11 Awesome Negroni-Like Cocktails To Try in NYC

Ok this doesn't necessarily count as its actually a negroni rather than "negroni like", but its by far the best I've ever tasted. Figured I would share

"Punt-e-groni" from Isodi- punt-e-mes vermouth, Hendricks Gin, and Campari. Proportions in below link.

Do liqueurs/cordials go bad?

Thanks that old post in particular was very helpful, thanks to all.

Moving to the 'Burbs

When I first moved to NY I lived in Woodlawn in the far north Bronx for 4 years, not far from Bronxville. For shopping I heard fairway opened in Pelham, that's your best grocery store of so. For meat and seafood which I wouldn't by from fairway or whole foods (I'm unusually picky) I would go to Arthur Avenue which only 10-15 minute drive down Bronx river parkway. Vincent's is a great butcher and Randazzos is good for seafood.

West Village: Is Corner Bistro The Most Overrated Burger in NYC?

I couldn't agree more. Definitely a cool venue but the burgers are lousy and the fries taste oddly dull, even when I add extra salt. I've eaten there 5-6 times, once sober, the rest drunk because other people wanted to go. I can't really agree with the changing standards because I love an average burger at an Irish bar almost as I love Shake Shack, Rare Bar, etc. etc. for different reasons. I live on Horatio st around the corner from Corner Bistro but if I want a burger in the area I usually go to Bill's.

Do liqueurs/cordials go bad?

Ok, this is probably a stupid question.

I know vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin have a pretty much indefinite shelf life.

But what about Campari, aperol, Cynar and that bizarre spanish vanilla liqueur I bought to make a sangria recipe for my girlfriend 4 years ago and only used once?

Where can I find thai sweet salted shredded preserved radish?

Trying to follow Andy Ricker's pad thai recipe

1. Tiparos fish sauce- check
2. Healthy Boy thin soy sauce- check
3. Tamarind paste- check
4. Palm sugar- check
5. Sweet Salted shredded preserved radish??? No luck

Went to Bangkok center in Chinatown, they didn't have it but had salted preserved turnip.

Any ideas? I love tracking down obscure ingredients.

Perhaps I could quick pickle some radish in some sugar/salt,

"Chef Style" Burger in East Village

I need a killer burger in East Village/Noho area. I'm currently contemplating Saxon and Parole but was wondering if anybody had another recommendation.

I think I'm in the market for what Serious Easts would refer to as "Chef Style Burger"

Any recommendations would be appreciated as we live on west side and never go out in the area.

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