I am a Christian, a husband, the father of three girls (11, 10 and 7), and an amateur cook living in Boise Idaho. I've been competing in barbeque competitions since 2006 under the name "Patio Daddio BBQ", thus my blog name.

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Pit Barrel Cooker

As for flare-ups, there are none. The airflow is pre-set to prevent them.

Pit Barrel Cooker

The PBC is not a UDS. I've built two UDS's and I use them in competition. The food hangs in the PBC. It's not a smoker, and it's not a grill. I've been using the PBC a lot lately, and I haven't used my UDS since I got it. ;-)

Grilling: Pig Candy

Thanks so much for the mention, it's greatly appreciated.

WARNING: This stuff is seriously addicting. ;-)

Review: Old vs New Kingsford® Charcoal

Yes, the cubes are much easier, more effective and more convenient than the paper method.


Pomegranate Molasses

Here is a glaze recipe that worked well for me. Just skip the molasses-making ingredients and steps.

Slow cooked beef brisket

Got a grill? That's the ONLY way to go.


clever cooking blog names and are also available.


clever cooking blog names

FYI - is also available.


clever cooking blog names

Why,, of course! The domain is available.


Basic Barbecue Sauce

Half ketchup and half chili sauce (both Heinz, of course) makes a great sauce base. I'm a competitive BBQ cook and that is what I use. The judges like smooth sauces, so I hit mine with a stick blender.

Another way to get a subtle smokiness sans liquid smoke is to add some smoked paprika. Just make sure it's the real deal and fresh.


Best deals on appliances?

Check your local Sears and other appliance stores for "scratch & dent" models. Sears usually has killer deals on S&D.



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