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Horse meat, Should we worry about our own ?

Horse meat is really stringy and the texture is different. Honestly if you tried to butcher a horse it is alot more work than what you would think. How much fat is on a horse compared to beef? Really you would probably know it.

Alot of this conflict arising if horse meat is in beef is an age old issue. Since there are no packing plants in the USA for horses, then that makes horses virtually worthless. So if a packing plant was set up and run correctly, that would make the killer horse market sky rocket and then you would have the equine worth something.

Horse meat is a delicacy and don't judge it till you tasted it or researched how important it is in certain ethnic groups. So being afraid of something you know little about only causes others who are usually honest and above board to be questioned for going by the rules.

Horse meat, Should we worry about our own ?

Are you guys serious? The meat for sale is inspected by the USDA and there are no horse slaughtering plants in the USA. Talk about trying to stir up something...really if you guys want horsemeat go to Canada or France. And by the way, you can't just ship horsemeat across the border either...there is alot of red tape when you ship beef.

~urgent~midnight snack help what should I eat

Saw this on Good Morninga America today...take any flavor Jello and pour it over grapes. Let it sit in the fridge and within an hour it tastes like candy..but with good calories...well sort of...said it would taste like some of those sour candies. I can't wait to try it out.

Best thing you ate in 2012!

I LOVE salmon for breakfast..what a way to start the day....

You are what you eat.

I would be a salmon out of water

Still looking for some info...

I am not at home now otherwise I could find my Hawaiian cookbook...such fab recipes in it. I would Goggle something along the lines of roasting suckling might find something very simple. Best of luck on your adventure.

How to cook thin steaks?

An indoor grill on very high heat is really best...mind you that you must be attentive to this process...or they will turn to toast quickly.

What to do with leftover roast duck?

Duck is great in spring rolls. I even have ground up the dark meat and mixed it with pork sausage for duck burgers...that is incredible. Just remember duck can be dry so the ground pork or pork sausage will make it an incredible feast.

What'd ya get?

These sweet Minnesota girls brought over homemade lefsa and a box of wonderful cookies. Yummmmmmmmmm!!! And it was very good lefsa to say the least. Besides not getting Congress to fulfill my Christmas wish for getting the farm bill signed, we had some very welcome moisture in the form of snow. Congress is going to get a lump of coal from me.

What will YOU be cooking on Christmas Eve?

Growing up in the Midwest we always had oyster stew. Still try to keep up the tradition, but also have a feast for my pets...liver. If I had more time I would make roasted pheasant, golden gravy, mashed taters, creamed corn and lefsa.

Brilliant Cookie-Shipping Idea or...? Help!

I use salt containers to box up the cookies in so they don't get great for sugar cookies. Jerky is a great idea as is sunflower seeds. I like the idea of plastic bags for popcorn as it would be easy to throw a buddy a package. I think you are on the right track.

Too many eggs, too little time. HELP!

I would make a grand omelet in a cake or deep dish. Adding spinich, sausage, cheese, olives and whatever other favorites you would like. I would top it with a sour cream/bacon topping and invite all my friends over for brunch...friends I rarely see or friends I can't wait to see...salsa is optional.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

one slice at a time, very slowly so I can savor every little tidbit.

Shipping frozen food?

I ship alot of meat and frozen items...I buy a one gallon or five gallon white plastic bucket, freeze the items in the bucket and set in the freezer. I use dry ice most of the time but I FED EXPRESS all...honestly, no problems. You can also buy round foam containers that can be placed in a bucket...all works great. I like Fed because I drop the items off at close and they are usually there in two days.

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

Honestly??? I checked the temp in my freezer, just brought home from the locker all natural,angus beef........yummmmmmmmmm!!!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

If it would ever be possible, I love it so much I would eat it right out of the box. But since there is a breakfast bacon cereal yet, I love it fried.

Should I brine a Butterball turkey?

I tried something new this year with my butterball turkey and it was great. I cook everything a day ahead and slathered the turkey with a herb mayo recipe I was really juicy and brown. Seems the egg in the mayo makes the turkey really brown and seals in the juices..wish I had tried this years ago...yum.

Best way to do a toddler pizza party?

I have done this for 15 years as I have had ten or more children to feed at my house at once. Get the refrigerated biscuits or rolls , pop them open, butter or use a baking spray muffin pan, insert individual biscuits in each, have an array of toppings to let each person make their own...what is easier is to have teams to prep.

I use basically a tsp of tomato sauce, a few ground sausage or hamburger bits, shredded cheese, mushrooms, pineapples..whatever that fits their fancy, toss in over for about ten minutes and they are done with little mess or fuss. Elderly folk love these too as they are not messy and one or two will fill up a tummy quick. Now if you have a football team I would recommend a manufacturing line, but it is different and light and rave reviews. No real dishes or clean up. Best to you.

I brought this on myself...

Just put them in your freezer and when lent is over, you have the ultimate treat.


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