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Eating Pretty

Googling life expectancy by country, this was a page that came up:


Italy 79.81
U.S. 77.85

Yes, people in Italy live roughly 2 years longer than we do. Call me a hater, but that doesn't seem like a drastic difference (or even statistically significant). Also, life expectancy takes into account the quality and availability of health care, not just food consumption.

So yes, we should definitely eat more diverse cuisines, but looking at the French, Italians, and the Greeks for ideas to live longer? Not so much.

All the Food That's Fit to Eat

1. tough tables sounds like a good idea, especially if you donate the money to charity.
2. Top Chef is entertaining. It's like they put american idol + real world together. It is worth watching for entertainment value and if you really like your Kenmare appliances and Caphalon cookware... but America's Test Kitchen on PBS seems way more informative and useful.

Curried Away

Usually I use chicken or some cubed beef instead of ground beef.

All the different brands of curry cubes in a box taste about the same to me though. They definitely vary in spiciness

As for the peeps concerned about MSG. Yea, I'm sure MSG is just droppin' those Asians left and right. What a health crisis! Oh man!

But hey, that's just me. Stuff could give me cancer for all I care. (All the more reasons to "kill" embryos and research stem cells). The difference between this and something like aspartame is that this is actually delicious and a huge timesaver for when you come home late and don't want to cook.

The Food Bully

hey man, my chinese take out joint (Egg Roll) is a fine dining establishment full of cheapies.

and isn't this what mister Ed Levine talks about? Inclusivity (is that a word?) Isn't serious eats a forum for those who love a 19xx vintage wine and those of us who drink a case from walmart and add artificial sweeteners that kill lab rats?

Some of us (probably just me), enjoy the two weeks in the year when six piece nuggets are a dollar from McDonalds and eat saltine crackers for breakfast. Serious eats isn't about a dictatorship, is it?

Those around you, who understand your passion, probably just want to eat whatever they want to eat. You sign off in a way as to suggest you feel it is a sad day because people don't want to be ordered around. Isn't it enough if your passion is so effervescent that it becomes contagious? Or must your passion be the Ebola of all contagious passions?

[munches on pretzels for the 9th day in a row]


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