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Garlic, extra garlic, pizza

@Adam Kuban, yes from what I understand it is a triple order of garlic.

@Garvey Thanks!

International Face Off: Nutella

@Letley Thank You! Thank you so much!

Cadbury World? Any thoughts?

Thanks all! For my husband and I this will be our 9th trip to the UK (as well as a short stint spent living in Scotland for me many moons ago) and we've done most of the stuff there is to do in London.

Thanks @twoflower, I think the point that we won't be back for ages kind of decides it for us. I've always been curious about going....

@ermintrude75, we are staying in Kent so I will look into the other things you suggested, thanks!

International Face Off: Nutella

@wildbluehugh oh yes that stuff flies in Eastern Europe. I live in Hungary and last Easter (my first one here) I was happily piling cute Easter bunnies for 90 forints - about 45 cents US - into my basket for my kids. I was under the assumption that every product is better in Europe, which I gained whilst living abroad in other western European countries.

Unbeknownst to me I had discovered chocomass (or csokimass, or whatever it is called in Hungarian) which is vegetable fat and cocoa powder and a small amount of sugar. So gross. Even my kid who was 2 yo at the time and eats crayons would not eat it.

As for paprika pringles @happyscrappy, we have them in spades here. Not just pringles, but all sorts of brands have paprika flavoured snacks. I have not been able to develop a taste for them and instead buy salt and vinegar crisps from the local UK Products store.

Kosher Salt Help

Thanks all! I will use sea salt and err on the side of 5 oz for prudence.

And yes, I do have a kitchen scale that I bought at Ikea. We don't shop on Amazon or anything of the like because we do not want to pay the huge shipping fees and the duties. I miss how cheap things were in the US!

Bottom Shelf Beer: Tyskie and Zywiec Polish Lagers

I live in Budapest and I'd like to throw out a recommendation for our fair city for your honeymoon. It has good beer, good food and is quite pretty. Cost effective too. Though Prague is beer central if that is what you are looking for. There is even a hotel in a brewery there.

Serious Eats Day 2012: What Day Should We Celebrate?

Feb 18th, but will there be anyone in Budapest wanting to meet up?

Ethnic Food in Unusual Areas

@thesteveroller thanks for the tip about Mongolian Cafe! We've heard it was good and it is very, very close to our flat. We have two little ones though and don't get out to restaurants very often (and when we do we tend to head to Pest and go to a fav ruin pub after we eat out).

I'm not sure if the chinese black market place is near the train station anymore. My husband said it was by Esceri (the flea market) so it is prob the same place you were talking about.

@BitchinFixins we're hoping to go to Lake Bled next summer so I'll remember to keep my eye out for Chimichongas! Thanks!

Ethnic Food in Unusual Areas

Oh @BitchinFixins and @thesteveroller, you made me lol.

I live in Budapest, Hungary right now. I am an expat and my husband and I are always searching in vain for some good Mexican food. There is a new taco stand type place near us that served up a somewhat decent fish taco. We were surprised.

I love to cook Mexican too and have found that really hard. Corn tortillas are impossible to get though one expat I know makes them and sells them.

Chinese food is abismal here. Food is presented in trays cold at a buffet and microwaved for you when ordered and they do not make dumplings! We've heard rumors of a place out in the sticks/bad neighborhood that has a Chinese blackmarket mall that has delicious food, though we heard it was raided, so we are not sure it is still there.

Lobster Roll Rumble: 18 Lobster Rolls in America

This post is torture for me.

In my past life I lived on lobster rolls from May until September (with the occasional one in December). We were lucky enough to have family with a home in Rhode Island that they gave us a key to and we'd travel up there every opportunity we got.

Now I am in Budapest and nary a lobster in sight, so I can't even make my own lobster roll. Sigh...

San Antonio: How to Make Puffy Tacos

These look pretty awesome.... though I doubt there is a chance in hell I'll find any fresh masa in Budapest (where we live).

I am thinking that I could easily bastardize the Hungarian langos with some taco toppings though. Langos is serious fried bread and my inlaws who were just visiting kept saying how much it reminded them of Navajo fry bread.

Election Night Eats

Isn't it
orange = NDP
red= Liberal
blue= conservative
green= Green Party
???= Bloc Quebecois (not that it matters anymore)

Your favourite hearty vegetarian entrees? Recipes please!

Another chili recipe. This one (if you omit the cheese and sour cream when serving) is also vegan. My sister-in-law used to be vegan and I first cooked this for her, but we have found it so delicious that we have it often and it is my basic go-to chili recipe.

Barber's Best Chili

1-1/2 Cups (375ml) - Chopped onion
2 - Green Peppers, seeded, chopped
3 - Celery Stalks, chopped
4 - Cloves (not bulbs) of garlic, minced
2 - Tbsp. (30ml) Oil
2 - 28oz (2 - 796 ml) Cans Tomatoes
1 - 14oz (398ml) Kidney Beans
1 - 14oz (398ml) Brown Beans
2 - Cups (500ml) Sliced Fresh Mushrooms
1-1/2 - Cups (375ml) Water
1/2 - Cup (125ml) Raisins
1/4 - Cup (60ml) Vinegar
1 - Bay leaf
1 - Tbsp. (15ml) Chili Powder
1 - Tbsp. (15ml) Parsley
1-1/2 - Tbsp. (7ml) Basil
1-1/2 - Tbsp. (7ml) Oregano
1/2 - Tbsp. (2ml) Pepper
1/4 - Tbsp. (1ml) Tobasco
1 - Cup (250ml) Cashews (optional)
Grated Chedder Cheese
Sour Crean

Saute' onion, green peppers, celery, garlic in oil till tender. Add tomatoes and beans with liquid, along with remaining ingedients, except cashews, cheese and sour cream. Cover and simmer for 1 hour. Uncover and simmer for another hour. Remove Bay leaf if you can find it. If using cashews add at the end. Serve with grated cheese and a dolop of sour cream. Serves 8-10.

Has anyone else met with a SE'er ??

I would love to meet some other SE'ers, but I am in Budapest and I doubt that there are any others here, or that many of them come this way very often either.

But if you are coming let me know! There is a private market tour I have been aching to take, but I don't want to do it solo.

Canadian Eats?

Oh @PeanutButter you made me so blue! I am currently living in Europe and I would probably sell my first born for some Hickory Sticks and Hawkin's Cheesies (and perhaps some Old Dutch BBQ chips). And I haven't had Pop Shoppe Pop for years!

I will have to make something, and I think I will go with either Nanaimo Bars or Butter Tarts.

A Guide to UK Chocolate Candy

Thanks @Monsieur_Ghislain! My husband loves Wunderbars (I am Canadian and he is American. He got hooked on wunderbars everytime he visited Canada when we were dating.) Now we are living in Europe and I'm off to the UK today so I will def be picking up some Starbars for him.

Canadian Eats?

Thanks all for the suggestions. Butter tarts and Nanaimo bars both sound like possibilities, esp the Nanaimo bars since my dad's recipe has Bird's custard in it and I know I can get that in the UK for sure. :)

Enough with the Ramp Rage!

karen1monger - Thank you! I am going to look for them this weekend during our regular market trip. :)

Enough with the Ramp Rage!

I am living in Budapest, having moved here in January. The seasonalvores would have their limits far tested here. The only vegetables I have been able to get have been onions, potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips and the occasional squash. The local markets cater to Hungarians and Hunagarians want local and they want seasonal.

Just now blinding white stalks of asparagus are showing up at produce stands and last weekend I saw the first green asparagus this year, and you had better believe I snapped it right up. Though the white asparagus was fine, the green is the color I needed. I was spoiled in New York for ten years because I could choose to be seasonal but I knew I could also get kumquats in November if I really wanted them.

I kind of miss the variety, and yes I miss ramps because the bacon here is amazing and I know they would be delicious together with a poached egg on top.

Everyday groceries?

It totally depends where you are going to live in the city. What neighborhood are you planning on living in?

Our Favorite British and Irish Crisps, Candies, and Other Snacks

I lived in New York city for over ten years having moved there from Canada and I would often hit up Myers for some tastes that were familiar and homey. Wine gums were always the first thing I would put in my basket. Remember when that cat was stuck in the store walls?

Now I have moved to Budapest and I was so happy to find a well-stocked British foods shop that also delivers to my apartment for free! Digestives also make excellent pie crusts when you want a change from graham crackers. Now if I could just find a Canadian foods shop (hickory sticks anyone?) I would be supremely happy.

Yellow Mustard

Thank you for this! I can't get good old yellow mustard here and am getting desperate. Now to try and see if I can find the other ingredients.... I am sure Wondra flour is not available in Hungary, but I guess I can improvise.

Blast from the Past: The McDLT

I have a very distinct memory of the McDLT because it was a rare occasion for us to eat at McDonalds at all when we were kids and one night my mother went out and got take-out and brought it home. The McDLTs were unveiled, but someone had forgotten to put the "warm side" in.

All we had were a bunch of tops with lettuce and cheese. My mother called the restaurant and got her money back, but I don't think we ever had a McDLT in the end.

What Foods Do You Miss Most as an Expat?

As an Albertan living in NYC the past 10 years there are few foods that I've really missed and they've always been of the junk food variety. In particular Old Dutch BBQ chips (when they changed the formula during one of my pregnancies, that was a terrible moment, esp after my dad had brought me two bags in his luggage).

My husband (who is from New Jersey) has fallen in love with some expat items, in particular Coffee Crisp chocolate bars. I do also have a soft spot for Kraft Dinner, but it has been years since I've been drunk enough to want to eat it.

Of course in three months I'm moving to Budapest, so I'm sure my list will grow of foods that I will be longing for. I'm sure good Mexican will be at the top of that list.

Bone-In Pork Roast Recipe?

Thank you CJ McD, would you also marinade it or pop it in right away?


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