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Does Cooking Make You Gay?

Interesting article. I am gay and have been interested in cooking for as long as I can remember - when I was as young as 10 or 11 I would cook a meal for our family about once a week. I also remember being jealous of my sister's Easy-Bake oven when I was younger than that.

That said, I think it is kind of silly to suggest that an interest in cooking inherently makes men "gay" or "feminine". I long for the day when people can just be who they are without worrying so much about gender roles. (Although I'm not free of that myself - although I'm openly gay and comfortable with my sexuality I have certain traits that people think of as typically male - I HATE to ask for directions (make that, I won't ask for directions ever unless it is a matter of life and death), and I hate going to the doctor, asking for help and anything that makes me feel vulnerable or seem weak).

I wonder if part of the reason that many pro chefs are so macho is because they are trying to counteract the perception that cooking is a "female" activity. I see the same thing in lot of straight male writers. Just a thought.


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