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The Skinny on the SE All-Star Sandwich Festival, July 23

@presquevu You can volunteer! We need a small army of Serious Eaters to make the event run smoothly, and we wouldn't dream of letting anyone work on an empty stomach. Email for more information.

Our Peeps Diorama: Street Food Vendor Peeps

Comrade Erin,

On behalf of the Peep Liberation Front, thank you for your ongoing support of peep culture, especially the implicit message to "eat the street" not "eat the peep." Our new orange sister and brother peeps are honored to play such a prominent role in the diorama.

It has been a challenging year for the peep community, as the emerging issues with sloppy eye dotting have placed great stress on new PLF members. Peeps Week provides a welcome diversion and a reminder of why our work remains important.

Yours in peep struggle,

Comrade Bo

Photo of the Day: The Peep Liberation Front

Comrade Erin, the Peep Liberation Front, writing from an undisclosed location, thanks you for your thoughtful coverage of our noble struggle. The peeps united will never be defeated!

How to Make S'meeps: S'mores Plus Peeps

To understand fully the horror of this post, I share the following. Shame on you all! Power to the peeps!


The Peep Liberation Front was formed in Providence, RI in 1992 in the wake of what is now known as "The Governor Street Massacre." On Easter 1992, frustrated by the International Solidarity Organization's domination of Brown campus politics and the overall lack of chinese food in Providence, a lone deranged graduate student drove over several unwrapped packages of peeps in order to see how well they held tire impressions.* Outraged by this horrific display of cruelty, one of the peepicidal grad student's housemates rescued the remaining peeps. As they were recuperating on a shelf with many bell hooks, Paolo Friere and Franz Fanon books, the inevitable happened, and as soon as they had properly mourned their comrades, these brave survivors formed the Peep Liberation Front (PLF). Over the next four years, they staged small, targeted indoor protests in the weeks leading up to the Massacre's anniversary. Due to limited professional opportunities in RI, as multi-colored peeps faced deep discrimination in the mainstream candy community, the PLF migrated to lower Manhattan in 1995 just in time to take part in the last Wigstock held on the West Village piers. Today, the PLF continue to march each year in support of peep rights, and are focusing their off-streets efforts on policy change and public awareness. Peeps recognize that it is their lot in life to be eaten - all they ask is that they be allowed to live and die with dignity. They are currently working to pass legislation for a total ban on the microwaving of peeps.

*The answer: almost CSI-quality.


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