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Open Thread: Where Are You Eating For Valentine's Day in NYC?

Jerome Bretaudeau Sparkling Loire Wine

Start- Marinated Olives, Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks
Appetizer- 6 Fishers Island Oysters, 6 Blue Points (w/ 1 regular mignonette, and 1 B&G pepper mignonette I will try to duplicate from Torrisi)

Clos Saron "Heart of Stone" Syrah

Starch- Risotto w/ Hen of Woods, Oyster, Yellowfoot Chantrelle, and Enoki Mushrooms
Main- Honey, Red Wine Vinegar, and spice glazed duck breast w/ side of Wilted Rainbow Chard
Dessert- Red Velvet Cupcake from Billy's Bakery (Wife's favorite)

And of course, in return, because my wife has never cooked anything in her life let alone shopped for more than cereal or yogurt I will get my usual "Thanks Babe, it was good".

You try trekking around the city to pick up all of this stuff!


Has Ronnybrook's quality declined?

I switched to Battenkill which I get at Eataly, I'm sure its available other places. I preferr it to Ronnybrook

Bronx Eats: A Mighty But Disappointing Sandwich At Mike's Deli, Arthur Avenue

Ok- I will chime in. I have a pretty good frame of reference as I lived in the Bronx for 3 years and ate all over Arthur ave. I've lived in lower manhattan for
Past 3 years and torrisi is my favorite restaurant in all of NYC.

Mike's is no Calabria or torrisi, they don't make their own product, but that really doesn't make any difference if you're getting a sandwich with say- prosciutto, or mortadella. I've only ever ordered from the premade sandwiches, of which they usually put out the same 2-3 varieties, I would say they are probably proven winners and perhaps you should try one of them next time. I would write off the bread as bad luck, and next time try to get one w seeded bread as for whatever reason i always find the seeded bread at arthur ave to always be superior to anything else.Also the best part of getting a sandwich from Mike's is the bowtie pasta salad w the smoked mozzarella, and enjoying a quiet lunch at one of the little tables up the spiral staircase.

Troubling Pizza Trends in NYC

Their are still certainly great NY slice places throughout the city that sing, but they're getting drowned out in the noise of dollar slice places. I think it lowers the standard and it makes the benchmark of a $6 two slice and a can of soda meal to appear like its a bad deal. Its still a better deal than a fast food dinner but much more satisfying/nourishing. Anyways I guess I'm in no position to judge how someone else shooses to spend their money, but I wish there was some type of happy medium.

"Chef Style" Burger in East Village

We to brindle room, So good, great call

"Chef Style" Burger in East Village

can you get it at Dinner? I only see it on the lunch menu

"Chef Style" Burger in East Village

Definitely not too late, this is for Friday, all look good but I think DGBG may be winner. Ive been there before but never had the burger. Thanks!

New York's Artichoke Basille Pizza: Why The Controversy?

I think the controversy surrounding artichoke is because there's controversy surrounding anything overhyped.

Agreed that the grandma slice is better, but I would not consider it a "destination" slice. I live up the street from one of the artichokes and I rarely go.

My current grandma slice obsession is Best Pizza in williamsburg which I live nowhere near, but enjoy trekking out to for the grandma.

I think my biggest gripe is the coarsest grated Romano cheese, something about either the quality of the cheese or the thick texture tends to kill my palate rather than complement the pie.

That said all the people who work there are very nice, I don't go to a pizza by the slice place looking for service but it always stood out to me how friendly they were.


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