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The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Sous Vide Barbecue Pork Ribs

Yeah, they look fine for boiled ribs. But it isn't BBQ. Thats done with fire.

Los Angeles in 3 Days: The 25 Best Bites in LA for $20 and Under

I really do enjoy living here in Los Angeles. More so than I should. Its a wonderful city.

How to Brew Stellar Sour Beer at Home: Meet the Fast-Sour

I think you should have listed at the very top of the article to make sure people use completely separate racking/fermenting/hoses/equipment for anything with Brett or Pedio.

That said..I will kill entire generations to be able to have a Fou Foune from Cantillon again..That is the single greatest thing I've ever put into my mouth. I'd commit atrocities for another bottle.

Tour Guide and Author Lesley Tellez on What Everyone Gets Wrong About Mexican Food

Can we just all agree that the culinary atrocities committed to Mexican in Texas is best to be avoided and scorned for the monstrosity that it is?

And there is good reason why us Californians are snobby about our Mexican food. We have it best (Chicago now withstanding), having been to Mexico city many times in my youth with my Dad, the food there is leaps and bounds better than Los Angeles, but L.A. has some fantastic Mexican food that isn't tacos, burritos and Quesadillas. If you are in the area check out Babita Mexicuisine in San Gabriel. Its what fine dining/white table cloth Mexican food should be. It is probably my favorite Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. And its next to a Weinerschnitzel. :D

Sorry, New York; Why Los Angeles is the Best Pastrami City in America

L.A. has the best Asian food, the Best Mexican food, the best Burger stand culture...and now Pastrami? Who knew. L.A. is by far the best eating city in North America. By far.

Your Beer Bucket List: 20 Must-Try Styles

Every time I read an article about beer SOMEONE has to always complain how much they don't like hops. Fine, don't drink an IPA and leave the bitching at the door.

That said, I really don't dislike any style you listed. I LOVE WITH THE BURNING FURY OF A THOUSAND DYING SUNS Gueuze and Lambics; though as you said trying to find a Cantillon Iris which was easy a few years ago here in L.A. has become impossible. It sucks. As much as I love the Russian River sours (they are unequivocally my most favorite brewery stateside) they really have an "American" brashness to them and are not subtle and beautiful like a Belgian sour. I miss my sours...

Oh well, in two weeks I will have Pliny The Younger to have and love.

Smoky JalapeƱo and Lime Cranberry Sauce

I didn't want to go to the store so I did Tawny port. I thought the sweetness would help. I have to say, I like it.

It's 2014 and Spatchcocking Is Still the Fastest, Easiest, Best Way to Roast a Turkey

Would this work just as well for a smoked turkey? I haven't oven roasted anything for Thanksgiving in years. I usually brine and smoke, but I am thinking of forgoing the brine this year and just heavily salt the turkey. I have maple wood this year for the smoke.

How Korean Cuisine Got Huge in America (And Why It Took So Long)

Having lived in L.A. all my life (cept for short sting in Texas), all I can say is....DUH. I can't remember a time without Korean food.

I could eat kimchi three meals a day. I routinely eat my good friends mother's radish kimchi when I go to her home. She has to hide it from me or I WILL eat it all.

A Beer Beginner's Guide to Hops of the World

If I had to use one hope for the rest of my life it would be Nelson Sauvin. I simply love that hop so god damned much. I'm drinking an IPA I made with Galaxy/Citra/Nelson Sauvin. Appropriately called CGN.

Where to Buy Mexican Ingredients in Los Angeles

Are you sure about your tortilla recommendations? Have you ever been to Guisados in east L.A. off of Ceasar Chavez? They have the best tortillas I've ever tasted, this includes even in Mexico. You can see the huge machine through the window from whence the tortillas came.

Also, everyone within a 300 mile radius should go to Babita Mexicuisine in San Gabriel. Its the best Mexican dinner I've ever had in my 31 years on earth. Seriously fantastic food.

Jamie's Guide to LA's Must-Eat Mexican Food

You should be ashamed to have missed babita mexicuisine in San Gabriel. It's my favorite Mexican place in all of LA County.

The 20 Best New Sour Beers in the World

The single best beer I've ever had in my long, industrious career as a beer snob as a 2007 Cantillon Fou' foune. I paid around $45.00 for it and that beer was beautiful. It was perfect. I've had many "whales", waited hours for Pliny the Younger, traded for Heady Topper, I've had Kate the great...That one bottle of Cantillon is still my absolute favorite beer I've had in my 31 years on this earth. I would kick puppies and punch babies to have another. I'm sad that you mentioned no Cantillon beers at all in this post. For shame

Game Day Eats: 14 Hearty Chilis

No, this is about good chili. Cincinnati style is an affront to god.

Ask a Cicerone: What People Get Wrong About Beer

Yeah, when I ask about the ABV, its to judge how many I should drink or if I should get half a pint. I can't drink a bottle of Speedway Stout and expect to be able to drive home. ITs good information to have.

And who the eff thinks that craft beer isn't macho? This is not anything I've heard anywhere. Please find better friends that don't use antiquated ideas of manliness or machismo.

Chicken Keema

I tried this recipe last night and the result of the mixture was far, far too watery to hold together on a grill. I ended up adding some panko and eggs to what I had left and it fared no better. How did you get your mixture to stay formed together? What I could salvage from what didn't fall into the bbq was really quite tasty, so I'm saddened my attempt looks nothing like yours.

Poll: What Beer Do You Like to Drink With Your Pizza?

Castelain French Country Ale. Its probably my favorite beer to drink when eating. Nothing in it is overpowering and its just a light, easily drinkable great tasting beer. Its everything you like about Sophie from Goose Island, but better.

Where to Get Carne Asada Fries in San Diego

I can't remember a time where I couldn't get Carne Asada fries even up north in L.A. and I've spent 20 of my 31 years alive in the city of Angels.

I usually ask for a combination of pastor and lengua for my fries instead of carne asada.

Mole Fries and More at Bizarra Capital in Whittier, CA

This is close to me, and I love me some Guisados...and I love Mole...and I couldn't eat the Chile's torreados at Guisados...but I love beer...

Time to go!

Competition Barbecue Pork Shoulder

I think that injections are cheating. If you get a good quality butt and keep a water pan (I use a water pan in my side smoker) the pork is fine without the injection, or even the foil method. The only downside to using a side smoker is that it eats fuel (wood logs and/or charcoal) like a fat kid eats cake. The WSM is nice in that respect. I can usually get 8-10 hours on my side smoker but definitely add a handful of charcoal here and there around the 10-17 hour mark.

How to Decipher the Beer List at Your Local Craft Beer Bar

This whole article could be condensed to "ask your bartender". The thought have to remember obscure French/German/Flemish names for common things is kinda odd. Overall, just drink what you like. And remember, if you don't like IPA's or funky Saisons': you love satan.

In and Out Coming East?

If they find the distribution channels, then more power to them. There may be those "people" that want something special to the best, I mean, west coast, but honestly, they are a great company with GREAT food. If they can deliver and offer the same salaries they do here in L.A. to the rest of the nation, and keep the same quality, yes, I want them everywhere. The taste and quality cannot be beat.


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