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IKEA Food: Have you dined there?

Perfectly acceptable, very decently priced food.

What Are Your Favorite Regional Farmers' Markets?

Evanston farmers' market, just north of Chicago.


Therapeutic tedium... or hateful kitchen tasks I strangely enjoy

I'm with several of the posters above: chopping is lovely; grocery shopping is wonderful; and cleaning up after a kick-ass dinner party, while dissecting it with hubby, is sublime.

Big appetite?

Heck, I have a huge appetite now--and I'm a scrawny woman in my mid-thirties!

I can't buy bottled water anymore. Just can't.

My family is from The Old Country. We have never been able to pay hard-earned cash for something we can get for free. Besides, we don't seem to be as thirsty as native-born Americans. What's up with taking water everywhere? I will venture to say that we seem to stay rather hearty and healthy and hydrated with our occasional throughout-the-day sips (from a stainless steel bottle) and a glass or two of water in the evening.

you say artisan, i say artisan

It makes me nukyoolar-mad to hear "arteezhun" in a food context.

America's Worst Cook: Seriously?

This reminds me of an old college apartmentmate of mine who couldn't even make mac-'n-cheese from the box. She put everything together at once-- water, noodles, orange "cheese" powder, milk--and had it boiling over on the stove.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Adventurous Vegetables

I tackled a chayote:

It was ok. But then I received a reader comment that included a much more tempting recipe, which I'm dying to try later this week.

What to do with four pounds of pecans!?

Oh, what a terrible problem. First, stash them in the freezer. Really. Look:

Then, as previously suggested, pack them for daily snacks, or eat them in your daily oatmeal, or make baklava.

DIY Grocery Planner and Templates

Very cute. But you know what else is cute and gets this done? My iPhone.

Have You Ever Experienced Pine Mouth?

My pine nuts must be from somewhere else. They remain unspeakably tasty.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Best Meals of 2009

Our lunches in Provence! Each was pretty much the same: bread from the boulangerie down the street, and fresh tomatoes, basil, cheese, olives, and sausage from the farmers' market. And, of course, wine. Here's a peek:

Weekend Cook and Tell: Holiday Bringalongs

All we brought was homemade bread and an appetizer: baked goat cheese with roasted tomatoes and capers. The breathless, raving reactions to this lump of melted fat with toppings that took a total of 11 minutes to prepare did make me wonder why I ever bother with more elaborate recipes!

Ice Cubes in Orange Juice

I put an ice cube in coffee so that I can drink it just about straight from the pot.

Healthy & Delicious: Baked Oatmeal

I'm a huge fan of baked oatmeal. Heck, I'm a huge fan of oatmeal, period. Here's our recent baked oatmeal recipe, with apples and cranberry sauce:

And here's today's mid-holiday oatmeal detox:

Favorite grocery store...

I love tiny "ethnic" markets (ever so fitting for an "ethnic" person like moi) and have a hard time deciding on a favorite. But, since they don't carry everything, I usually end up going to Whole Foods for bulk goods and some dairy and eggs (when our farmers' market is closed). And then of course there are another couple of places I need to hit for, um, booze, as well as the local roaster for coffee.

Food/beverage shopping, how I love thee!

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 99: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Serious Eaters

There's a bag of chocolate-covered pecans in my cabinet that calls and calls to me. I can hear it upstairs, I can hear it downstairs, I can hear it in the shower... I think the only solution is to eat them all.

EVERY Day Foods

I can't say that I crave the same fruits or vegetables all the time, because I really appreciate things that are in season. But I could eat oatmeal, beans, bread, and cheese pretty much always.