Artist and graphic designer.

  • Location: Wichita, KS
  • Favorite foods: Salsa. Seafood. Sandwiches.

Gallery food

This definitely gives me some good ideas. Especially for future events/parties.

Gallery food

That's great. Thanks!

Data Visualization: Distances to Nearest McDonald's

Package Design

@sailordave: I think some of it is intentional. It really is a big visual clue for people, which is good and bad. Also, in design you get what you pay for, so I'm sure those companies don't invest much in their look and feel because they don't invest much in the product itself. It's been surprising to me as a designer how many people see little or no value in design.

Package Design

@hungrychristel: Oh yes. Thedieline is an everyday destination for me. Graphic-Exchange also has a nice packaging section.

I haven't seen that Smashing article though. Thanks!

Package Design

Yeah, the Coffee-Mate bottles are nice. I'm waiting for the Pumpkin Spice to come back.

Package Design

Maybe we can meet in the middle and talk about pancake package design? Bisquick... I'm not a fan.

opposite of your vice?

I can't handle cottage cheese.

"Nerdy" recipe ideas?

My first thought was something with "chips." Or, do you have access to a live ram?

Cold Pizza

@HeartofGlass: That overnight, leftover aspect is how I would do it for sure. That's the magic of it.

Favorite juicing combinations

My favorite combo has been carrott, orange and peach.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 81: A Frank Chat with Frank Bruni on Being 'Born Round'

I have to go cold turkey for awhile to completely change my behaviour. Then I can introduce small amounts of treating myself. It also depends on the amount of exercise I'm getting at the time. If I'm getting enough I have no desire to be unhealthy. If not, it's easy to go down hill.

Do you put toppings on corn on the cob?

My favorite is salt, pepper and fajita seasoning. Just enough to have a little flavor in each bite.

My first juicer

oops... I mean, sound really good.

My first juicer

A bunch of those really good. Thanks!

Healthy & Delicious: Calabacitas Burritos

Made it last night. Fantastic.

Do you have a recipe you won't share?

I have a secret salsa recipe that I've spent a lot of time crafting. It gets harder to want to share with each person that likes it. Maybe one day...

Gallery food

I have an exhibit opening at an art gallery this Friday and I'm needing ideas for snacks. Because of the holiday craziness, whatever it is should probably be pretty simple and quick. Any thoughts?

Package Design

I'm a graphic designer and a firm believer that (with certain exceptions) the quality of package design should reflect the quality of the product. This is especially true with food. I feel I can trust a product if the company, person, etc has taken the time to put some care into the presentation and experience. For instance, Archer Farms, Tazo and Back to Nature have different approaches to their packaging, but they're all highly engaging. As opposed to something like Great Value. Elements like color and texture in design can really make or break that appeal and get your senses going.

What brands do this for you?

Cold Pizza

I love it. Hot pizza is good, but the most exciting part for me is knowing there willl be leftovers the next day. I was thinking it would be great to start a cold pizza shop. Does anything like that exist?

My first juicer

I recently got my first juicer. Any suggestions? So far my favorite has been: 2 peaches, 2 carrots and 2 oranges. Pretty basic.

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