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Super Bowl Giveaway: 10-Pound Box of Pat LaFrieda Sliders

Watching the game with family and eating lovely sliders from Pat LaFrieda's ; ) !!!!!!

What Are The 5 Things Everyone Should Know How To Cook

Roast a Chicken
Poach an Egg
One good soup recipe
Pie Crust
Grilled Steak

Starting another Chemo Thread

I just returned from visiting my father who is undergoing chemo. I did a lot of research before my visit on what to cook for him to help him gain weight, keep up his protein and such. I did find that many "snack" meals a day were much better than the traditional 3 meals a day. Also, most of the calories are suppose to beconsumed in the breakfast meal part of the day. Smoothies; there are recipes for high calorie, high protein smoothies that helped a lot. If you are having a problem with cold things, which he does, you can just let it come to room temp and then drink it. It helped break up the need for the Boost and you can add so much to them to switch things up. He developed sores in his mouth from the chemo as well, so there can be that issue. If you rinse 5-6xs a day with warm water and salt; this helped him a lot and they eventually went away. He is fortunate in that he can eat most things and it does not upset his stomache, so I just made very high calorie meals so that he would gain back some of his weight. I wish you the best.

Best Sandwiches in SoCal?

I am not sure where you are going to be in Orange County, but Tina & Vince's in San Clemente on Del Mar makes amazing sandwiches. Most definitly worth the try - yum : )

Need advice on cooking whole deer on open fire or grill

Do it like the Argentinean's do it....make a firepit on the ground and tie each leg to an individual post (spread eagle style), stake into gound and slow roast all day, turning as needed.

Man Vs. Food: Gluttony or just good TV?

I have always viewed it as gluttony, plain and simple.

Cook the Book: 'Around My French Table'

Napa Valley for secret picnics in the vineyard; olives, handmade charcuterie from Fatted Calf, local wine and cheese. Morimoto's for the 12 hour cooked pork belly, Cook for the braised short ribs and housemade pasta, Bottega for Polenta Under Glass, Martini House for housemade mushroom soup, Bistro Jeanty for the famous tomato soup en croute, Gott's Tray Gourmet for grass-fed burgers and sweet potato fries...yes, these are the things that memories are made of.

Cook the Book: 'Fresh from the Market'

red wine braised short ribs; in a red wine reduction...which is actually cooking on the stove right now. but those apple cider doughnuts do sound good!

Weekend Giveaway: 'Masterchef Cookbook'

I am from Missiouri and we have a recipe for Chicken Fried Steak that has been handed down from generation to generation. People request it for birthdays and special occassions, so I would make that with cream gravy, green beans cooked in bacon fat and onions...(think slow braise) and our secret velvety mashed potatoes. Yes, that is what I would make.

Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

I would hardly call professorchaos' group a true CSA; kind of goes against the whole concept of what a CSA is about.

how did you learn to cook?

My mother and father were both very good cooks, but the real learning came from spending summers in Missouri as a child. My grandmother had a very large garden and i would wake up each morning to her making jam, canning, making homemade noodles, pies, cooking vegetables from the garden, etc. I would grab a chair and stand next to her, assisting whenever she gave me as task. I learned early on to eat seasonaly and organically from my grandmother; as well as homemade was better than store bought. When I was in my 20,s I decided to take it to the next level and bought Bon Apetit and just started cooking recipes out of the magazine for anyone who would eat them. Now, I am at a different level where I explore with my own recipes or changing the recipes from my childhood with different techniques and ingredients. It is sooo much fun.

Serious Heat: How Do You Gussy Up a Tostada?

Start with homemade pinto beans that have been cooked with cilantro, garlic, serrano chilies, diced bacon. To that bottom layer of beans add some roasted chicken, diced serrano chili, diced radishes, tomato, cilantro, roasted corn, diced avocado and cheese. Sho am good.

Headed to Santa Barbara

Ca' Dario Italian Restaurant; fabulous restaurant and has an intimate laid back feel. Olio Limone, very, very, good food; both will require reservations, but well worth your time and effort. I believe that both are on Victoria Street, on either side of State St.

I need a happy, healthly food project

Pickling is the answer, fun, creative, pleasing to the eye and no special equipment needed.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Burgers

I experiment with different with different cuts of meat and have been stuck on boneless beef short ribs and flap meat (sirloin tips); makes the most wonderful burger and yes, you cannot handle these very much. I have had rave reviews and even won a hamburger throwdown with the recipe!

Los Angeles - Near LMU

Yes, sits up on a bluff and I would suggest getting a car, at least for a few days if you want to explore some good eats. Also, in Culver City is Ford's Filling Station and I think the Kogi taco truck frequents Culver City too. To find the Kogi truck you can go to their website and they list were they will be all week, locations and times.

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Lemon Aid

cut lemons in half,
tilt head all the way back,
raise lemon over mouth,
let drip down throat...
very refreshing indeed.

Make-ahead recipes for graduation reception

Grill flap meat and chicken breasts for carne asada and chicken tacos; grill corn and flour tortillas for the tacos. Have condiments out, make some killer guac, and side dishes. We threw corn on the cob on the grill with chili, lime butter as well. Some homemade sangria, is festive as well and can be decorated with seasonal fresh fruit.
We did this for my daughter's graduation; afternoon open house reception and everyone had a great relaxed time, and the food was awesome.

Unique to: San Francisco

I had read an article about the Roasted Chicken For Two with warm tuscan-style bread salad at Zuni Cafe years ago in Saveur. When I was there recently we went specifically with that in mind, our reservations were at 10PM and the dish takes an hour to prepare and we could not order it, so if you want it, keep that in mind. It is one of her signature dishes at the restaurant.

Easter Side Dish Help

Traditional Easter dish in Italy; Pizza Rustica - it is a beautiful presentation, can be eaten warm or at room temprature, easy enough if made a day ahead, and oh so delicious. Great with ham, we make it every year.
• Pastry Ingredients
Never Fail Pie Crust or Use pastry below
Sift flour-3c- and rub in butter1 stick.. Add salt (1tsp.) and 1/4 C. olive oil-. Add little ice water water if dry, mix ingredients to form dough. Place in floured bowl, cover, and chill for 30 mins.
Filling - 3 lbs Ricotta, 8oz. cream cheese( optional),1 lb Mozzarella, diced, 1/3 lb. smoked Mozzarella, or Swiss diced , 1 2/3 cups. Parmesan (grated), 1/2 lb. salami (soppressata) (diced), 1/2 lb. ham (diced), 2-3 sprigs parsley (diced), 8 eggs, beaten, 1/4 t. pepper
• Method
In a bowl, mix cheese, add eggs, salami, ham, parsley, salt and pepper.
Divide dough, roll out and line bottom of spring form pan.
Line sides of pan with dough, place in refrigerator and chill. Put in filling and with the rest of dough make a lattice for the top..Bake at 350 for about 1hr. and 15 mins. or until top is golden. Cool completly, remove side of pan, serve warm or cold.
Egg wash-beat egg yolk with 1 t. water-paint on crust before baking

"Working Lunch" suggestions?

I make a "salad" with Israeli couscous, roasted chicken, basil, grape tomato, diced cucumber and a small amount of green onion tops sliced. Salt and Pepper with 1/4 cup of olive oil - toss and it is beautiful to the eye, beautiful smell due to basil, and neat and easy to eat!

Can you recommend a CSA?

Go to Slow Food Nation, google it, and you can find a CSA near you though them I believe.


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