Where to Drink Beer in the Hudson Valley

C'mon, the Hudson Valley goes much farther north than that. Crossroads Brewery in Athens, Chatham Brewery in Chatham, CH Evans at the Albany Pump Station, and Brown's Brewery in Troy are all before you hit the Mohawk River. I'd venture so far as to add the Olde Saratoga Brewing Company to that list, as well.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Booth's London Dry Gin

I recommend New Amsterdam Gin. Tastes like Tanqueray, but a hell of a lot cheaper.

What Are Your Soda Alternatives?

I recommend beer. Good beer. Perhaps some homebrew beer.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

I love sriracha on practically everything, but especially eggs. Fried egg sandwich (runny yolks, of course) with plenty of sriracha on the bread.

Two-Minute Mayonnaise

All I get is a watery mess and oily dishes in my sink

Father's Day Book Giveaway: 'Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need'

Anything my dad cooks is a MANLY MEAL, because if you're not a MANLY MAN it'll straight up and kill you with it's vile taste.

5 Herb-Infused Cocktails from Craftbar (And How to Make Them At Home)

Question: where would I find verjus? Any substitutes that would suffice?

How Do You Split the Restaurant Tab with a Big Group?

All my friends can do the simple math it takes to figure out how much they owe. Either that, or we ask to split the checks up front and then (at least I) tip well. The one thing I find I knock off tip percentage for is when the waiter says they'll split the check, no problem, but then doesn't and says he can't. It's one thing if you can't, it's another to say you will and then don't.

The Burger Lab: The Ins-n-Outs of an In-N-Out Double-Double, Animal-Style

I miss the west coast for In 'N Out and In 'N Out alone.

Now, 5 Guys has good burgers, but I would not compare them with In 'N Out. Neither is superior to the other, b/c they are different.

[Just had 5 Guys yesterday for lunch]

Cook the Book: 'Fiesta at Rick's'

Jose Andres from Made in Spain with Jose Andres! That guy is crazy, in the good sense. Would be fun to hang out with him, and he's always making unusual dishes, not the normal standard American fair. We get a lot of Latin American influences, but Spain's another delicious story.

Cook the Book: 'The Boozy Baker'

Not at all unique, but Captain Morgan spiced rum cakes...mmmmm. Get a food syringe and inject the glaze directly into the cake. That's right: directly into the meat of the cake. Better make sure to use two or three times the recommended amount of booze, as well. :-D

Time to go to the store and pick up some ingredients.

I wonder if I can add rum to pancakes and make that work...



vodka does not belong anywhere near a martini

that is all.

The recipe in the post above is how I like [love] my martinis.


California Mayor Charged with Stealing Industrial Mixer for Homemade Pizza

YES!!! Hometown news ftw. Yea, it has more to do with politics than with actual theft, but I like a politician who will let nothing get in the way of some good homemade pizza!

Memorial Day Mini-Poll: Burger or Dog?

Pizza Girl: June Bug Season Is Here

These are the June Bugs I grew up with, and they are AWESOME:

Poll: Do You Make Ham or Lamb on Easter?

My parent's usually made a roast, or something.

In college I can't ever remember doing anything special, but I wouldn't put it past us to use Easter as an excuse to make ribs, or chili or something.

Reality Check: Red Baron By the Slice Frozen Pizza

I'm a fan of frozen pizzas, but I've never microwaved on. Sure, frozen pizzas aren't exactly gourmet, but after a nine hour work day sometimes tossing a pizza into the oven and waiting 20 minutes is just what you need. Little work, decent taste. Easier on the wallet, too, than ordering out all the time.
Anyway, I don't think I'll be trying these. If I need a "by-the-slice" I'll just get a Celeste personal pizza or something.

Chain Burger Brackets: Wendy's vs. Culver's

Never even heard of Culver's before. *Checks website* There's why: no locations in any of the state's I've lived in.
I guess Wendy's has to get the vote, then.
And why is Hardee's and Carl's Jr. both on the roster? Aren't they one and the same, just different locals?

New Hot Dog of the Week Prints for Sale

going to wait for the Troy mini dogs to get a print. Only real hotdogs that mean anything to me.

Doctors Propose 18% 'Pizza Tax' to Fight Obesity, Offset Health-Care Costs

Does this mean that the cheaper the food, the healthier it is? Time to head out to Taco Bell. bbl!

Doctors Propose 18% 'Pizza Tax' to Fight Obesity, Offset Health-Care Costs

How 'bout they just stop subsidizing corn? That would make putting HFC in everything not as economical as it is now. That would definitely save the government some green.

Mushroom broth expired 9/09 - use or lose?

Toss it, it's gone.

That's what I give my parent's for a rule of thumb: one day past the expiration date, toss it. Otherwise they try to serve burgers with ground beef that expired a year ago.

Peanuts: Salted or Unsalted?

I like 'em honey roasted.

What's The Worst Restaurant Name You've Ever Heard?

Phucket Thai Cuisine in Seattle, WA. Saw it when I visited and went to Dick's Burgers near the Space Needle.

Chicken gizzards: what should I do?

So, I made beer can chicken the other day, and now I have the gizzards to attend to. I'm on a budget right now, so I don't want to just toss them, but I don't know what to do with them. What do I do with them? Stock? Gravy? Fry them up and nom nom nom? At the very least I love chicken liver, so I can fry that up with some onion and have a snack. You can also vote that I just give it all to my neighbor's very friendly cat. Thanks in advance for the advice!

Meatless Mondays

I had the idea to do a "meatless Monday" for reasons of health, and, more importantly, creativity in the kitchen.

So, here's where you come in:
I need ideas.

Good vegetarian dishes and recipe websites are welcome, but what I really need is some lunch ideas.

Armed with only a fridge and a microwave at work, what can I do to limit my consumption of pb&js and reheated leftovers for lunch?

Thank you,
and bon appetite!

Relocating to NY's Capital Region

I'm relocating to New York State's Capital Region and would like some advice on eats. I went to college in Troy and lived for a spell in Albany, so I know that area well (Brown's, Red Front Pizza, and DaVinci Pizza FTW!), but I'm going to be in Schenectady.

So: what should I be eating in Schenectady? Best pizza? Best Chinese Takeout? Diners? Burger joints? Anything and everything.

And, if you have any suggestions for that whole region, don't be shy about sharing.

For Albany, I recommend Bomber's Burrito Bar, Dino's Pizza, and Capital Q (BBQ).
Also, for Troy, I recommend Muza's European Cuisine, and Famous Lunch (mini hotdogs).

Now, it's your turn to share! :-D

Hankering Hamburgers in L.A.s South Bay

I've got a taste for burgers swimming around my palate, but I don't know where to go. In 'N Out is a solid choice most of the time, but I want something new. At the very lease I'll walk down to the local diner (Piggies) and get a chili cheeseburger.

Does anyone have any recommendation for burgers (double points for chili cheeseburgers) in Los Angeles's South Bay area, specifically the LAX region (Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Hermosa Beach, Hawthorne, Lawndale, etc)?

And, of course, if you have any place that just _needs_ to be tried that's within driving distance, don't be afraid to give that a shout out.

As always, thank you and bon appetite.

Los Angeles Restaurants

It's that time of year again, and I'm going to be at my parents' house and I thought it would be nice to take them out to dinner. I just don't know where.

They live in the LAX area, but I would consider driving anywhere in the LA area if it's a good enough restaurant. They don't eat out much at all, so what ever restaurant it is they probably haven't been there. Any place that's not seafood specific is fine (my mom doesn't like seafood :( )

So...what restaurant should I take them to?

Thanks, and bon appetite!

Saratoga Springs, NY eateries

I'm going to be in Saratoga Springs, NY, mid next week and I was wondering if anyone knows of any place to grab a quick bite to eat. It'll be for dinner after a long day. Not looking for anything fancy, just a quick burger, burrito, sandwich, etc, etc.

Thanks, and good eats!

Live Eel: how should i cook it?

I found live eel at a small Asian market where I'm staying for the summer and I think I just might have to try it out. The only question is how.

How to prepare it, and what to pair it with. The only sad thing, though, is I don't have a grill, so those options are out (sadface).

All information is welcome, because I know nothing about eel besides eating it a couple of times in sushi.


My coleslaw needs something, I just don't know what...

Today I made coleslaw for the first time, having copious amounts of red cabbage left over from a taco recipe I tried (delicious!). I used the cabbage, some onions, the tiniest amount of bell pepper I had lying around threatening to go bad, and a carrot. The dressing I made consisted of mayo, milk, apple cider vinegar, a dash of lime juice, and just the tiniest amount of butter. I tossed the veggies with the sauce, added course-ground salt and pepper to taste.

It's good, but it's missing something, I just can't put my finger on what. I would have like to use pickle juice in loo of the vinegar, but I didn't have any. The dressing just seems a little too plain. Any ideas? Thanks.

Turkish Onion Sidedish: recipe or ideas wanted.

The other day I went out to dinner at a nice little Turkish restaurant and one of the side to my delectable meal was some sort of wilted onion. I'm thinking it was sliced white onion wilted with white vinegar and garnished with just a tiny amount of parsley, but I'm not sure. I couldn't taste any vinegar though the onion flavor, which was dominating, but mild for an onion. I'd love to make this on my own, but I don't know where to start; any ideas or recipes would be greatly appreciated.

Oddly enough, the menu did not have any words other than the names of the dishes, and instead had images of the meals. I should have asked while I was there what the onion side was called, but unfortunately I did not.

Asparagus: What to do?

I went shopping the other day and they had a decent deal on asparagus (okay, I lied: I just saw it, said, "Ooo, asparagus," and bought it), but now I don't know what to do with it.

Sure, I could boil it, or steam it (I like my asparagus nice and limp), but I've been experimenting with more adventurous cuisines so I'd like to do something different with it. Any ideas?

My friend made asparagus wraps a couple of times, but I'm looking more towards a side dish (but if you have a good entree recipe don't be shy about posting it).


Boneless Beed Short Ribs Recipe Ideas

While at the grocery store I came across a good deal on boneless beef short ribs, only I don't know what to do with them. Sometime around Christmas I had made a simple braised short rib dish, so I was hoping for something a little different (variety is the spice of life, no?).

Anyway, does anyone have any recipes they would like to share? Or just some general ideas of how to prepare the meat? (Side dish ideas are also welcome).

& bon appetite!

Thanksgiving drinks (wine/cocktails/digestifs)

What's an appropriate wine to go with the tradition Thanksgiving turkey meal?

In addition to that, what would be a good set of drinks to serve before and after the meal (aside from the obvious coffe, tea, water, sodas). And because it's that time of year, cider will be plentiful at my house, so anything that mixes with that would be great.

Happy eats!

Help finding a nice restuarant in the LAX area

I'm currently going to school in upstate New York, but will be visiting my parents for Christmas and I thought it would be nice to take them out to dinner. They live in the LAX area, so it would be nice to find a restaurant around there.

They like La Focaccia on Rosecrans Ave in Manhattan Beach, but I was hoping to try something new. I've also tried the Macaroni Grill, and Cozymel's on Rosecrans.

Any suggestions? I'm open to anything from a small burger joint to a fancier restaurant.


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