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Intro/Opening a new Pizzeria in Oakland

Thanks y'all. We're doing a lot of renovation right now, but hope to post up some pics when the dust settles!

Intro/Opening a new Pizzeria in Oakland

Also, the kickstarter isn't really begging for money.

There are some rewards that have some value there (and also some that are more symbolic--like the cup of starter and pizza dough recipe). It's a tool that a lot of people in my community have used to get their businesses and creative ventures off the ground--but thank you for the feedback that it seems like begging.

Sorry, again.

Intro/Opening a new Pizzeria in Oakland

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. That's why I was asking if it was considered appropriate in this space. I know you folks let each other know about new pizzerias and I thought I may throw my hat in the ring.

I'm happy to remove it if it seems inappropriate.



Intro/Opening a new Pizzeria in Oakland

Oh, by the way my pizzeria is called Nick's Pizza: made in Oakland.

(clearly I'm new at this self-promotion thing!)



Intro/Opening a new Pizzeria in Oakland

Hi There! I'm a long time SE/Slice reader, but not much of a writer.
I don't know if y'all condone such self-promotion (so please let me know if this is out of line).

After years of fine dining pastry experience in NYC and Oakland and 4 years at Arizmendi (sister to the Cheeseboard in Berkeley) in Emeryville, I'm finally opening my own pizzeria in my hometown!

We're calling our pizza Oakland Style Pizza: Sourdough crust, deck oven baked, served in one size by the slice of the pie.

We'll be making 5 different types of pizza each week, using seasonal local and organic ingredients--varying from classic cheese or pepperoni to more cheffy combos.

If you're interested in checking out more about my little shop (and it's liiitttle), check our facebook page .......or if you're really excited about the shop you can particpate in our kickstarter and help us with the final push for funding for renovations.

I'm super excited to share this with y'all and glad that this has finally pushed me to join the SE community.



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