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Done with comfort food!

I remember listening to Chris Isaak sing about a Yellow Bird while drinking slushy margaritas while my hands stuck to the glass ages ago ....that is when I was exiled to some soul sucking sub-zero zone.... but no more. I loved drooling over the warm sunny pix in "Entertaining in the French Style" by Michelin starred chef, Roger Verge. Having to endure winter broke my heart, but no more! I've escaped and now I dream about Japanese hotpots simmering on a portable stove with steaming cups of sake........
Hmm, that might be what YOU need to make - a delicious donabe served at the table (iwatani or not). ALSO - eat kumquats!

Vermont takes on MacDonald's and sorta wins

Oh yeah like Vermont's got a monopoly on maple anything. More proof that the closer a state is to Canada the smugger it gets. Canadians BTW are only smug because they are very very cold, but they make up for it by being very nice and also quite humorous, unlike say, any Vermonter, Mainer or Washingtonian I ever met. And I'm lookin' at you Chris Kimball (who is plain and annoying, in case you wondered).

Oh about fast food franchises.... aren't they going, going, going, almost gone YET??? If not, why not!? Why would you eat at one anyway?

Help me name my food blog!

I like " Oh She Ate She Ate"!!

Poll: Milking It

The idea of drinking milk is in itself revolting! From a carton? Activate gag reflex.

Cook the Book: Moroccan Lentil Soup

The only thing interesting about this is the use of the word "Moroccan". But garam masala isn't really a Moroccan spice is it.

In other words, yuk.

Q&A with Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate & Zucchini on 'I Know How to Cook'

This girl I like alot. C&Z is one of my favorite books. Now must get I Know How to Cook. Peut etre pour noel SVP??

Can you brine a goose?

I think that gamey chewiness is what a goose is. After all the big guy is a pretty athletic bird by comparison. Longer slower cooking might be helpful. I've never heard anyone brining a goose, but if you did, you might have to use the bathtub....

Cook the Book: 'Nigella Christmas'

Snow white baby cakes filled with a rose scented cream, dipped in white chocolate and topped with the fattest, most gem-like raspberries you've ever seen. Immaculate yet wanton lusciousness!

Gainesville eats...

I'm beginning to love G'ville and all you fun and friendly Gators! Wish me luck...we might just move there...

Currently, though I have a hankerin' for sushi.... suggestions?

Do You Have a Sunday Night Cooking Tradition?

Anything roasted, be it chicken or beef or pork. Mit kartoffels and vin rouge by the fire, ah lovely. I look forward to it after a brisk day outdoors.

Cook the Book: 'Japanese Hot Pots'

Gazpacho! Made the old school way, thick with bread tomatoes and oil, topped with.....hmm.... serrano ham, basil, green onion slivers, etc..... I miss summer already.

Cook the Book: 'Japanese Hot Pots'

It's a charming coincidence that I made shabu shabu for a visiting friend just last week... ah the allure of the Iwatani stove and a beautiful nabe pot.

Soup as meal must include Borscht, I was raised on it... cream and crimson bliss. Pho, a quick cheap delicious lunch anywhere staple. Oh and lest I forget.... the gorgeous and ravishing Bouillabaisse! That is my triumvirate of sustaining liquid food ecstasy! Ahhh, I feel so much better now.

Tesco Busts Teenage Girls for Squeezing Muffins

hahaha! This is so typical of teenage girls..... they were probably laughing their heads off....

Anthropomorphizing my new Mixer: am I alone?

Why are Canadians getting gouged on everything from beer to KitchenAid Stand mixers (and YES every household should have one)???

It might be time for our nice Canuck friends to rebel and demand fair treatment (wasn't that what Fair Trade was about?).

Call yer mixin' machine Pierre Trudeau or Lord Black!:)

Figs & ____ Beer?

Duchesse de Bourgogne is an amazing beer that seems to pair well with all sorts of food. Floral fruity fizzy and at the same time light yet rich. Delicious.

Are You a Menu Whisperer?

Wait a minute here! You're a menu low-talker, not a menu-whisperer.

Sheesh, a real menu-whisperer would be an amazing being, able to parse the bestest of the best, never erring in a decision, able to pair dishes, wines, impeccably ....ah...well.....

As for menu low-talkers... sounds a little too sneaky for me.

Apple cider raisin bread--It smells and tastes like Fall.

hahahaha! "Smells and tastes like FAIL". hahahaha!



Beer. But that stuff's getting pretty expensive in Canada now isn't it. Ontario's LCBO sells a two-four (case of 24) of Labatt's for like $40..... jeeez, no wonder healthcare is free.....

I'd suggest a lovely kielbasa and maybe some schinken... and of Mmmmm. Oh! butter tarts!!!!

Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us, With Cookware!

Paula Deen is a phony and... no surprise... so are her products.

Foods from you childhood you don't miss.

Snotty eggs, Cheerios, Kraft American Cheese Slices.

Fish & Red Wine????

Very Elizabethan... red wine poached salmon with oranges.

Rising Hipster Trend: Obscure Deli Meats

I hate mortadella, but I LOVE shincken speck. MMMM. Despite the deliciousness of most deli meats, hipster or otherwise, I am currently revolted by carnivores. There is no need to gobble down every living creature just because it schmecks!