Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

perky's kitchen

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

Corned beef hash topped with over easy eggs and a toasted bagel. That Eggs Chesapeake sounds incredible though! Mimosa, please. :)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

I can't afford to eat out, so I'll say Perky's Kitchen. Love me some sausage. LOVE

The Food Lab: The Ultimate Homemade Green Bean Casserole

A couple of pounds of shallots? Would break my bank. I do a semi-traditional green bean casserole because everyone loves it. I only use fresh beans, or frozen Hanover Whole Petite Blue Lake Green Beans, which are awesome. I mix in a lot of the fried onions, as well as put them on top, with toasted almonds. Some crumbled bacon is good, too. Last year, I couldn't find any of my preferred green beans, so I made it with broccoli and everyone loved it.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey ~ oh yeah!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Alton Brown's turkey method ~ it's foolproof! Anxious to read some more and try some new side dishes this year.

Cook the Book: 'Around My French Table'

East Coast seafood ~ from NC to Vermont.

5 Ways To Eat More Apple Salads

I made a tuna salad tonight with celery, Fugi apple, dried cranberries and orange segments. Ate it with banana nut muffins. :) I usually put apple into most green salads along with grapes and lots of raw vegetables. Also enjoy it with cheese, or spread with nut butter. Fugis and Granny Smith are staples in my fridge. I really enjoy your column!!!

Serious Salad: Summer Squash Ate My Garden

Great stories, great writing!!! I can't wait for more, more, more, more! I rarely buy and never grow yellow squash anymore, because I've realized I much prefer zucchini. It has a moister texture and the seeds are barely noticeable when young. Your salad is a much healthier version than my usual preps and I will definitely give it a try. Thanks!

Watermelon: *Way* or *No Way*

I just love it when there is such a balance between love and hate. I'll go out on a limb and declare that seedless watermelons just don't pass the taste test, although they are much easier to devour.

Thanks for the shout out for the few who remember me. Nice to see you again. Off to buy a watermelon from the farm stand and chunk it up! :)

help me make lactose free ice cream - heavy cream substitute?

Breyers makes a good vanilla ice cream, lactose free. Let it soften a bit, then add in whatever you'd like. I am also lactose intolerant and I thought it tasted the same as any good vanilla ice cream.

Super Bowl Giveaway: The Bacon Explosion

....and this little piggy went to the butcher shop and became the universal anti-depressant, BACON!

How to Make Gumball Flower Lollipops

POP, goes your fillings!

Poll: What's Your Favorite Grocery Chain?

Wegman's is the Taj Mahal of supermarkets, and if you don't know that, you've never shopped there. It was the only good reason to live in upstate New York and drive through nearly daily winter blizzards . They're expanding and I'd be very happy to live near one again.

Is it just me?

It is the produce manager's job to label the fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and whatever else is in that section. I always look for green granny smith and red honey crisp or fuji apples and can never find the honey crisp. They often stack their 20 red varieties without any dividers. The fuji's size and color can be different depending on the season and where they were grown. Sometimes, it's easy to distinguish and other times it is nearly impossible and I'm grateful for the little sticker on the apple, because I want my crispy, juicy apple, not a mealy bite of mush. If it's hard for me on occasion, I'm certainly not going to blame a cashier, teenage or otherwise, for not knowing a variety of apple. I'm happy to identify an unusual fruit, vegetable or herb, but I do appreciate labels so everybody is happy.

Grown-ups should not eat SpaghettiOs

Never tried it, never will. Thanks Mom for being such a great cook and never serving us crap disguised as food. My children have already thanked me, and their children will one day thank them.

Three Burgers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Stewed, Screwed and Lassoed

In that neck of the woods, the best burgers can usually be found at a tavern or a tavern in a fine dining establishment, not a diner or casual family type restaurant. Stewed burgers should be thrown out with the bathwater. :(

Cook the Book: Cooking Under Pressure

Nearly everything I own is ancient, as am I. I have many things I use all the time that belonged to my mother or her mother. I'll say Mom's Japanese chef's knife and Grandma's falling apart cookbook with no cover.

Help name this cookbook!

RNs Regional Recipes

Last Week's Poll Results: Our Favorite Pizza Style(s)

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream pizza? Neapolitan pizza is just crazy weird! Oh......what? From Naples? Never mind.

Help name this cookbook!

RNs Recipes Charted
RNs Stoveside Manor Cookbook
RNs Southern Rations
RNs Deliver Meals Cookbook

I'm new and so were you at one time. Help me be a good member.

Welcome bleu! I look forward to getting to know you.

@BananaMonkey ~ Thanks for reading my mind. Amen, Amen, Amen!

Help name this cookbook!

Dixie Nursing Chix (or Chicks, but some are males) Cookbook
Florence Nightengales Southern Recipes
98.6 + ____ Southern Nurses Recipes
Hospital Angels Southern Cookbook
Southern Nurses Don't Make Hospital Food Cookbook
Nurse Caregivers Cook and Share Southern Recipes
Nurses Love Cookbook
Angels of Mercy Cookbook
Angels of Mercy Recipes
Angels of Mercy Southern Cookbook or Recipes
Angels of Mercy Share Southern Cookin'
Angels of Mercy Don't Make Hospital Food Cookbook
Angels of Mercy 98.6+____ Home Cookin' Recipes
Dixie's Angels of Mercy Share Southern Recipes

In Season: Rutabaga

Love them and have them regularly. Usually just boil and mash, but they retain a lot of water, so I put them back on the stove after I've mashed them with a little butter, s&p and let the water cook off on low heat, while I work on something else. I should try microwaving with little or no water - has anyone tried that? They're also great roasted with other root vegetables.

Watermelon: *Way* or *No Way*

Is seedless watermelon as tasty as seeded? Do you swallow the black seeds? How do you use it - cut open and eat out-of-hand, or in fruit salad? Soup or drink or other recipe you'd like to share?

I want to try a recipe Wookie posted on Facebook for Watermelon Gazpacho that she wrote. If you love it, tell us how you like it. If you don't, why? The taste, texture, or seeds too much trouble?

Obviously, I'm a WAY. Can't wait to try the Gazpacho and I love it when it's really ripe. I do buy seedless sometimes, because I have to pick out the seeds before I can enjoy, but I think the seeded has more flavor. Is that my imagination?

What say YOU.....Way or No Way?

Pumpkin: *Way* or *No Way*

WAY for me. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving or Christmas without pumpkin pie. Naked or with dollops of whipped cream. I also love pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bars and pumpkin seeds. You???

Octopus: Way or No Way?

I've never had it, but I'd definitely try it if given the opportunity. I

f you've had it, can you give us an idea of what it is like, texture and taste? Favorite ways to cook and serve it? Is there an environmental reason it is so rarely on the menu in seafood restaurants?

Since I'd love to try it, I'm pretty sure I'd be a Way.

Am I the only one on the planet who dislikes ___, or loves ___?

Traveller and cycorider discovered they are kindred spirits in their dislike of bacon. I'm sure both have been asked, "Who doesn't love bacon?" And also asked, "Are you nuts?"

I wonder what other kindred spirits we have here. It might be something you dislike, or even something you just don't have an interest in eating. Or maybe it's the opposite - you love something that everyone else finds disgusting.

If people are surprised at your choice, let's see if you can find your own kindred spirit right here on SE.

Pastrami Sandwich OR Corned Beef Sandwich?

For me, it's like Sophie's Choice. Hot and cold. Both.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, pro and con on both.

Grilled Reuben with sauerkraut or slaw (I know - slaw is supposed to go on cold sandwich only but I like it on grilled as much as sauerkraut, but not both) and swiss & Russian dressing on rye.

Hot pastrami. I also like it with swiss, but provolone wouldn't be turned down. Again, has to be rye (which includes pumpernickel).

If you are also a fan, make us your sandwich or sandwiches! I know it says OR in capital letters, but I don't have that cruelty in my heart on Superbowl Sunday, so I'll let you choose both or neither. This generosity may not happen again, so take advantage now! ;-D

Welcome dd, possibly our youngest member at 10?

Just thought you'd all like to know that dd is only 10 years old, and just joined SE. She loves to cook with her mother, our very own donnie. They were planning a lot of baking today - maybe she'll update us tomorrow. When you see her, I'm sure she'd love a hello, and I thought you'd appreciate knowing her age when you cross paths.

Kids in the Kitchen Cooking

My conversation last night with dd, one of the daughters of our Donnie, got me remembering cooking with my daughters. They started out on a stool doing simple age appropriate tasks, and moved on to making meals all on their own. There was some wasteful creativity (don't ask), but they both love food. I was talking to my youngest daughter yesterday, who just moved into a house with a bunch of other people. She said if she tells the guys (sorry about the assumption that guys don't cook - just the case in that house) what ingredients she needs and offers to cook, they'll do the shopping and pay for the food. I never thought of that particular bonus to knowing how to cook. ;)

My mother also encouraged us to help out and cook and the traditions got passed on. Do you have kids in the kitchen cooking? Tell us what you like to make or help make, if you're still with us 10 year old dd?

Your Lunch Today (Had it before?)

I'm at my desk having a big bowl of chicken noodle soup with leftover veggies and chicken, and saltine crackers.....AGAIN. Yesterday I had a liverwurst and onion sandwich on oatmeal bread, but I have this almost same bowl of chicken soup at least a few times a week in the winter. Are you as predictable as me, or do you change things up all the time?

What are you having for lunch today? Do you have that regularly?

Pancakes or Waffles & What Goes With Them?

Waffles, if I have a choice. Pancakes kind of plop in my tummy and stay there, uncomfortably so. However, they are great for a crowd, as I can make them on my humongous griddle and keep them hot in the oven. I can make a lot more pancakes in much less time than waffles. I wish I had a humongous waffle maker!

Waffles can be big Belgians with fresh strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped cream.

Waffles can be hot and buttery with real maple syrup filling the grids. I like them crusty on the outside and still soft and hot on the inside. I like fruit on breakfast waffles, too - especially hot blueberry syrup with lots of whole blueberries. If I'm really, really hungry I like them with eggs and sausage and I wouldn't turn down a piece of bacon. A few orange segments would hit the spot and so would a bottomless cup of coffee. This breakfast is ideal for a weekend brunch, any night dinner, and late, late night after partying. I'd probably want a nap within a few hours. LOL

Boy, I can't remember the last time I had a really good waffle. My waffle iron only makes little ones, and it also makes a mess. Do you have a good one? Tell us about it?

Tofu: Way or No Way?

This twice in one day W/NW ? is in direct response to HeartofGlass who doesn't like meat, white sauce or mayo and claims I'm killin' her. And she loves me, too. I had to wrack my brain (not an easy task), and came up with tofu.

My vegetarian daughters had to do some serious convincing to get me to try it. It was their promise that it had little flavor of it's own and took on the flavors of the other components in a dish. I believe they were pan frying it with onions, garlic, zucchini and grape tomatoes, so I gave it a shot. I was also leery of the texture, thinking it would be mushy and slimy. They won me over. It was delicious, kind of meaty and crusty on the outside. I've seen a few types of tofu in the supermarket, and I prefer the firmer, and have become a convert.

I thought the tofu Carla prepared in the quickfire Quaker Oats challenge on Top Chef last night looked tasty.

Are you suspicious, as I was? Have you never even considered eating it? Do you eat it all the time and have some great tips for us? In other words, are you Way or No Way?

I'm a (not as enthusiastic as I would be for bacon) Way.

S.O.S. (...on a shingle): Way or No Way?

It can be made with chipped beef, ground beef, corned beef, cream sauce or even mayo, served on toast? I think the appeal is that it can feed thousands cheaply? I don't believe I've ever had the pleasure.......or pain? Military haven't had a choice, I gather? Some love it, some hate it. Maybe if you added some bacon, I might like it. I'm gonna have to go No Way on this one.

What's your experience? Got a good recipe?

Relish Tray: Way or No Way?

Are they a thing of the past? I have some beautiful divided cut glass trays that my mother used for pickles, olives, and other pickled things (that I'm not crazy about). She also put out crudite with dips, but not on the relish trays. They were for holidays and "company". I want to use them because they're so pretty.

Do you put out pickles, pickled things and olives for guests? I'd polish off the olives, but my kosher garlic dills are probably too gigantic for dainty glass trays. I guess gherkins (sp?) would be more appropriate, along with bread and butter pickles, maybe. I never see anybody put these out anymore. (Too fancy for a superbowl party?)

Your thoughts, along with your vote please? Use them or like them, you're a Way.

Fresh Fruits in Freezing Icy Snowy Weather

I've been eating all the bananas, apples and red grapes I bought last weekend. Now I'm wishing for something else. Grapefruit maybe? I'd love a mango. Had a fabulous pear last weekend at a friend's house. I wonder where she bought them?.

I crave fruit all year round. Do you eat a lot of fresh fruit in the winter? If you can pick it off a tree in your backyard right now, I'm so jealous, I could spit pits. ;-D

What fruits have you had lately, and what was superb?

Winning haiku? No "Look Who's Talkin'" last week?

I love the variety of articles the staff puts together, but have the commenters been relegated to the back seat?

I'd like to see the winning haiku for the Snow's BBQ Brisket contest, wouldn't you? And what happened to posting contest winners on the home page? If more than random pick, all of us who wrote something would really like to see what constitutes a winning entry.. You did post all winners for a little while after we asked, but they've disappeared to the "about" section again.

I always look forward to Look Who's Talkin' on the home page which used to come out on Friday, then sometimes Saturday or even Sunday. I noticed a few staff members obviously only read through some comments on that day or the day before. I didn't see it at all last weekend. I like to see really funny or really smart comments. If they're mine, even better...haha. I look forward to it, and missed it. Sometimes I read something and think, "That should be in the Look Who's Talkin' this weekend." Maybe, we should submit OUR favorites if the staff is too busy - we commenters probably read more in the Talk section than the staff? That's a question, not a fact, since I have no idea. Anyway, don't leave it in the dust, please?

And, I'm not so sure I like my topics being edited. Feels like a heavy hand. I put thought into them - they never just say Help, but are constructed to garner interest in the topic. Just sayin'.

What are your everyday breads?

I love homemade, but that's a rare treat, not my typical bread. I only buy fresh bakery bread and rolls or my typical breads:

Pepperidge Farm: Hearty White, Soft Oatmeal, Multigrain, Rye, Marble and Pumpernickel. I can't eat whole wheat. I also usually have Thomas' English Muffins.

I keep all but the loaf I'm using in the freezer. English muffins are usually just for breakfast, but can sub for bread in a pinch. I can't get good bagels, or I'd have them instead.

What breads do you almost always have around the house on a daily basis?

Corned Beef Hash: Way or No Way?

Way Way Way,
Any way, any day.

Haven't had it in ages.

Confession - there is a can of the stuff in the front of the pantry where I'm staying and I salivate every time I look at it. I had the canned cb hash nearly 40 years ago and I still remember that it was pretty darned good, for canned. Add a couple of over medium eggs and it's breakfast heaven. I want it!


Got a Craving?

I was craving buttered popcorn. Went to the movies and scratched that itch. (p.s. Benjamin Button is a l-o-n-g (yawn) movie)

Now, I'm craving roasted butternut squash, with a pat of butter and a sprinkle of nutmeg. I can almost smell and taste it. Must try to get one tomorrow. Haven't decided what to have with it, but that will be the star.

How about you? Craving anything?

Imposter Bacon: Way or No Way?

I adore bacon, but haven't tried turkey bacon or any of the other imposters out there. I'm guessing I'd be terribly disappointed. For our purposes, I'm talking meat, not some chemical or vegetable look-alike.

I'll say No Way. I'll reconsider if the rest of you say that something else really can compete with pork.

So, wadda u say, way or no way?

Liver and Onions: Way or No Way?

Don't have it often, but I love baby calves liver, floured & cooked with bacon and onions. Gravy for the mashed potatoes. So good, so WAY.

Growing up, we had it at least once a week because my mother was iron deficient. She let us smother it with applesauce, but I still remember wanting to run when I smelled it cooking. Luckily, my tastes have changed.

I also used to prepare it with tomato juice when I was eating it once a week on the Weight Watchers diet. Can't compare to bacon, but it wasn't bad.

How about you? Is it "offal" or WAY?

Oatmeal: Way or No Way?

Everything from steel cut to instant. Is it a breakfast staple, your favorite cookie, an ingredient in your granola or bread? Do you eat it because it's heart healthy or because you love it?

I have it for breakfast (all sorts from Irish to instant) and have to cook it with milk and pour cold milk on hot oatmeal. I like brown sugar and sometimes maple syrup on it - just like when I was a child. Oatmeal raisin cookies are in my top 3. I love Pepperidge Farm soft oatmeal bread. I've used it mixed in a coating for baked fish and it's delicious! I'm probably forgetting some uses, but absolutely love the stuff - WAY.

You? If No Way, why not? If Way, what are your favorite uses?

Pricey Chuck Roast: Affordable Beef Substitute?

I have always used chuck roasts for pot roast and beef stew — two of my favorite comfort meals, and easy affordable dinners with lots of leftovers. The price of the chuck roast has skyrocketed. Any suggestions for an alternative cut? Skirt steak is nearly impossible to find around here, but I was curious if that would work. Maybe short ribs or country ribs are cheaper?

I don't shop much and am not too familiar with current pricing on other cuts of meat. TIA!

Frozen Pearl Onions: Way or No Way?

Even Ina Garten uses them, but I think they ruin a dish. I'll try cipollini onions or just use regular carmelized onions even though they're not as pretty, but never again will I use the frozen. I think I used Birds Eye. Have you cooked with them? Have I done something wrong, or not used a great one? I just dumped them in a few beef dishes and later wished I hadn't. No Way, unless you can convince me otherwise.


Reddi-wip or Cool Whip: Way or No Way?

You can get Reddi-wip made with real cream and sugar (also has corn syrup) and it's fewer calories than Cool Whip, which is made with hydrogenated vegetable oil - YUM! Sandra Lee prefers the Cool Whip because it would hold up in a tsunami. Reddi-wip also comes in chocolate (tempting me), and fat free ( real cream there).

Reddi-wip has the fun factor of squirting into somebody's mouth or elsewhere.

I'm a DIY real whipped cream person, but in a pinch (like needing it for a dessert in a non-foodie household without even a whisk) I might buy the real cream Reddi-wip. Not in my house though. My father used to love to squirt it in our mouths and give us each a mustache & beard, so it brings back some fun childhood memories. To get Cool Whip past my lips, I'd need to be departed from this world, and they'd need a pry bar to part these lips.

I know we're all "real" food junkies, but would you consider either in a "can't possibly whip cream here" pinch? Or, is it your habit to have it on hand to top a dessert, hot chocolate, Irish coffee or ice cream with no bother at all? Way or No Way?

What are your favorite add-ins to any whipped cream? I use vanilla and sugar, but a little maple syrup or liqueur would be good. Haven't done chocolate yet - would you melt some and add it?

Frozen Puff Pastry Dough.

I've had a box of Puff Pastry Dough in my freezer for almost a year now, unopened. It's wrapped in plastic so I'm assuming it's still fine? Are there any good recipes that you know of that i can try?... More

Left-over Spaghetti?

I seem to remember seeing or hearing of recipes for a baked spaghetti casserole using left over spaghetti. Do any of you cook this by chance? If so, can you post a recipe? My husband and I ALWAYS have leftovers.... More

Funeral food

I'm just about to go downstairs and start a large pan of apple crisp to bring to the house of a friend of Mr. Meatloaf. The lovely man passed away a few hours ago, and my first thought was "What... More

What do foodies do?

Now that we have foodie politics out of the way - what the heck do you guys do all day? I know there are some here and there who actually work in the food industry, but that hasn't seemed to... More

SE users: please introduce yourselves.

I feel like it's been a while since we've had a little SE-user roll call. I'm always interested in who's out there asking, answering, and commenting. So, who are you? What are you all about? I'll start: I'm 24, working... More