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Eater's 38 Essential American Pizzas

I'm happy to report that my unbiased, 2-year old son has chimed in on his second pizza from the list....and a day old pizza at that.

Ally and I brought a whole pie from DiFara Pizza home with us on Saturday night. After spending four hours in the back seat and an overnight stay in the refrigerator, we heated some of it up. While absolutely demolishing some of the pie on Sunday morning, Patch mentioned "this dood pizzas" very enthusiastically. --K

Eater's 38 Essential American Pizzas

Very interesting to see who finally made the final 38.

I did my best to get New Park on that list, but Joe's won out for NY-Style slice.

Congrats to all who made the list and those who did not, but surely will pop up in the comments here. You keep us hungry and inspired. --K

Dear Slice: Texas Pizza Summit II

"Just some dude's pizza party".


Cheer. --K

Pizza Obsessives: Jimmy Coponi

@adam it counts when you know it will garner at least one response to make it a "countable" 100.

Pizza Obsessives: Jimmy Coponi

I guess they have trouble spelling in Jersey too, huh, Mr. "Pail"?

Maggie says hello to Mei Mei by the way. --K

Pizza Obsessives: Jimmy Coponi

Very enjoyable read.

Jimmy, the pie you are holding in your hands looks very impressive. Keep the fire burning. --K

My Pie Monday: BBQ Chicken Pie, Boardwalk-Style, Deep Dish, and More!

Craig, words fail to describe how wonderful that pizza looks.

After trying the Calabrian chile oil/chiles mix last Spring, I have become hooked on it in a big way. They were a smash hit at the Farmers Market last summer and will appear on pies from time to time in Hampden. Thanks so much Diana and Craig. --K

My Pie Monday: Sicilians, Detroiters, Bar Pies, and More!

Some straight up gangster shit in the mix this week.

Impressive stuff to be sure. --K

Poll: Vegan Pizza, Way or No Way?

@dhorst Hopefully you've created an opportunity to try it over the last four days. :)

Poll: Vegan Pizza, Way or No Way?

@DMC yes, it's excellent. I now use it to coat the rim of the glass when making bloody mary's.

A good pizza is an amalgamation of good ingredients with some thought put into creating interesting combinations of those ingredients, flavors, textures, etc. If that means the pizza does not have cheese or meat on it, what's the big deal? --K

Totonno's: Back at It

Those pics show the Totonno's I remember before the fire indeed.

Road trip is in order. --K

My Pie Monday: Smoked Pork Jowl Pie, Spanakopita, Asian Pear Pizza, and More!

Wow, a power packed week of beautiful looking pizzas and photographs.

Great stuff....keep 'em coming! --K

Atlanta: Pizzas You'll Appreciate at No. 246

Nice write-up Todd.

Could you tell if the Acunto they are using is built by Gianni Acunto or Mario Acunto? Just curious.

Thanks. --K

Poll: Sugar in Tomato Sauce, Way or No Way?

As an aside, personally I would look into option C, but that may not be the case for people married to a particular brand.

Cheers. -K

Poll: Sugar in Tomato Sauce, Way or No Way?

Hypothetical situation:

You choose to only use one brand of tomato for your pizza sauce.

One year the weather conditions in the area the tomatoes grown for your brand are less than optimal and, because you are an attentive pizza maker that gives a rat's derriere, you notice the resultant tomato sauce is not quite as sweet as it usually is.

Do you:

A: Let it ride and make a sauce that you know is not as sweet as it usually is, even if you can tell the difference and "the average customer" cannot, because you do not "believe" in adding sugar to a pizza sauce?

B: Incrementally add small amounts of sugar to adjust the sweetness level closer to what sauce usually tastes like from the brand you use in an effort to maintain consistency and standards?

(Let's forgo option C: trying other brands of tomatoes to find a closer match so you don't have to use sugar).

I call BS on Option A. --K