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8 Essential Places to Eat and Drink in Silicon Valley

Hey Peninsula and South Bay Serious Eaters,

Thank you very much for your comments and additional recommendations for dining in our region!

I should have made it much clearer in the article that the reason there are no San Jose/Gilroy/Milpitas restaurants is because we made a decision to use 880/17 as an informal border simply because, as your comments prove, San Jose has so many worthy dining options that it really deserves its own article. It's hard enough to choose 8 places not including San Jose. Yes, San Jose is very much part of Silicon Valley, but for the purposes of this article, we decided to only include cities south to Los Gatos and north to San Mateo. Don't worry, San Jose will certainly have its article soon!

Re: Santouka ramen fans, it is indeed excellent. Patience, patience, next week it will have its moment during Ramen Week.

Most importantly, don't we live in a wonderful region to eat and drink?

Happy eating!


Dallas eats

Deep Ellum is really fun with their Saturday open house. If you want beer bars specifically, Meddlesome Moth has great selection.
I definitely second Smoke and Bolsa for lunch or dinner. Also really a big fan of Oak in the Design District. For really special soba and sushi, give Tei An a try (I know it's strange to recommend soba and sushi in Dallas, but I live in SF and we don't have anything like Tei An!). Cocktails: The Cedars Social is one of the best I've been to in the country.

Copenhagen for a Day

Had a great time in Copenhagen and Finland last summer...enjoy!
I definitely second Aamann's for smørrebrød, Mikkeller for brews, and espresso from Coffee Collective.
HIGHLY recommend Manfreds & Vin for interesting wines w/ interesting food. It's from the folks at Relae across the street. On the same street, definitely get some bread and pastries at Meyers Bageri (that street, the Jaegersborggade, is food central since Coffee Collective is there too).
If you're into cocktails, then Ruby and 1100.
Pony and Kadeau are fun, new, unique spots to consider also. We had an outstanding dinner at Geist.

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