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Home for the Holidays: What's Your Must-Visit Hometown Haunt?

In Houston:

Star Pizza - Chicago-style pizza in a great funky atmosphere.

La Tapatia Taqueria - Mexican-food in a greasy hole-in-the-wall diner. I love it.

Meat Master Can Tell Cow's Age, Gender, and Breed After One Bite

Can he tell the difference between a left-handed and a right-handed brisket?

Dear AHT: 'Help! I'm Allergic to Beef"

Elk makes good burgers, just add a little fat to it (I use a couple strips of bacon when I grind it.)

What Do You Think of Dijon on Burgers?

I don't think the guy is fit to captain a two-oared boat and even I think this is a bit silly.

Besides, hot sauce > mustard any day.

Quote of the Day: Real Genius

I'm thinking that I could use Pop-tarts instead of bread for the grilled cheeses.

Quote of the Day: Real Genius

The gauntlet has been thrown down. I must think of something even better...

Serious Heat: How to Spice Up a Burger

Try Hellish Relish from Datil Do-it if you want to add some heat to a burger. I like to add it to the ground meat when I make the patties.

A Hamburger Walks into a Bar: 14 Variations

Two fish swim into a concrete wall.

One looks at the other and says, "Dam!"

Bacon grease

Bacon grease makes the best home fries.

'Hamburgers are the Hummers of Food'

To Hell with algore and the global warming crowd. I'll continue to eat my burgers.

How to Make a Rainbow Cake

I don't understand why some folks feel the need to look down at anything even remotely fun when it comes to food.

I think I'll make one of these this weekend. I want to try to make a Spira-Graph-style cake. I think I can put the cake pan off center on a Lazy Susan and spin it while I add the batter.

Spam Experience

Diced SPAM mixed with mac and cheese was a college staple for me. Four boxes of mac and cheese and a can of SPAM kept me fed for several days.

SPAM on the BBQ smoker is pretty good. Rub the outside with wooster and BBQ rub and smoke it at 225 for about an hour. Slice it and make sandwiches. Yum!

'This Is Why You're Fat'

@Adam - no biggie. I scrolled through the whole blog and I don't think they put much time or thought into it. You guys have always been good about giving credit where it's due.

I'm still not sure why they have King Cake listed. It's just a big cinnamon roll.

'This Is Why You're Fat'

Yep, my deep-fried bacon burger is on there. It's attributed to Serious Eats though, not my site.

I'm not sure why King Cake is listed.

Worst Burger of 2009

I've had worse. I can see the problem if someone was eating them everyday, but as an occasional treat it's fine.

Worst Burger of 2009

I'm not seeing the problem with this burger.

In Which I Eat the Hot Dog and French Fry Pizza at Pizzeria Reginella

I've finally found a reason to order an Octo-Dog cutter.

OctoDog and french fry pizza. Just brilliant.

Seriously Delicious Super Bowl Party Giveaway: La Frieda Black Label Burgers

I once made a burger out of bacon
After one taste, I was exclaimin'
"I must make this again!"
I ran to the pen
and all the piggies were a shakin'

Vortex Bar & Grill on 'Man vs. Food'

@eastcoastvb - You are correct about the superiority of tater tots as a side dish. If you want a real treat, try the hash brown sticks at Whataburger. They are pretty much giant tater tots.

Good Fries and Not So Good Burgers from Mooyah in Houston

Alice Laussade needs to settle down a bit. Sometimes I think the folks at the New Times papers need to spend less time being 'edgy' and more time writing.


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