Mother of three, trophy wife, Director of Scholarship Program, dorm mother of 38 boys, graduate school student, world traveler, young at heart 44 year old.

An Introduction to the Spicy, Funky World of Korean Soups and Stews

I've eaten a ton of these...sometimes I would prefer to NOT know what they are made of...the only one I didn't see was the one with the icy noodles? I don't always know what is in what I am eating but I always ask if it is cold or hot temperature!

Gadgets: Colorful, Disposable Paper Bakeware That Works Like a Charm

Oh lordy people. I think they are awfully cute.

Any notable meals in Prague, Vienna, and Budapest?

I loved Kampa Park under the Charles bridge in Prague. It's in a great spot and I loved the beautiful terrace.

What will you make for Easter?

Last year we had a taco fest. This year I have a giant turkey breast and a small ham. Mashed potatoes, rolls, maybe some spring peas or asparagus. We have a hispanic boy from the Bronx and a Taiwanese boy staying with us so we will tradition it up...decorate eggs...the whole gig.

What do you guys prefer plastic or wooden

Plastic for dishwasher purposes only.

Did you Plan how your kitchen is organized, or did it evolve?.

@LEMONFAIR We both do...part of it is that I am left handed he is right handed. Both stubborn as hell.

What's for breakfast these days?

We make quite a bit of smoothies and when I am running late I just eat in the dining hall. Somedays I am sad when the woman running the grill "kills" the eggs..or if there is turkey bacon..I've gone back to hating on scrambled eggs as well. The fruit bar has been pretty tasty lately. Recently I was late to the game and had a bowl of apple jacks sans milk (ice). It reminded me of being young.

Did you Plan how your kitchen is organized, or did it evolve?.

We recently moved and I organized the kitchen like I like to use it. Then one day I came home one day and my husband put things in different places..where he would like them. I now spend a lot of time looking for stuff and fussing laoud but have not had time to rearrange. The vegetable steamer is gone...he has no idea..truthfully the drawers are ok but the lower cabinets seem to be a hot mess perhaps this summer.

Where to go when ___ is full

I LOVE Risotteria too!

What's For Dinner- Sunday Edition

A friend asked me out for a beer in the afternoon...decadent but awesome! Came home and forgot about a faculty reception..drank more beer. Luckily, I was making the go-to easy dinner in my house. A roasted chicken with a lemon inside, with mashed potatoes, rolls and salad in a bag! No dessert except for me who ate a few Thin Mints I have hid and hoarded!

Where to eat in Nashville & Chattanooga

I second Prince's Hot chicken...also the one near Vanderbilt with the white might have to google it. Rotiers for burgers.

What's your favorite way to prepare cauliflower?

Hi CJ! My people hate cauliflower but I love it. This Food52 recipe was delicious!

Paleo Diet Craze- Love it or leave it?

Hi CJ! We do it but in a pretty hit or miss kind of way. My husband does a better job than I do but I don't eat big bagels anymore or big plates of pasta..Way more veggies and some meat. I cheat a lot. (Have you thought about Bittman's Vegan before 6? I like that one but I also love hot lunch so it is a bit harder (plus I eat lunch at school).
Sometimes if I am strict on Paleo and then I eat lots of bread or pasta I feel poorly. BigMan's joints feel better on pale (and he has lots of trouble in that area!!).

Open Thread: Do You Lick Your Beaters?

Duh...except chocolate chip cookie the cookies way better.

Behind the Scenes in Max's Home Kitchen

No worries--he has the protection from the evil eye..

The Secrets of Immigrant Cuisines Revealed at League of Kitchens Cooking Classes

So wish I could do this...sounds awesome!

What's For Dinner?

Ah it was excellent. This is admissions season so I have been trapped either reading files or arguing over kids in endless meetings. We finished at noon on the 9th and were drinking by 4. My kids (barely remembered what they looked like) picked Bigman and I up at the pub and off we went to our favorite mexican restaurant. Tecate, horchata, and delicious enchiladas. Middle kid tried lengua in his burrito-so proud of him. It's great when OldestSon is home from college-we go to all of our favorite places and cook our favorite foods!!!

Regular dinner in Spain

No, no tears. These suggestions are great! Will be trying them out. She would be living with a family in Zaragosa...lucky duck and of course, we will be able to visit her!

Meat Lite: Polish Cabbage, Potato, and Bacon Casserole

I made something exactly like this when I returned from Warsaw. My Polish children did not want to eat it but my fake Taiwanese child loved it.

The Food Lab: Vegan Nacho Sauce That's as Good as the Real Thing

Is there some kind of Nobel prize for this? Because there should be!

Ed's Vegan Diary, Week 2: Getting Tight With Tofu

Aren't oreos vegan?? ❤

A Valentine's Day Ode to Strawberry Pop-Tarts

Ok I admit it...I had two this morning. I was thinking they had more frosting in the 70's than they do now. Still darn good and darn gross. Love Bugles too.

Show and Tell: Your Favorite Cocktail Glasses

One can find beautiful glassware on etsy if you type in vintage glasses..some cute cat eyewear as well.

Show and Tell: Your Favorite Cocktail Glasses

Beautiful!! My parents had beautiful polka dot glasses but I am afraid to ask my mother where they are because after my dad died she chucked so much stuff...

Beanless Chili - love or hate it?

I am ALL about the beans. I usually put 3-4 different kinds of beans in my chili...

Regular dinner in Spain

So my PreciousDaughter is interrupting the natural order of leaving home and is perhaps going to study in Spain for her junior year of high school. She is pretty good about trying new things but I think I would like to give her a taste of what regular people eat for dinner in Spain. I've been lucky enough to visit but I know it's not all tapas and jamon iberico. Has anyone lived there? What is their version of mac n cheese or grilled cheese? She will be living with a family so family type dinners are what I am looking for....and oh yes I am crying and sad. But I adore PreciousDaughter and think that this might be lifechanging...

What's on the menu for the Big Game?

We are having wings, big philly style pretzels, the philly cheesesteak dip that is on this site, fries, hummus and that crack-like greek yogurt onion dip. Only stuff that is deathly bad for you!

Making some extra-healthy split-pea soup for lunch to make up for it!

Best day for cooking...what is in your oven?

I always think today is the best day to spend in the kitchen unless you are hungover. Some people make good luck foods. I like to make things that take a long, long time. Today I am making Ina's Vodka pasta. I am making it for my father-in-law...last time I made it he almost licked the plate. Made enough for him to have for a few meals after we leave as well..
What cooking/

What did Santa bring you?

Santa brought me a new Cephalon pan since EldestSon in a bachelor spree this summer cooked god knows what and wrecked the one I had. A few new spatulas and spoons, a good thing since I break them at least one every few months. I had asked Santa for Knife lessons at Sur La Table since he has to look away every time I use a knife but he forgot...perhaps for my birthday. I bought BigMan a 45 day dry aged steak....
G-mom bought us a weird popcorn maker which is going right back...

What did Santa bring you?

Santa brought me a new Cephalon pan since EldestSon in a bachelor spree this summer cooked god knows what and wrecked the one I had. A few new spatulas and spoons, a good thing since I break them at least one every few months. I had asked Santa for Knife lessons at Sur La Table since he has to look away every time I use a knife but he forgot...perhaps for my birthday. I bought BigMan a 45 day dry aged steak....
G-mom bought us a weird popcorn maker which is going right back...

I am a Xmas cookie swap freak...

I love Christmas cookies a ton. I love all different kinds of Christmas cookies...but I don't like them to touch or be on the same plate. Is it just me? I think they all get each other's flavors and it's just not good.
I always beg out of cookie swaps because I don't want to mix them together in one box or plate. Silly or not?

Dry aged beef present...

I've decided to get BigMan some dry-aged steaks for Xmas. The thought is not appealing to me but he has been talking about it for a while. Any good suggestions? Is it something to buy online and have it delivered or go to Whole Paycheck?
Any advice?

New stovetop--new problems...

We just moved out of the dorm into a school house...pretty decent kitchen but it has one of those flat stovetop ditties...Sure heats up fast which is a bonus but I can't figure out how to clean it. I made pasta and it boiled over and for the life of my I can't get it clean. Any suggestions?

Blizzard--What are you planning on cooking?

I'm thinking braciole for Saturday. Chili for Friday night..and lots of cookie baking with my PreciousDaughter and her friends.

I'm a bit sad because I wanted to have a big Chinese New Year's dinner but I can't get to the good Asian market before the snow...
Next week...

What'd ya get?

Amazingly BigMan bought me the SmittenKitchen cookbook--I can't wait to make ALL of the recipes. Some cool tongs that are spatulas, some bamboo tongs, a new steamer (whoops on burning the last one!) and new wooden spoons (SOMEONE likes to put them in the dishwasher).
I bought him a deep fryer using some hotel points...I thought if I was going to clog my arteries to death at least I didn't pay cash for it!!!!
Santa bring you some good stuff??

(Yes second post in a short bit trying to distract myself from eating before prime rib comes out of oven!)

Colombian food help?

So EldestSon is visting a friend's mother this week. She is incredibly ill with pancreatic cancer. She is from Colombia (EldestSon has been to their home there) and I was hoping to make and send some comfort food from there. It probably should not be too spicy and be easy to transport. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your help.

What will YOU be cooking on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas eve day we always go out for a huge lunch of appetizers, after we stop by the Asian market and stock up for the evening meal. We then settle down for an afternoon nap.

We have Chinese hot pot for a late dinner that lasts hours! It's only the five of us and we have the best time. Dessert is assorted Pocky and every little bit of candy (even durian candy) that we think looks interesting.
So fun but not very Xmas-y but I think there would be a revolt if I tried anything else! So what are you doing?

Deep fryer selection?

Yup second posting today. Trying to avoid paper/presentation due Monday--supermassive black holes.
BigMan wants a deep fryer for xmas. I have a feeling he is trying to kill me with clogged arteries. Do anyone have one they love? Do you use it enough? What size? Those small ones are cute but do they work or does one have to toil over the hot oil too long?

What to do with Meyer lemons?

I saw a beautiful package of Meyer lemons yesterday at Costco and HAD to have them but now what?
I've made the Shaker lemon pie but I was the only one who liked it....
Any other suggestions? They are simply perfect!

How did you do up your Thanksgiving leftovers?

I'm not so good with leftovers. I have a crappy fridge that I don't always trust and a slight aversion to leftovers (prep school teacher much--being fed all the time?).

But I EXCELLED this year in this department. We had two 14 pound turkeys for 6 people. Yup, ridiculous. So this is what we did for leftovers:

1. Next morning I had another full plate of food..regular style.
2. Yummy sandwiches on a hike.
3. Husband made turkey potato pancakes.
4. Red turkey spicy chili.
5. Turkey salad-Bigman style.
6. And the best of the best Turkey Pot Pie.

I must admit the dog eats the dark meat but he's terribly thin so all is forgiven....and now it is ALL GONE! Success!

Free time to cook?? --Dinner Tonight? 10/21

So it is our long weekend and we have plenty of time for cooking. I am making a huge fresh salad with peas, slivered almonds and all kind of good stuff, roasted purple and white potatoes, broccoli with cheese sauce, steak tips and a lovely caramel apple pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. LOVE to be home and have time to cook. We haven't eaten like this in a about you? What are you cooking??

Borlotti bean fail...suggestions?

Had some fabulous looking dried borlotti beans from Rancho Gordo (I put them in BigMan's xmas stocking!) and decided to make cowboy beans. I soaked those bad boys overnight and then put them in the crockpot for about 8 hours with all the cowboy fixings.

Hard as a rock--and they had been bubbling for ages in the liquid. Put them back in the crockpot overnight and still not so great.

Are they just terrifically meaty beans or should I have boiled the stuffing out of them before putting them in the crockpot?

BTW nasty, ickylooking and ruined today. Suggestions for next time as we just love cowboy beans from a restaurant we visit every year in CA....

Wedding Cake blues in Berkeley...

So a few weeks ago I needed help for a relative and her rehearsal dinner. Now I find out she is having a hard time finding someone to bake a wedding cake. The wedding takes place September 1st in Berkeley. Anyone know of any small bakeries or private bakers who may take on this situation?
There will be about 125 people at the wedding....

Rehearsal diinner stress out!

Small back yard-paths, garden,Berkeley. Guest list just went from 40 to 80. Old idea was passed hors'doerves---new ideas?
Can't be food trucks because they are doing that for wedding the next day. I'm afraid with that many people small space passed food won't get to everybody. Thoughts? Inexpensive thoughts?

Ugh. Need restrictive diet dessert?

Going to a BBQ and must bring a sugar-free, egg-free, dairy free dessert. Any ideas besides cut up, boring old my mil's favorite dessert --pieces of fruit?

How's about that stevia business or agave?
Thanks people.

Rum dum recipe?

A friend has been raving about this "secret recipe" drink served in Lyford Cay in the Bahamas. I know it has both light and dark rum, frothy egg whites and some kind of citrus. I have scoured the world wide web to no avail....anyone have the "secret"??

Any trick? Tortillas?

I know I could make them from scratch but....any trick to get tortillas apart when you buy them in a big package. Costco had some good looking ones (with bits of char and everything) but when I tried to pry them apart they ripped like crazy and because dinner was on the table I ended up, unsuccessfully, trying to slice them apart.
(BTW they were not nearly as good as the TJ tortillas)...

Are you just so happy? Early summer strawberries!

I was desirous of Bittman's balsamic strawberry with arugula salad. Much to my joy I entered my grocery store and the first summer strawberries were on display. They smelled good even with a bit of plastic on them. I made the checkout girl and bagger boy smell them.
I made the salad and some rhubarb crumble. But the joy was each strawberry looked so pretty and smelled so luscious. They were so real!
Ok so maybe it's because all my students are gone and I am one meeting away from summer but does real produce make anyone else feel joyous? I swear I wanted to take pictures of each berry. I drew the line at texting the pics to people..But I am holding back.

Are your customers AKA your family sometimes not grateful?

So last night I hustled up some grub and got a very mediocre response from BigMan---"Mmmm I'm not such a fan of sweet and sour stuff."

Mmmm my butt. I left some serious TV watching to go to the grocery store. Had to deal with the fact I left my wallet in my briefcase but luckily the local store knows me and gave me an IOU. Defrosted the shrimp and you know how exhausting that can be...Steamed some broccoli, cooked the rice -not even in a rice cooker -again exhausting. Made PreciousDaughter a different meal since she doesn't eat shrimp. I also cleaned up along the way which means I am a goddess.
Perhaps it's because I have not been cooking much at all but really? The rotisserie chicken with the bag o'salad got a better response the night before!

At least all the boys in the dorm were salivating from the good smells wafting throughout the place...