Is the grocery store a 'manners free' zone...

I agree. The only thing that I don't mind that drives some people absolutely nuts is people that aren't dressed exactly, erm, nicely. But you do have to draw the line with that somewhere. Sweats and a tee? Fine. Bathing suit and squelchy flip flops? Save it for the pool, please.

how do you store your spices?

I store them in a small tin bin and have them alphabetized for easy use (the majority of them are also those McCormick jars). I also think that some stores sell a sort of rack that holds spices; some even spin. Hope this helps!!

Cakespy: Magic Cookie Bar Pie

OOooo, that looks really good!!

Breakfast Sandwich Poll, Part IV: What's Your Favorite Cheese?

Hmmm...I wonder if blue cheese would be good...I'll have to try that sometime...

Recent Obssession

I love Jeni's ice creams when I'm visiting Columbus, OH anytime of year!!

Standing Room Only: Jeni's Ice Cream

Jeni's is definitely my favorite ice cream place evah!

Weird Foods to Eat Together

Anybody like any strange food combinations? For example, one of my friends likes baby carrots and whipped cream; another happens to fancy broccoli and ketchup. Post your weird food combos and try to figure out whose is the strangest!

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