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How to Make a Quick Pizza with Slow-Rise Flavor

One idea I got from Cook's Illustrated's take on the no Knead Bread recipe is to replace some of the dough's water with a mild beer (think miller light or some such) . It adds a lot of yeasty flavor to the pizza dough too without having to save old dough.

Cast iron loaf pan with lid?

I do have several cast iron pots. I want a loaf pan so that I can make bread no-knead bread that is a more sensible shape for sandwiches. I enjoy the consistent size of sandwich bread for this purpose.

Cast iron loaf pan with lid?

I haven't tried that, but I assumed that a pan within a pan strategy would change the crust because it wouldn't retain heat the way that cast iron would because my pans are stainless steel. I guess I could just get a cast iron loaf pan to put in my dutch oven, if it fits.

Suggestion Box: What Would You Like to See on Slice in 2010?

More pizza making stuff, especially toppings and sauces.

'Consumer Reports': Two-thirds of Fresh, Whole Broiler Chickens Contain Salmonella, Campylobacter

Does this really matter? I had been operating under the assumption that all chicken was unsafe to eat if undercooked. No rare chicken anywhere.

If I cook my chicken to the required temperature then do I need to worry about this?

Save Prime Burger, A Burger Shop With Real Character

Ate there today. We ordered as per above. Burgers were one degree over-cooked. Onions were good. Burgers were small but I was glad to not be too full afterwords.

I rate them as fine if you are in the area but not worth a trip.

Gadgets: Rival Crock Pot

My West Bend slow cooker is range-top safe, so I can brown the meat in it before I set it to cook slowly. Makes for much better stew and chili.

Serious Chocolate: Brazilian Brigadeiros

"Stir until mixture no longer sticks to pan."

Can you post a picture of what this looks like, or perhaps a richer description?

Will you miss Gourmet magazine?

If everyone who is sad or upset about the passing of Gourmet had a subscription I doubt they would have closed the magazine down.

Cook the Book: Susan's Banana Cream Pie

I never keep whole milk (1% or skim) around but my understanding is that baking recipes call for whole unless otherwise stated.

Can I just add a bit of extra melted butter (how much?) and a bit less milk and use that instead? Will this work in some cases and not others?

Serious Reads: Anne Mendelson’s Milk

Homogenized milk makes the droplets of fat very small. My understanding is that this makes milk go rancid very quickly if it is not also pasteurized.

Hoagie Haven in Princeton, NJ: Phat Ladies, Chocolate Cheesesteaks, and Happy Undergrads

Damn fine sandwiches. I love their meatball heroes and chicken parmigiana with extra hot peppers.

Cook the Book: Eugenia Bone's 'Well-Preserved'

I love to pickle the peppers I've been growing.

Peanut Butter Sales Down Almost 25 Percent

I feel bad for the Smucker Company. If bad and good suppliers suffer alike, then what's to motivate firms to go the extra mile to get trustworthy suppliers?

Serious Eats Gift Guide: Books For Young Foodies

I remember liking Strega Nona as a kid. However, thinking back on it, It is pretty sexist. The you man wants to learn from Strega Nona and if I recall correctly he is turned away because he is a boy.

Jonas Trampedach's Tea Bag Coffin

If you find out more, let us know. I know just the person to get this for.

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'Asian Dining Rules'

We ordered the "tender" off of the menu at a Schezuan restaurant after speaking with the waiter and learning that it was "beef tender". We weren't communicating well, and I thought we were getting beef tenderloin. Instead, it turned out that we were eating beef tendon, which was low on flavor and very chewy.

Cook the Book: 'The Sweeter Side of Amy's Bread'

Nothing compares with the tollhouse chip cookies. Both easy and yummy.

The Pieman's Craft at Una Pizza Napoletana

I thought UPN's pizza was good, but not worth the trek. It was interesting to know what authentic pizza tastes like. However, given the high price, limited choices, frankly excellent but not among the best I've had flavors, and that my my crust was more than a bit burned, I'd recommend other places instead.

Cook the Book: 'Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin'

I invented a corn and chickpea salad that my family loves. It tastes very fresh but only requires fresh tomatoes. A great taste of summer for the middle of winter.

What Is Grandma Pizza? Erica Marcus Explains Once More

Bleecker Street Pizza (7th and Bleecker or online at has a pie they call Grandma's pizza as well.

I think it is very similar, but I was eating a slice there once and I heard a tour guide mention that the dough has seasoned breadcrumbs worked in for more flavor. Is that a common variation?

'New York Times' Dining Roundup

The article about flour says that "Advocates of local foods have bemoaned the state of mass-produced flour, even from higher-end brands. Midwestern wheat has been bred for uniformity and yield instead of flavor or nutrition, they say, and processed for shelf stability."

What, if any, are the nutrient and taste differences? How do we know that they come from the grain and soil differences and not differences in handling, freshness, and perception?

I'd love to see a Cooks Illustrated style taste test across these artistically made flours.


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