the part that makes it interesting, your not really reviewing what that item has to offer. I used to eat there on occasion because my dad ran volleyball tournaments on the beach in Playa Del Rey and there is probably a high level of nostalgia I associate with that place but i went back recently and, low and behold its still a pretty tasty burger. Its like reviewing a carne asada burrito but you take out the carne asada and review the rice and beans. Yes its not the best burger place in socal or anything, i'm reserving that for Hodad's in OB (bacon cheeseburger basket, smothered in California Chili Sauce), but its worth hitting up if your around that area.

By the way I just wanted to add I just tried a place in Big Bear Lake worth mentioning, and yes better then the Shack. Its called Get the Burger. I got the Racoon Burger (not racoon meat... i think) off the menu special. Its there spicy burger. Not spicy enough for me but it was still one of the best burgers ive had in a while. Ate there 2 days in a row. haha

Spot of Tea: Tradewinds Bottled Teas

I tried these about a week ago from a sample table at ralphs. This is one of the first times I had to turn around and buy the product they were trying to push. My girlfriend and her family are huge sweet tea drinkers and have pretty high standards. Although I think I can make a better pot at home still this is pretty damn close to pefect. (they like their Tea sweet) leaps and bounds better then Arizona or liptons

Barbecue: Coffee-Rubbed Ribs

I'm guessing you take the foil off before it goes in the smoker, right? I'm going to because thats my first guess but correct me if I'm wrong please

In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack: The First Bi-Coastal Side-By-Side Taste Test

Thanks for the great article. As being someone that has been raised on that make your car smell like in-n-out for 2 days deliciousness I am now craving a trip to the east coast for some burger "testing" of my own

Going Nuts for Horchata

Horchatas were almost a weekly treat after school from my local Mexican food place in called robertitos in San Diego county. Combined with a California Burrito it's a magical thing

Cakespy: How to Make Pumpkin Pie Pops

The sticks make them seem kind of silly when I made them. Not a good silly. I just made them into basically pie crust cookies. Like commented above, I doubled recipe too. Now I have an extraordinary amount left. Lastly I'm a bit disappointed in the filling. It didn't really stay in the cookie, just ran out so they didn't taste very pumpkin pieish Consistency was a bit too liquidy. I could have done it wrong tho.

Five Nacho Variations

I grew up on carne asada fries. I always get them every time I go back to my parents house in San Diego. Want some NOW :)

Serious Beer Pairings for Thanksgiving

Trader Joes also has a really great pumpkin beer. Definatly taking it to thanksgiving this year to try and sway the bud light fans.

White Truffle Can't Save the Burger at Grub in Hollywood, CA

Yeah this place is a hit or miss establishment. The bacon is something they are doing right tho in my opinion. I usually like my bacon classic judt cooked but sometimes I make mine with maple and fennel like they do just to mix it up. Pretty tasty. Never tried the burgers there tho