Transplanted New Yorker who now lives in Southern California. Always loved to eat and try new places.

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  • Favorite foods: All types of ethnic food. My favorite is Mexican, Chinese, and Italian.
  • Last bite on earth: This is a very tough decision. I guess sitting down at a Sushi Bar and going nuts.

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Looking for good Deli or Pizza in Orange County,CA

I tried Benji's several times and did not like it but its been many years and I will give it a try again. As for pizza, I like First Class Pizza in Villa Park, CA. Their pizza are heavy and loaded with delicious toppings. Their prices are considerably more than the regular take out pizza places. Peter Wilensky,

Looking for good Deli or Pizza in Orange County,CA

Thank you so much, I will try it out. When I get a chance to go to LA, I visit Cantors on Fairfax Ave. Its always worth the visit. Peter Wilensky, Orange County, CA>


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