Transplanted New Yorker who now lives in Southern California. Always loved to eat and try new places.

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  • Favorite foods: All types of ethnic food. My favorite is Mexican, Chinese, and Italian.
  • Last bite on earth: This is a very tough decision. I guess sitting down at a Sushi Bar and going nuts.

Italian and Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco

Thanks, Peter Wilensky, Orange, California

Looking for good Deli or Pizza in Orange County,CA

I tried Benji's several times and did not like it but its been many years and I will give it a try again. As for pizza, I like First Class Pizza in Villa Park, CA. Their pizza are heavy and loaded with delicious toppings. Their prices are considerably more than the regular take out pizza places. Peter Wilensky,

Looking for good Deli or Pizza in Orange County,CA

Thank you so much, I will try it out. When I get a chance to go to LA, I visit Cantors on Fairfax Ave. Its always worth the visit. Peter Wilensky, Orange County, CA>

Easy recipe for bibimbop

I like bibimbop and find myself having to travel 20 minutes to find a place that serves it. I can prepare food but not a master at it. Is there a sort of simple recipe that I can prepare? I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
Peter Wilensky, Orange,CA

Japanese restaurant in Seattle?

My wife who travels loves Japanese food. She will be visiting Seattle, Washington soon and might be going back for numerous trips. Is there a restaurant that anyone can recommend?
Peter Wilensky, Orange, CA

Like Onion Rings

There is a fast food eatery in Orange County, CA. that advertises the world's greatest pastrami sandwich. Not true ! However it serves a huge portion of old style greasy onion rings for only about $3. Enough for a group of people. There are 2 of them as far as I know. One in Brea and one is in Lake Forest. Peter Wilensky, Orange County.

Italian and Seafood Restaurants in San Francisco

I will be going to SF area with my teenage daughters to visit some colleges. I am looking for Italian or seafood eateries that are neither expensive or formal . I understand these types of food can get pricey. I am looking for any recommendations !! Peter Wilensky, Orange, California.

Tasty Tofu in Orange County, CA.

Several times, I ate at a Korean tofu restaurant located in Garden Grove in a shopping center on Garden Grove Blvd. just west of Magnolia St. called KAJU. They served 2 types of dishes. They served tofu soup dishes served in a cast iron soup bowl in a tomato base that was tasty There are numerous choices of tofu dishes and some are very spicy. At the back of this informal restaurant is a small slushee machine. If the food is ever too spicy, you just help yourself with small dixie cups of slushees. The other main item is Korean barbecue dishes. You can get a combo of both barbecue and tofu dishes. Soup and all the kimchee appetizers that are usually served at Korean restaurants are also included. A sticky rice is also served family style at the table. A great meal and interesting experience. Peter Wilensky, Orange, California

Japanese Noodle Shop, Orange County, California

My wife who is Japanese takes me about once a month for the past 4-5 months to this Japanese noodle shop in Tustin, Ca. called Kairakutei. It is located is a small shopping center at the intersection of Walnut and Newport Avenues.It is a small informal place that serves all sorts of noodle dishes, soups and interesting Japanese food.They have great combo meals of all sizes. With drinks it costs about $10 per person. On weekends, you probably have to wait. Every single time, I have gone there to eat, I was the only person who was not Japanese. The staff is friendly, fluent in English and the menus are also in English. The food is tasty and I highly recommend it. Peter Wilensky, Orange, California

Great Barbecue Sandwiches in Huntington Beach, California

Last week, I was down by the Huntington Beach pier and decided to stop off at Smoking Joes. Its on Main Street (north side) about a 6-8 blocks from PCH (where the pier is located). They have super delicious barbecue beef or pulled pork sandwiches served on a French role. The sandwich doesn't look big but must weigh 5 lbs because it it loaded with meat. The place is informal and you order from the counter. It has indoor and outdoor seating. YUMMY. Peter Wilensky, Orange, California.

Tasty Chinese Food in Southern Cal

I would like to recommend an excellent Chinese restaurant called Yen Ching in Orange County , California. This restaurant located in the City of Orange on Glassel St. just north of the 22 Freeway or south of the Orange Circle, has been around for decades. The food is very tasty, portions are generous, the service is excellent and the atmosphere is friendly. Its a large restaurant but the waits can be long on a Friday or Saturday night. Prices for entrees are $10-$15.There are weekend lunch specials from $7-$10 and pricer lunch specials on the weekend. I really like that Lunch specials are served family style. Peter Wilensky, Orange, California

Great Barbecue Restaurant near Salt Lake City

I went skiing in Park City which is about 20 miles east of Salt Lake City. Famous Daves Barbecue which was located in Midvale just south of Salt Lake was recommended to me. I went and it was delicious ! Their was a large selection of side dishes including garlic mashed potatoes, which were the best mashed potatoes I ever had. The first time I went, I had the baby back ribs-Yummy. The next time, I had a pulled pork sandwich which was also delicious. Their is also another Famous Daves in West Jordan, which is south of Salt Lake. Peter Wilensky, Orange, California.

Great Sausage in Orange County, CA

There is a restaurant called Jerrys Dogs in Santa Ana (near 17th and Tustin that make a great hot link sausage sandwich. On any of numerous types of sausage sandwiches and hot dogs he makes there are around 25 or more different free condiments (including all sorts of different mustards) you can add to them . He also makes his own fried potato chips. The portions are big and the atmoshere is casual. Peter Wilensky, Orange County, CA.

Looking for good Deli or Pizza in Orange County,CA

Lots of great food in Orange County, CA. but lacking in good delis and pizza. Where can I go to get a good slice or a great corned beef sandwich ? There are great Chines,Mexican, Barbecue, Japanese , Thai and other ethnic restaurants out here. I could use some help. Peter Wilensky, Orange County, CA.

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