South Side Eats: Sizing Up El Solazo's Carne en su Jugo

The founder of Taco Bell was Glen Bell.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: John Besh's New Orleans

There are some good spots on this list, but the Luke mention jumped the shark like Tom Douglas' lists for Seattle. Please tell chefs not to mention places they own.

Top Notch NY-Style Pies From Pizza Delicious, New Orleans

Good writeup of the best pizza in New Orleans. You failed to mention the great rolls and garlic knots and the wonderful pastas. Thanks for giving them some national attention.

7 Ice Cream Sundaes We Love in NYC

Not to mention the fact that Timmy O's isn't in Queens anymore. They moved to New Hyde Park. That sundae hasn't been available in NYC for over a year.

A Sandwich A Day: The Dream State at Reginelli's Pizzeria in New Orleans

I don't see how you can claim that Reginelli's has exceptional crust. The dough isn't proofed long enough and it's made in a conveyor belt oven. The crust is adequate and is a vehicle for fresh, generally tasty toppings.

Fast Food Onion Ring Roundup: Burger King vs. Hardee's vs. Jack in the Box vs. Sonic

I think Popeyes has the best fast food onion rings. They are lightly battered whole rings. I think I'm going to get an order now.

Daily Slice: Nagila Pizza, Los Angeles

Kosher pizza is terrible. The cheese is always so nasty.

The Brunch Dish(es): The Red Hook Ballfield Trucks

All of these items can be purchased at the Brooklyn Flea from the same vendors.

Pizza in Louisiana

I have not found much pizza worth eating in the New Orleans area. On Sundays, there is a popup pizzeria called Pizza Delicious in the Bywater that has been producing solid New York-style pies. Also, Nino's on Carrollton in the Riverbend area produces a solid pie if asked for well-done. Domenica, John Besh's Italian restaurant, has solid pies too. I guess they are Neopolitan-style but are certainly not authentic.

Totonnos reopened!!!

Went for lunch today at Totonnos. Got a plain small pie. The place looks great like nothing ever happened. The pie was solid. The crust had great flavor but the oven spring was inconsistent. One quarter had a nice end crust. Some of the slices were crunchy because there was much rise while cooking. Light charring on crust. Glad that they're back and can't wait for my next visit.

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