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Today Serious Eats Is One!

As Lucille Ball said, “the secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” Happy Birthday, Serious Eats.

oeuf en cocotte recipe

Luke Skywalker used the force, Harry Potter thought of his loved ones, Scheherazade told stories, but if I were ever faced with an evil force, I think I would make coddled eggs. Just thinking about them cheers me up. As for assembly, I often just butter the dish, slip in the eggs, and add whatever fresh herbs I have on hand and a splash of cream.

How Do You Eat Your Bagel?

My rule is that if I have to toast it, I should select another vehicle for my butter. But then, I live in NYC and have the luxury of fresh, hot bagels at every turn.

Did Leah Chase Do the Right Thing? Cast Your Vote Here!

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the people of New Orleans, I would be honored to host you at Dooky Chase. We'll be serving:

Oil-Poached Flounder
Whole-roasted Crow
Humble Pie


Leah Chase

Do you cook for your pets?

My dog, Guinness, eats a raw diet. It's made with ground meat, bone, and organ (choice of beef, lamb, turkey, chicken, duck, venison, pork, rabbit, etc). It comes in long frozen tubes and looks like tartare when defrosted.

We do it because I like to know exactly what's in his food and where it comes from. Plus, his body is meant to digest food (mostly protein) in its raw form. Costs about $30/month.

I'd be happy to pass along more information to anyone who's interested. He is super healthy and energetic, has a rich and shiny coat, and nice fresh breath!

Shopsin's is Back. Has Anybody Been?

Haven't been. I've seen the movie; I've read CT's New Yorker piece. The thing is, Ed, I'm scared.

Are you a "dunker"?

I'm a dipper, not a dunker. Here's why: soggy crumbs at the bottom of my cup. How can you stand it???

Desserts I don't like...

Banana pudding with oxidized bananas and soggy vanilla wafers. And a cupcake has yet to win my heart.

Post your profession...

Profession: Writer - I have a book about NYC restaurants coming out in September.
Age: 29
Location: Harlem
Random: My French bulldog is a raw foodist

What a great question! I've always been curious.

What's Your Favorite Non-Chocolate Cupcake?

I don't get the cupcake fever either and I feel like such a party pooper when I admit this. It's the dry texture; they lack the moistening icing layers which usually rescue cake from the same fate.

I wonder why we can't make cupcakes more like muffins with icing. Muffins are just an excuse to eat cake in the morning anyway. As for chocolate, I think the only answer is to cook a brownie in a muffin tin and slather it with icing. Call it a cupkie?

Do British Candy Bars Taste Better? Serious Eats Investigates

The Boost bar in England is much more satisfying that the closest American approximation, the Twix, if only for its heft. My research tells me that the Boost bar is made in Cadbury’s Irish factory and called Moro there – Moro Gold in New Zealand.

I studied at an English university for a year and was once taken aside by Alistair the librarian who was flummoxed by a box of Hershey’s sent to him by some friends across the pond. He closed the door of his office and beseeched me to take them and share with any Americans I knew. And while he allowed for acquired taste in his apology, but I swear I saw him shiver.

Question of the Day: Did you see 'Ratatouille' this weekend?

Best restaurant movie ever - pulling just ahead of Mostly Martha. I think it will also prove to be one of the best movies of the year.

Rebecca Charles is Mad as Hell and She's Not Going to Take It Anymore

Did Gertrude Stein sue Ernest Hemingway for stealing her rhythm? Did Cezanne sue Picasso? Did the crack dealer on my corner sue the crack dealer across the street - oh wait, there was that gunfight. The Anxiety of Influence strikes the seafood sector - someone tell Harold Bloom.

Hostess gifts. How do you handle this one?

My boyfriend is a sommelier, so people rarely bring us wine. When they do, they usually spend more than they are used to because they think we won't drink inexpensive wine (meanwhile my man prefers beer when he's not working). At a recent dinner, a couple we had just met brought us a bottle of champagne, but by the time they had arrived, we had all started on a rich white and then moved to red and we never got around to opening the champagne they brought. When it was time to leave, I saw them conference by the door and then one of them walked back - through the apartment - to the fridge and took back his bottle. We waited until the door closed and then burst out laughing. I'm sure they were offended that we didn't open their bottle - but a gift is a gift, right???

Question of the Day: What's your go-to summertime drink?

Rosé - at magic hour, on a city sidewalk, with a bowl of salty peanuts.

The Truth Sets You Free: Not All Websites and Blogs Are Created Equal

These days a chef's cookbooks, television shows, and Vegas outposts are as much a part of the guest's experience as the glassware, sound level, and reservation policies. Bruni had every right to mention all relevant background information in his Esca review. Frankly, I'm getting tired of all this Bruni-bashing. I find him hilarious and appreciate the breadth of his reviews - cookbooks and all.

The Greatest Candy Bar Ever?

Thanks for the tip, Ed. I just ordered three online! That's how much your opinion means...

New Silver Palate cookbook

I haven't bought it, but I visited it in a bookstore. I was excited to find a picture of that big-a** brunch sandwich that I never quite understood. Not sure whether I will purchase; I'm pretty attached to my vintage edition.

What's Your Favorite Local Ice Cream?

I'm with pgoat. The fact that I live in New York and have actually rented a car to go to Capogiro - just to visit their two locations - says a lot. I think their sorbets are even better than their ice cream - lime-cilantro especially. Now I buy it at Whole Foods.

Why Wedding Food Sucks

If I ever get married, I plan to elope and then throw a huge celebratory feast for my friends and family. And we're going to have to look closely at a few of those traditions - lord knows I won't be eating frozen cake in a year. Or ever.

Question of the Day: Table for 1?

Why don't you make a reservation for two and then downsize? At Per Se and at Country single diners are treated like royalty and given VIP treatment. Both chefs believe that if you are willing to dine there alone (perhaps for 3 hours or more), you are to be cherished.

What's Your Favorite Food Book of All Time and Why?

Death by Pad Thai and Food and Booze are two collections of food essays I also adore. Some of the authors are food writers and some just good writers talking chow.

What's Your Favorite Food Book of All Time and Why?

I love all those you listed, Ed, especially Calvin Trillin's books. Have you read Alan Richman's Fork it Over? Another fun one is an essay by David Rakoff in his book Don't Get Too Comfortable. The essay is called "What is the Sound of One Hand Shopping? Ooo - and Julie & Julia .

Question of the Day: How clean obsessed are you?

My possibly-future-mother-in-law doesn't allow people to blow out candles in her presence because she considers in unsanitary. While, I'm sure the DOH would appreciate that, I think memories trump germs. RIP Di Fara.


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