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What's the Weirdest Ice Cream Flavor You've Ever Tried?

Brown Bread from Scoops LA. Chicken and Waffles from Coolhaus. Whiskey and Lucky Charms (but holy good.) Black sesame soy from Scoops.

A10 is a Hyde Park Restaurant Worth Caring About

SO excited to see more dining options in hyde park, though I'd argue that there's one other restaurant in Hyde Park worth getting psyched for: La Petite Folie (and the accompanying Bonjour bakery.) As someone raised in the heart of Hyde Park, I'm psyched to see more restaurants coming to the area.

I am a Xmas cookie swap freak...

I feel your pain, especially with super tasty mint cookies that make literally everything taste like mint. I always have either small zip bags or small tupperwares for my cookie swap. That way, flavors are kept separate and everyone gets to enjoy!

Garlic Powder and Garlic Chips

I'm in the "there's a place for everything" camp. I use powdered garlic in rubs. Fresh garlic everywhere. Pickled garlic in tacos. Re-constituted garlic chips in my hangover breakfast. SO much easier than using a knife.

Where can I get good salted-in-the-shell peanuts?

I don't know the brand, but the big bin in the produce section of my local grocery store (Super King -- in Los Angeles) has awesome salted in shell peanuts. And they seem to turn over quickly, so I've never gotten a stale mouthful.

Of course, this knowledge helps no one outside of LA, but seriously, if you're in LA and not shopping there, you're missing out. Super cheap produce (satsuma mandarins 50 cents a pound, zucchini 20 cents a pound,) a really vast selection (from 40 kinds of fresh peppers to uncured fresh olives to every herb on the planet.) It's worth a visit (and no, I don't work there. I just shop there. Regularly.)

Christmas Candy Booze: Holiday Candy Gets in the Spirit

I agree with Pomme, but I'm going to get all over the chocolate orange thing. So much good.

Mixed Review: Cup 4 Cup Chocolate Brownie Mix

Of course, when you look at brownie recipes from scratch, the first ingredient, proportion wise, is also sugar. That's just brownies.

Eataly Chicago Reopens After 120,000 Visitors Ate All the Food

I absolutely CAN'T WAIT to get to Chicago. Between the Nutella bar and the pizza, I'll be in heaven!

Sizing up the Solid Fare at The Medici on 57th in Hyde Park

I grew up just 2 blocks from the Med, and man do I miss the chocolate almond milkshake. I think my name is carved/sharpied, burned onto just about every booth in the place. And you're right, their burgers are terrible, but their fries are damn fine.

Non-Pork Stuffing for Thanksgiving

Beef Chorizo. Cornbread. Chipotle peppers. Sure, it's not authentic, but it sure works beautifully!

What to do with spiced coconut vinegar from the Asian store?

I'm SO glad to run across this post. I come across coconut vinegar at my local store a lot and I'm SO intrigued, yet a little bit chicken.

Cooking times for Thanksgiving

I'd say only increase your oven temperature if it runs cold or if you're planning on opening and closing it a lot. Otherwise, you're fine.

Bake the Book: The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie

I make a few (but we have a 25-40 person dinner.) Bourbon Pecan pie, Pumpkin piee with Gingersnap crust, Apple pie, Pear almond tart, Cranberry upside down cake (for my sister, the heathen who hates pie-like desserts) and cinnamon ice cream (because it goes with everything!)

Open Thread: Thanksgiving Disasters!

You know the age old "dog got the turkey" story? Yeah, that. She somehow managed to pull the turkey off the table without breaking a serving platter and got through a leg and a good part of a thigh before anyone caught her.

Alternative Dippers for Guacamole

I'm living off party leftovers right now, and I'm in love with guacamole on those black pepper water crackers that I haphazardly slapped on a cheese tray. Sounds weird, tastes like awesome. Though I'm quietly obsessing over @boobird's fried pork skin idea. Stopping at the gas station on the way home!

Go-to "impress your date" recipe

I landed my s/o with a meal that spoke to my date's childhood. We live in LA and he's caught up in the healthy, quinoa, sushi, salmon and kale craze, but I knew that he's a southern baptist who missed his grandma's cooking. Date two- A kale Ceasar salad (to appeal to the LA health freak side) and fried chicken on buttery, cheesy polenta. We've got 8 years of dates behind us now, and there was something so fun about eating fried chicken with our hands.

Parchament Paper

I love the parchment sheets. SO much better than the roll. I've pushed my parchment up to combustion (about 525) but before about 500, there's not much of a problem, especially if you've got a disconnected smoke-detector and you don't mind the smell of burning paper. If it helps, the parchment only burns where it's not covered in delicious stuff.

@Tipsykit37 I'm lucky enough to live close to the beautiful Surfas restaurant supply here in LA, and they have all the parchment in the world. They have a website and they're selling 250 packs for about 14 bucks online.

Harissa recipes!

I like it rubbed on salmon before grilling!

Do you Dress it up? Or Leave it Alone?

I'm also not a milk person, but I do like my cheerios with blueberries and yogurt. They stay crisp and delicious even with the yogurt. I started adding yogurt when my Dr told me to eat more calcium, and I added blueberries into the mix when I realized that plain yogurt is a little too tangy for me.

My range died and I need recipes

I've been doing ceviche or poke over rice lately - my range works, but my kitchen doesn't ventilate and it is HOT in LA. I sometimes use cooked, frozen shrimp for a cheater ceviche. Cheap and delicious! Also, a ton of black bean salads and Trader Joes pot stickers!

Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes

My mom always makes those the day after thanksgiving. She mixes in a little flour and an egg and fries them in butter in a nonstick pan! Works like a charm. Sometimes she throws in sauteed onions or shredded cheese as well.

Too much thyme

Make a thyme simple syrup, freeze some in olive oil, and you'll have it all year!

Need a new twist on peach pie

I normally add a bit of thyme to mine, and top it with an almond streusel crust. Different enough to keep people guessing, but classic (and sweet!) enough to keep them coming back.


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