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BUNDT PAN - Best one to buy???

Well.... I went out on a limb today and purchased a Heritage bundt pan from Williams & Sonoma. I really like the unusual shape. Best of all, when I explained my problem with "sticking cakes", they said that if I had any problems within 90 days, they would give my money back to me. Now, the test begins.... They also had a spray they raved about, so I will use it on my Nordicware pan and see if it helps. Thank you for the idea on a butter rub rather than PAM. Five bundt cakes to make in the next few weeks.... crossing my fingers on this one.

BUNDT PAN - Best one to buy???

I pulled out my Bundt Pan and found that it is a Nordic Ware brand pan. It is quite old... has kind of a yellowish outer color and is heavy. It is the one that has driven me crazy because of sticking. Have improvements been made by Nordic over the years. Will it help to buy new one? Once again.... I do spray it with Pam and flour it.

BUNDT PAN - Best one to buy???

Do you spray your bundt pan with some sort of cooking spray or grease it? Grease and flour? Maybe that's a process I'm missing or not doing correctly. I have about 5 holiday events coming up and a bundt cake would be perfect for each one. But, I can't seem to get it right, yet I'm a pretty good cook.

BUNDT PAN - Best one to buy???

Yay.... I'm not the only one having a problem. I get so mad after working so hard to prep the pan that I say "never again", but I love the look of a bundt cake... especially around the holidays. There just has to be something out there that works.

Whole Foods is sneaking up the prices

I certainly respect the e-mail above that suggests that equal products can be found at Safeway, etc. as compared to Whole Foods. I'm the one who travels almost an hour to shop at Whole Foods, yet Safeway, Basha's, etc. are within 2 miles of my home. Did you ever compare the taste of Whole Foods turkey with Safeway's turkey? There is no comparison!!!! How about pork short ribs??? Once again, no comparison. The meat is simply better. Produce may be better at Whole Foods, but I go straight for the meat counter. I can buy one pork short rib that serves two people. At Safeway (and I love the people who work there), IF I can find pork short ribs, they are fatty and taste completely different. In the case of meat, one gets what one pays for at Whole Foods. No... not an employee. Just a happy shopper with a taste for quality meat.

Whole Foods is sneaking up the prices

I travel almost an hour just to go to the nearest Whole Foods. You just can't beat it for meat and poultry. Their fresh turkey breasts are totally fabulous. They may cost more per pound, but at least I can eat all but the bones. My local supermarket turkeys have lots of fat tucked into the sides where you can't see it, but it sure adds to the price.

How accommodating are you?

Looking at it from the other side of the coin, it can be very embarrassing to be invited to someone's house for a meal and have food allergies that are serious. Not just a dislike or preference, but the kind that sends one to the hospital. I'm allergic to carrageenan gum (a colloid extracted from various red algae (as Irish moss) and used especially as a stabilizing or thickening agent). Doesn't sound too bad until you realize that carrageenan gum is hidden in ice cream, sour cream, cream cheese, heavy cream, some soups and sometimes found even in milk. Throw in Locust Bean gum (used for the same purpose), plus shrimp and lobster and I've just put a lot of pressure on someone.

So, when one is kindly asked by the hostess about food allergies, telling them to read the ingredients in a food product is an embarrassment. I use great care in restaurants to avoid anything that has potential for a problem. Eating in someone's home is a real issue.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts...Anyone have a good recipe?

A local restaurant makes a roasted brussel spout and roasted diced beet salad that is to die for.... total yummyness !!!!



The Ted's hot dog fans are so right. I loved them when I lived in Buffalo and while Tempe is a jaunt for me now that I live in a Phoenix suberb, it's worth every mile. No I'm not employee, just a hot dog lover who wishes there was a Ted's on the west side of Phoenix. I buy a 5-lb. package of hot dogs there and toss them into the freezer. YUM !!!

What Should We Call Our Fund-Raising Cookbook

After reading your great comments, I can see the compelling need to come up with a really unusual theme that will grab the potential buyer's eye. We live in a hot climate, we will be trying to sell to people who try to present a good meal and stay cool and entertain and stay cool. Even though we are a patriotic group and the $$ will go for veteran and school projects, it does not mean that the theme of our cookbook needs to reflect our goal. I thought of something like "Cool recipes for Hot Weather Entertaining" or ??? What theme would make you pick up a cookbook?

Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

Love Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey with great gravy, Pepperidge Farm stuffing cubes with browned sausage "crumbles", chopped onion; cranberry sauce (with curry powder and ginger), broccolli, sweet potato casserole with pineapple (Mama's recipe), mashed potatoes, date stuffed with walnuts and/or gorgonzola cheese. Dessert.... ho/hum. Who needs anything more?? Forgot to add my dh's Bloody Mary's... a recipe so good that a large, local Country Club took it over and serves it. "Their recipe" is now renowed.


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