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From Scratch or With a Little Help?

Thanks, I had thought I had updated but there is something slightly misleading in there... says new password and re enter and I guess you have to enter your password to get the changes to take.

From Scratch or With a Little Help?

Thank you all... this makes me feel like I'm on the right track. I won't turn this into an advertisement because I think that is not in the spirit of the site, I just wanted to get a feel for where real cooking people stand.
I will say all my ingredients are real and nothing you can't pronounce :P

From Scratch or With a Little Help?

This is a question to everyone out there. Do you prefer to cook everything from scratch or do you use some commercial products?

I have no problem explaining why I ask, I make and sell BBQ sauces and Rubs. I ask the question because I want to know if people would rather buy some of those elements that will enhance their foods or do they want to make it all from scratch?

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