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A Buyer's Guide to Vintage Cocktail Books

Michael, thanks for the article, it's going to help a lot with a few Christmas gifts!

One thing, I always get sidetracked, and this is no exception... In your photo for The Last Word recipe, the one below it is a Latin Manhattan, any chance you could post the recipe for that one?? I've dug around online a bit, but as usual for old cocktails, they all vary enough from each other I'm not sure to where to start aiming for the original.


12 Great Recipes For Chicken on the Grill

You want funny? At lunch CDT yesterday I was searching around for any Food Lab content from you on grilled boneless chicken breasts... Y'all stay on top of logs at SE, I take it. ;)

How to Brew Coffee in a Siphon or Vacuum Brewer

Great post! This would make a great slideshow and/or YouTube short as well!

Just wondering, do you feel okay eating alone at a restaurant?

Thinking about it now, I find myself dining solo in a heartbeat if I'm out of town traveling, usually trying to hunt down places I've heard about or dig up a cool place. But, when I'm at home, it's quite rare for me to do so. Lunch, maybe, if I'm out running errands on my break, but dinner is usually accompanied or cooking at home.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I bet you the leftovers could get quite inventive... Pulled Pork, Olive Salad, & Mozarella sounds like something I'll be trying in the near future.

Cajun Smoked Turkey

@grumblekitty Having been sold a skinless bird at the farmers' market at a deal one day, I gave it a shot... IMHO, you want the skin, I ended up having to drape it with bacon to protect the meat while it roasted. I'm guessing if you're debating the skin, bacon might be considered worse.

Thanksgiving: What's Your Stuffing Approach?

Since grandma passed, mom's taken up the reins of her scratch cornbread dressing. They make a huge batch ahead of time and have enough frozen for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years so we can focus on other stuff leading up to & day of.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Lady Bligh Spiced Rum is Better Than Captain Morgan's

I've got to toss Cruzan 9-spice in the ring. I'm not a fan of it neat, just have another couple rums here I like a lot better that way. BUT, I'd recently gotten into White Cubans (White Russians, minus vodka, plus rum) and non-spiced rum versions felt a little flat. I grabbed a handle (1.75L, is "handle" a regional term?) of this 9-spice for $22 and it fit quite nicely.

@inazuma74: Just got introduced to Kraken the other weekend visiting some good friends in Memphis and they got it to make Dark n' Stormys, I was quite impressed! Haven't found it in the local area yet.

Portland, OR: 'Paleolithic' Burgers at Dick's Kitchen Should Have Stayed in the Stone Age

I find it really odd that they're that averse to salt, yet seems most of the menu is fairly carb-forward. A friend of mine is a trainer and a big paleo proponent, when talking nutritional shop, salt's mentioned, but not nearly as much as bread & white potatoes.

Sure, theres the hypertension to worry about with too much salt (canned soup, anyone), but if you're cooking it yourself from scratch, I've have seen many folk that really get themselves in trouble with their salt intake, even making it tasty. Just seems like they majored on the minor bits.

Beer Pairings: What to Drink with Fried Chicken

From personal, and as yet unpublished research, Abita Amber pairs exceedingly well. :D

How to Make Better Chocolate Milk

Why just kidding about the Wild Bird?? :D

We sub'd extra-thick chocolate milk in a round of White Russians the other night. And, a friend introduced me to the Velvet Presley, Bourbon or Rye whiskey with chocolate milk. Dangerous. But, in an appealing way.

Poll: Olives - Way or No Way?

I'm not a big fan of black olives, not much flavor to me. BUT, I don't think you could put too many green or Kalamata olives on a pizza for me.

What Defines a Gastropub Burger?

Burgers & Venn Diagrams! Love It!

I agree with the nuance, it fits perfectly a place (Fat Cow Burgers) we just had open up here in Baton Rouge last week... It's not a "Fancy-Pants" place by a longshot, they're not aiming for that two blocks from LSU, but the burgers are on-point!

You can get a basic cheeseburger up to some with Al Benton's bacon, and one with Foie Gras. With pretty much all counter service, except some tables & chairs outside accessed through roll-up garage doors, when it's not 98deg outside.

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Non-Pedestrian Cheeses

Hahahahah, I didn't get to see the bickering on the original article. I love it!

Behind the Scenes at Kings County Distillery, Brooklyn NY

Awesome, thanks for all the info man, I really appreciate!!

The Burger Lab: How To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (Almost)

Caffeine hadn't kicked in and I'm a bit dense to begin with... :D

The Burger Lab: How To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (Almost)

Word, good deal!

Doh, I caught myself going back through and looking, but I completely missed the link.

Thanks for suffering me not quite RTFM. :)

Behind the Scenes at Kings County Distillery, Brooklyn NY

Colin, more power to ya and the business! I dnt expect with the local distributors here in Louisiana that we'll see your stuff anytime soon, but we'll try it out when it happens.

Question: Would you mind sharing what type/brand/model of hotplates y'all are using for the stills in pic #8?? I'm starting a hobby of distilling, um, water, in case the apocalypse comes and all.

The Burger Lab: How To Make Any Cheese Melt Like American (Almost)

Nice work, thanks!

Which burger patty is that? I'm going to attempt some Burger Lab burgers in the near future, and that looks outstanding.

Cocktails to make with ginger liqueur?

I'm with dbrackst, I'd make a modified Dark & Stormy, I've liked mine with a dash or two of angostura bitters lately, even though it's not that traditional.

I can't believe I didn't try this before !!!!

I was a picky eater growing up and my folks aren't that adventurous with food, so I'd never tried sushi. We were in a karaoke bar on vacation and I was well into the sake at this point in the evening, the waitress offered a menu, tried & loved it, and went on a bender. :-) Eat it regularly now.

Serious Advice Needed: Extra Fatty Pork Belly

@maom: I hear ya, but the price was good enough that I was cool even if all I do is render it all down like fatback.

@Saucy: Me or someone else? If I said something odd or didn't provide some info, just let me know and I'll happily correct my gaff.

Goodbye, Dumpling

Sorry buddy. It's hard to lose friends, whether they have two or four legs. Y'all are in our prayers.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Christian Brothers VS Brandy

I went on a brandy kick a couple of years ago and found I like E&J XO... A lot. More than the Remy on the shelf next to it. And, at ~$16/bottle, it won't break the bank.

I use the E&J VSOP in my sangria, initially, because it was cheaper by a couple bucks and we had more of it around, but both are worth checking out.

I stopped there for the bottom shelf back then, I'm going to have to grab some CB this weekend!


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