Milwaukee: Drive-Ins Big Star and The Spot Dominate Kenosha Burger Scene

holy shit, that one cheese curd is huge

Open Thread: How Do You Beat the Heat in Chicago?

Annette's! (in Lincoln Park.) The mint lemonade at Nesh is also fantastic.

Staff Picks: What's the Best Pizza in Chicago?

First Look: The Butterfly, Michael White's Supper Club

interesting fact: Michael White originally hails from Beloit, WI--a small town in Wisconsin, just outside of which there's a supper club that's been around since 1924. Its name? The Butterfly.

Uses for Leftover Beer

Sort of a weird question, but does anybody have any ideas for recipes that could use up leftover beer? I've thought of beer bread or maybe some kind of marinade, but anything else? (It's from a keg and is probably pretty flat by now, but I'd hate to waste it...)

Homemade Pop Tarts

I'm thinking about making homemade Pop Tarts for Mother's Day brunch. Probably filled with nutella and/or strawberry jam. For the "crust" part, would it be better to use puff pastry (I'm worried it will be too delicate) or pie crust (maybe not as good-tasting). Any advice?

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