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11 Awesome Negroni-Like Cocktails To Try in NYC

Ok this doesn't necessarily count as its actually a negroni rather than "negroni like", but its by far the best I've ever tasted. Figured I would share

"Punt-e-groni" from Isodi- punt-e-mes vermouth, Hendricks Gin, and Campari. Proportions in below link.

Do liqueurs/cordials go bad?

Thanks that old post in particular was very helpful, thanks to all.

Moving to the 'Burbs

When I first moved to NY I lived in Woodlawn in the far north Bronx for 4 years, not far from Bronxville. For shopping I heard fairway opened in Pelham, that's your best grocery store of so. For meat and seafood which I wouldn't by from fairway or whole foods (I'm unusually picky) I would go to Arthur Avenue which only 10-15 minute drive down Bronx river parkway. Vincent's is a great butcher and Randazzos is good for seafood.

West Village: Is Corner Bistro The Most Overrated Burger in NYC?

I couldn't agree more. Definitely a cool venue but the burgers are lousy and the fries taste oddly dull, even when I add extra salt. I've eaten there 5-6 times, once sober, the rest drunk because other people wanted to go. I can't really agree with the changing standards because I love an average burger at an Irish bar almost as I love Shake Shack, Rare Bar, etc. etc. for different reasons. I live on Horatio st around the corner from Corner Bistro but if I want a burger in the area I usually go to Bill's.


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